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To paraphrase the Romans, repetition is the cornerstone of all education, which leads to knowledge and then wisdom. Purposeful repetition is the critical piece to get there, as it embeds into your mind anything and everything that is important to you. For this reason, I find myself returning to the same books, workouts, drills and, yes, Hemi-Sync® exercises, over and over again. Another way of thinking about this axiom is that a lot of a great thing is better than a little of lots of mediocre things.

For this reason, we really emphasize quality in everything we produce. From the scripting of the exercise to the recording and clean-up, to the music and sounds selected, to the frequencies used and how they are blended into the piece, to the crossfades, to the quality control—it takes one of our engineers several weeks to produce a single album. You may see other creators churning out content at a much faster pace and wonder how that’s possible. The answer is that it isn’t, at least not at the same level of quality. We will never throw experimental frequencies or unvetted talent against the wall and hope it sticks, nor use our audience as test guinea pigs. We strive to produce pieces that can be used repeatedly, yielding slightly different experiences and insights each time, with an overall effect that is unmistakably Hemi-Sync®.

With this in mind, I’m pleased to share our new releases for 2022 and hope they will serve you well for many years to come. It’s been a while since I last wrote to you, so we have a lot to cover!

New Releases

We kicked off the year with Rhythms of Remembering with Hemi-Sync®, a contemplative sound journey to transport you beyond ordinary reality. Slow down your natural rhythm with this powerful blend of ecstatic drumming, ambient guitar, synthesizer soundscapes, and heart-expanding flute as you relax to unite body, heart, mind, Earth and Cosmos. This album features the one and only Byron Metcalf on drums, joined by Erik Wøllo, Frore (Paul Casper), and Sherry Finzer, who combine to form an alchemical sonic experience that support a visionary exploration in remembering your sacred place in the larger web of life.

Have you ever felt like your goals would be attainable if you could just optimize your performance? David Young is a UK-based professional business coach who works with top global executives at a rate of $2,000 per hour. We partnered with him to put together a series of exercises designed to address the most common problems he encounters with his clients in Performance Coaching. By developing the subtle, implicit and spontaneous parts of ourselves, we may address the subjects of managing stress, reducing self-doubt, overcoming obstacles, becoming unstuck, dealing with difficult people and more. Again, use these repeatedly, or even daily, to deliver your best performance.

For something a little further outside our traditional sound, Sunwashed Evening Fire with Hemi-Sync® delivers an evocative blend of drones and synths to explore internal space. This album marks our maiden collaboration with Sam Rosenthal and jarguna, who have created an ambient/electronic composition that features a musical array of hypnotic allure attuned to the exquisite frequencies of nature. Combined with Hemi-Sync®, these sustaining ambient moods lead you quietly into the twilight to notice, hear and experience the hidden order of life. Easily flow into the solitude of these internal states for a truly placid meditative experience. Sam Rosenthal is the founder of Projekt Records, as well as the neoclassical, ethereal band Black Tape for A Blue Girl, with 13 albums since their inception in 1986. jarguna is Italian sound-artist Marco Billi. With 42 recordings to date, he creates ethno-organic-ambient-electronic music, as well as ethnic, tribal, and ritual music.

Another album from a debut contributor is Cultivating Intuition: The Foundation. Dr. Traci Stein, who has been intuitive since childhood and practiced intuitive training for more than 20 years, guides you through some fundamental exercises to discern intuitive guidance and gain greater confidence in your innate abilities. This four-track album will help you to become better acquainted with your natural psychic gifts, and further strengthen your intuition.

For nearly 40 years, The Gateway Experience® has been the gold standard for self-guided exploration of consciousness. It’s become so well-known that it’s arguably eclipsed both Hemi-Sync® and Robert Monroe himself. Therefore, it’s a little bittersweet to introduce Wave VIII: Union, which will be the final album in The Gateway Experience® series. This completes the public canon of Bob Monroe and brings forth many exercises previously thought to be too esoteric for a general audience into the public sphere. Rest assured though, while this may conclude the material created during Bob’s lifetime, it will not be the end of our efforts to lead the way in self-development. Wave VIII invites you to explore other possibilities in the infinite space of Focus 27, plus other areas of unexplored consciousness beyond the Earth Life System. You have the unique opportunity to observe, learn, experience, and transcend limiting beliefs as you come to know more of where you came from, where you are going, and your true Self.

Ancestral Healing relates to the patterns of behavior and experiences of our ancestors, and involves healing for yourself, your ancestors, and those who come after you. Dr. Lotte Valentin, yet another debut contributor, created this in-depth four-track journey for identifying and healing the ancestral mother wound to actualize your full potential and redefine your own relationship with your mother. Traumatic and unresolved actions, reactions and interactions of our ancestors gets passed down via DNA as well as energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. These patterns are repeated in the generations that follow until they are resolved and healed.

Embark on a musical journey to ancient sources of intelligence and guidance with Adventures in Synaptic Exploration with Hemi-Sync®. Byron Metcalf joins with visionary musicians — including Frore (Paul Casper), Dashmesh, Joel Olivé and Sherry Finzer — for this tribal-trance rhythmic adventure, to awaken your lifeforce as you open to receive the wisdom of the ancients and our primal origins at a cellular level. Dynamic percussion, gripping soundscapes and Hemi-Sync® frequencies blend perfectly to facilitate and enhance deep meditation, journeying, breathwork, trance dance, or entheogenic exploration. No, you’re not re-reading this, it’s just been so long since I last wrote to you that I have two albums from Byron and company to tell you about (high class problems!).

Oscillations is a great example of how we continue to innovate by bringing you a classic Hemi-Sync® experience with a modern twist. Justin Cason, one of our crack audio engineers, had the idea to essentially hook-up our carriers (that’s shop talk for Focus levels) to a keyboard. The result is Oscillations, which reminds us we are multi-dimensional beings, capable of auto-modulating ourselves into new experiences which correspond to different vibratory frequencies. This audio experience is designed to assist in elevating your vibrational rate and to help with achieving a state of awareness separate from the physical body. Hemi-Sync® veterans might get the sense that this track hearkens back to certain exercises used in residential programs (they’re not wrong).

Suresh Ramaswamy’s second offering, Light of Infinity focuses on transcendental Light, the fundamental vibrations underlying all creation that dwells well beyond the physical Light we are familiar with. Light of Infinity is a three-track album that will charge your inner being with Light, and radiate it to all beings to uplift, heal or transform. Join us on December 11th at 1 PM Pacific Time for a live meditation group featuring track 2 from this album. Suresh will be on-hand to set it up for us!

Did I say The Gateway Experience® was done? Ok, I fibbed a little bit. Due to popular demand, we have tacked on one more exercise for your adventures. Free Flow 27  takes you back into the infinite space of Focus 27 with only a minimal amount of guidance and plenty of time for uninterrupted exploration.

Based on our 2022 lineup, it’s clear that we’re always looking for new talent, whether it be for musical or guided exercises. If you know of someone we should be working with, please send them our way. 

Online Courses

Back in my early days of OBE and altered states exploration, there were two resources I stumbled upon that were game-changing for me. Hemi-Sync® was one, but before that I had the good fortune to discover the energy body stimulation techniques of Robert Bruce, whom I would regard as one of the two greatest living experts on OBE (the other being William Buhlman). We’re fortunate to now work with both. Prior to reading Robert’s books, I had mostly been working to master the trance state (wish I knew about Focus 10 at the time!) and then attempting various OBE techniques, largely unsuccessfully. Energy body work is an important precursor for OBE, while also carrying many useful applications for self-healing, healing of others and overall self-development. We offer Robert’s Evolutions course in three modules, (One; Two; Three), so you can go at your own pace.


This is already a very long letter, so I’ll just close by saying there are several new podcasts, featuring many of the luminaries referenced above. Be sure to check them out here on the site, or wherever you get your podcasts.

See you in Home or along the way,

Garrett H. Stevens
Chairman & President
Interstate Industries, Inc. d/b/a Hemi-Sync®
Twitter: @garretthstevens


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2 years ago

Which is recommended for removing limiting beliefs?

Hemi-Sync Staff

2 years ago

Anything that helps you in gaining a broader perspective can be useful. If you’re looking for assistance with Hemi-Sync and in working with specific beliefs, please try browsing by application area, or using the search box. If your interest is more general. you might check out Inner States or Gateway Experience Wave I.

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