Feeling Our Way to Manifestation

The word “manifestation” elicits mixed reactions in people. For some, it’s a way of life. For others, it’s the province of snake oil salesmen and wishful thinkers. I’ll just share a little bit about how I’ve lived my own life, including how I discovered that I was actually fairly good at bringing desired outcomes into the physical, and how I went about modifying certain mindsets that were not helpful. My hope is that this will be relevant for everyone who desires positive change in the areas of money, health, relationships and work. If this doesn’t apply to you, hey, maybe you should be writing a blog. You may have heard many of these ideas before, but there is still value in seeing it all in one place and presented in this way.

Find out for yourself

I never want to encourage anyone to take anything I say, or that anyone else says, purely at face value. It’s essential to find out for yourself. However, the starting point for this essay on manifestation is to recognize that you are more than your physical body. This is a profound truth that can be realized on many different levels. One could even make the case that its full realization leads directly to “enlightenment,” for lack of a better word.

More than your physical body

The story of the great 20th century Indian sage Ramana Maharshi seems to suggest that it was just such a realization that led to his awakening…although in his case it may be more accurate to say that he had previously mistook his physical body for himself, which is a variant of this simple truth. At any rate, if you haven’t first had at least an inkling of this perception, please start by listening to some guided Hemi-Sync® exercises before proceeding further. Even listening to The Way of Hemi-Sync® a few times might be sufficient.
An ancient technology

The next thing we need to talk about is prayer. This may cause conniptions in the more secular-minded, but we’re going to dissect it with a level of specificity that will make it seem more like a technology. Nonetheless, if it’s easier for you to accept, let’s give it an acronym worthy of Bob Monroe. How about cognitive-emotional response, or “CER” for short? Rolls right off the tongue!

For a successful CER, we must first have a thought, or rather the image of the desire in our mind. Next, we need the emotion associated with the desire in our heart. When these two elements unite, we have the coming together of heart and mind to effect change in the conditions of our bodies, our world and beyond. The union itself can best be described as the feeling of the desire fulfilled in our heart, as if it’s already done. It is through the feeling that we are able to match the vibrational frequency of that which we desire. The feeling is the most important piece. Also, notice how I’ve chosen the word “response” for our CER acronym. One may think “request” would be a more appropriate word, but “response” signals a deeper understanding of, and trust in, how the manifestation process works.

Creating a plan

In my own life, these steps came somewhat naturally to me. I was always a dreamer, having little trouble producing new desires and connecting with the feeling of actually fulfilling them. I believe this process was instrumental in building the physical body I wanted, attracting relationships, gaining admission to college, getting hired, and much more. However, later in life I discovered several other actions than can further amplify results.


The first is to simply have a plan. This helps to add a measure of definitiveness to your intention, and communicates to your subconscious that this is important. If dates and numbers are applicable, I recommend including them. Even a written document as simple as a list can be very powerful. While it’s fine to have a long-term goal that is far removed from your current physical matter reality, it is critical to have a number of intermediate steps leading up to that longer-term goal. The immediate object of your desire should be the next logical step along that path. This will increase your rate of success.

Some useful hacks

Next, don’t give up or be dissuaded by lack of immediate success. Make any necessary adjustments in your plan and continue. For instance, I came to Interstate Industries, Inc. (Bob Monroe’s name for the company) in March 2017, and ever since that time, I’ve heard a lot of people ask how that guy wound up running Hemi-Sync®.


So glad you asked! It definitely didn’t happen overnight. I think I initially had the idea for it back in 2010. The seed may have been planted even earlier when I first saw an ad for the Hemi-Sync® technology in a magazine during the 1990s. I didn’t develop a specific desire and plan to acquire Hemi-Sync® until 2015 though. There were several points along the way, as well as after the fact, where it would have been perfectly reasonable for my ordinary, working mind to conclude, “this plan isn’t working.”

Here it is important to talk a bit more about the subconscious. You likely have many fixed ideas about what is actually possible, many of which may be at odds with your object of desire. They are all stored in your subconscious, perhaps only occasionally surfacing in your everyday conscious awareness. Going back to our first principle, these limiting beliefs are also closely associated with the belief that we are our physical bodies. Accordingly, it’s important to re-program our subconscious, and the most effective way of doing this is through affirmations.

I can already hear the collective groan in response to this, as many people seem to hold the view that affirmations are kitschy and ineffective. I only ask that you first try to verify for yourself through direct experience. I’ve personally found them to be a valuable tool. Affirmations also happen to be most effective when they are mixed with feelings. Another way to augment them is through personalization…make them your own.

Our personal history determines our need to re-program our subconscious. One of the biggest, and least appreciated, aspects of privilege is simply the absence of negative conditioning around insufficient resources. If we are accustomed to feeling scarcity, or feeling unwell, it will take more energy to know the feeling of abundance, which is the key to manifestation.

It is much more effective to consciously choose what we want to bring into our lives, as opposed to what we want to eliminate. This is a subtle difference that took me a fairly long time to figure out. Again, what we are doing with prayer (or <ahem> CER) is matching vibration with our object of desire. When we are focused on what we want to eliminate — whether it be an unwanted health condition, lack of money or a bad relationship — we may inadvertently be attracting it by giving it “juice.”

Lastly, the heart can be a very well-defended area, so entering that space isn’t always easy. If we are first able to find gratitude, we can create an opening. It’s impossible to be in a state of fear, scarcity or bitterness when we are experiencing gratitude. If you’re having difficulty connecting with the feeling, go back to the realization that you’re more than your physical body. Simply being alive in a physical body and able to have this understanding is an incredibly fortunate combination of circumstance, so use it!

Over the years it wasn’t always obvious to me what I was doing, but I have been employing the techniques herein, with varying levels of conscious intent, to produce desired outcomes in my physical body, as well as in my personal and professional life, including my current job. I hope they serve you well also.

Sending CERs for your success!

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4 years ago

Thank you Garrett for sharing your journey. I love to hear from others about their experiences.
I can say that when I first listened to the CDs years ago, I was a novice and did not get immediate benefits yet but I knew I was heading in the right direction toward healing my mind, body and spirit. Then over the years I came to understand that I had more inner work to do and peel layers of conditioning. Happy to say thatHemi Sync has helped me find my inner sanctuary.

Garrett Stevens

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing szqsue. Very interesting to hear about your work on conditioning…lotta folks skip that step! 😉


4 years ago

Thanks for your reply.

Charles Rivers

4 years ago

Thanks for posting this. It aligns exactly with how I like to see things, however, I still struggle with the abundance of different techniques for reprogramming the subconscious mind. On the surface it does seem as this field/area of personal development has turned more so into a “try my program for 2K and let us help you unlock the powers of the subconscious mind.” I think filtering through all the information is the hardest part.

Garrett Stevens

4 years ago

Thanks for the comment. Yes, this post is actually my effort to aggregate and synthesize much of the information out there (at least what I’ve read). There is definitely a lot, but much of it is not that costly to access.


3 years ago

Hi Charles,

I’ve parted with much $$$ in such searches and have come to the conclusion that the best techniques are the simplest, usually those that come free or at very small cost.

One such example is a book I’ve used to great effect over the years: “Absolute Happiness” by Michael Rowland, available for a few bucks:


Hope it helps.

Steve Gill

3 years ago

Thank you for the interesting article. I have been doing affirmations for years but the big problem I have is I can’t do the feeling bit. No matter how hard I try, I can’t produce the feelings required.

Garrett Stevens

3 years ago

Thanks for commenting. Do you find that you have difficulty feeling, in general? Manifestation is very heart-centric. Opening up that center can be a real key to both feeling and manifesting. We may carry pre-conceived notions about what is ok to feel, or about whether it’s alright to feel emotions at all.


3 years ago

I can identify with those difficulties, and would like to share a resource with you which can overcome them, being a book entitled “Absolute Happiness” by Michael Rowland:


He has very cleverly built upon the concept of affirmations and come up with procedures for dismantling those subconscious ball-and-chains (70×7) as well as conjuring feelings to augment visualisations (e.g., “Vibrasonics”).

Best of luck.

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