The results from a controlled medical study involving the use of Hemi-Sync® with military service members with demonstrated postdeployment stress demonstrated statistically significant efficacy. The results were published in the July 2017 issue of the Journal of Nursing Scholarship (pages 411-420), in an article titled “The Effect of Binaural Beat Technology on the Cardiovascular Stress Response in Military Service Members With Postdeployment Stress.”

The double-blind, randomized study involved 74 military service members, broken into two groups, who listened to either music with Hemi-Sync® or music alone for 30 minutes at bedtime, three nights in a row over a four-week period. Heart rate variability (HRV) stress tests were performed, as well as perceived stress from daily diaries.

Study results indicated a decrease in average low-frequency HRV with the group who had the Hemi-Sync®, while the group with music only showed an increase. A difference was also noted in the high-frequency HRV measures, with the group listening to Hemi-Sync® increasing, and the music-only group decreasing. Furthermore, there was a consistency in the reporting of less stress via daily dairies reported by the group listening to music with Hemi-Sync® over the four weeks.

Results indicated that those who used the music with Hemi-Sync® showed a decrease in sympathetic responses, and an increase in parasympathetic responses. Participants who listened to music alone had the opposite effect. Thus, the study concluded that the use of Hemi-Sync® decreases physical and psychological indications of stress.

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Hemi-Sync Staff05/23/2017