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Optimize your health and overall physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and general well-being with these verbally guided and Metamusic® titles.

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  • Healing Journeys Support with Hemi-Sync®

    MP3 $20.82 Mind Food®

    Four verbally-guided exercises help you access your heart’s energy so you may live more fully, deeply and peacefully.

    • MF060DL-4 Healing Journeys Support 4 Heart Energy
    • MF060DL-1 Healing Journeys Support 1 Chakra Tune up
    • MF060DL-2 Healing Journeys Support 2 Body Harmony
    • MF060DL-3 Healing Journeys Support 3 Healing Helpers
  • Positively Ageless with Hemi-Sync®

    MP3 $49.96 Album Series

    Positively Ageless with Hemi-Sync® uses guided meditations, affirmations, creative visualizations, and other tools to help you rewrite the program of aging, allowing you to feel younger, healthier, stronger, and more at peace while enhancing the overall quality of your life.

    • PA001DL-1 Positively Ageless 1 Rejuvenation
    • PA001DL-2 Positively Ageless 2 Reconditioning
    • PA001DL-3 Positively Ageless 3 Lightbody
    • PA001DL-4 Positively Ageless 4 Clear and Balanced
    • PA001DL-5 Positively Ageless 5 Renew Through H Plus
  • Journey Through The T-Cells

    MP3 $16.65 Mind Food®

    Strengthen and maintain your immune system with verbal guidance and Hemi-Sync®.

  • Dreamland

    MP3 $16.65 By Laura Nashman Michael Moon Metamusic®

    Relax as you drift off into sleep with the delicate music of Laura Nashman, Michael Moon and Hemi-Sync®

  • Surgical Support Series

    MP3 $82.65 Album Series

    The Surgical Support Series was designed to ease the experience of illness, injury, surgery, chemotherapy, dental treatment and other physical trauma. By reinforcing the mind-body connection, these exercises help to strengthen the physical and mental components of the total healing process. The first three exercises (Pre-Op, Intra-Op, and Recovery) are for use before, during, and […]

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The results from a controlled medical study involving the use of Hemi-Sync® with military service members with demonstrated postdeployment stress demonstrated statistically significant efficacy. The results were published in the July 2017 issue of t…

Sound and Music as Therapy

This is an excerpt from a pamphlet written by Jack Geikler titled, “Some Further Thoughts on Dementia Caregiving,” a report about his caregiving education during his wife Pat’s 13-year journey through the surreal world of dementia. He wrote the…

Use of Hemi-Sync Audiotapes to Reduce Levels of Depression for Alcohol-Dependent Patients

by John R. Milligan, PhD and Raymond O. Waldkoetter, EdD Abstract This study evaluated the use of Hemi-Sync audiotapes as a supplemental treatment procedure for outpatients diagnosed as alcohol dependent, reporting mild to moderate levels of depressi…

Uncommon Tips for Health and Well-Being

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While we know meditation can benefit us while we’re doing it, and for an amount of time after, recent studies indicate that regular meditation can bring about positive changes in the brain that help us deal with anxiety and stress long after the me…

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The Sound Medicine of Dr. Brian Dailey The Sound Medicine of Brian Dailey, M.D., F.A.C.E.P. (Alternative & Complementary Therapies) Dr. Brian Dailey treats patients with innovative Hemi-Sync® sound technology, originally developed by Robert Monr…

The Effect of Hemispheric Synchronization on Intraoperative Analgesia

Abstract In this double-blinded randomized study, we sought to confirm that patients undergoing general anesthesia who were exposed to a hemispheric synchronization (Hemi-Sync) musical recording during surgery had a smaller analgesia requirement, as …

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