by Maria Monroe Whitehead

When we think of February, thoughts of romance and matters of the heart often come to mind, especially because one of its best known holidays is Valentine’s Day. We take this opportunity to tell you about the creator of our Heart-Sync® line and Opening the Heart® series, Laurie Monroe (1951-2006). Laurie became president of Monroe Products after our father, company founder Robert Monroe, passed in 1995. After many successful years in real estate, she approached her newest–and rather daunting–challenge with enthusiasm.

Laurie is probably most remembered for her ability to live life from the heart. She once said that the heart was the true barometer of character, not the brain. Her belief was that through love comes acceptance and awareness of a connection with All There Is. She believed that this awareness can facilitate and collectively raise the consciousness of the planet, thus creating a positive change or shift, if you will, for humankind. Laurie’s encouragement for others to love themselves and deepen emotional connections culminated in the creation of Monroe Products’ heart-centric titles.

This month we offer special discounts on these and other select titles. We invite you to take the time to become still and envision a better world as you experience these soul-fulfilling exercises.

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Maria Monroe Whitehead12/09/2013
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