Many of us are feeling overwhelmed these days just trying stay on top of everything. As winter ever-so-slowly melts into spring, propelling us into a warmer, more physically active time of year, the backdrop of escalating violence in several parts of the world and unsettling events on the domestic front can contribute to an overall increase level of stress.

Here at Monroe Products we know what that feels like! We have so much going on with the development of new initiatives and products, along with our everyday tasks and personal responsibilities, that we sometimes find ourselves feeling tense and overwhelmed.

If allowed to overtake us this can be paralyzing, causing us to internalize the stress. The seemingly-harmless agitation and downright foul moods we may be experiencing can begin to manifest in our bodies, resulting in headaches, illness, muscle aches and pain, undermining our physical wellness as well as our overall sense of well-being.

While we know many different tools and techniques to help manage stress—taking deep breaths, counting to ten, spending a few minutes in meditation, etc. —we sometimes don’t realize just how stressed we are until one or more of these outward expressions appear. The key is to stay one step ahead of the stress, in a state of awareness that allows us to manage it before it manages us.

We at Monroe Products find listening to some of the Metamusic® titles, such as Angel Paradise, Himalayan Soul or one of our new favorites, Heaven and Earth with Hemi-Sync® , during our work day can help. Some of us can also be found during our lunch hour listening to Catnapper, Deep 10 Relaxation or Guide to Serenity, among others. When coupled with a brisk walk, spending a few minutes laughing and joking, or simply just sitting and being, we are able to function in a much more healthy and product manner.

Now. Take a deep breath, count to ten, blow the air out as if blowing out a candle, and relax….

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Hemi-Sync Staff12/09/2013
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