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I don’t remember exactly how or when I first became aware of the Department of Army’s Intelligence document, better known as the “CIA Gateway Report” (available on their website). It was likely around 2010, or maybe 2011, when I was first getting into Hemi-Sync®, The Gateway Experience® and Bob Monroe’s stuff.


Back then we were like young lovers. I was curious and fascinated by it, and wanted to know everything about it. In an odd way—it feels ridiculous to even say it—I felt like it was interested in me, too. The idea—backed by physics, metaphysics and various wisdom traditions—that this undisturbed state of conscious, primordial energy at rest called the Absolute lay beneath all of reality sounded right to me. When combined with the wide-ranging scope of the report, which spans neuroscience to quantum mechanics, and the fact that it was commissioned by a government intelligence unit—it just all seemed too incredible, and I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t a bigger deal…that more people didn’t seem to know about it.


In the ensuing years, as my awareness of the CIA Gateway Report faded into the background, I bumped into the concept of the Absolute through other traditions I was studying, and our love affair was rekindled, though from different perspectives. It was like holding a jewel, slowly turning it in my hand to appreciate all its various facets and qualities.


By the time I acquired Hemi-Sync® itself, the CIA Gateway Report was definitely no longer top of mind. It resurfaced a couple years later though, making a splash among TikTok influencers and even some journalists. I instantly remembered and began to make connections between the various ways I had experienced and understood the Absolute along my path. I wanted to fill-in any gaps in understanding for myself. I had a problem though: I was never a stellar physics student.


To deepen my understanding I began reading as much as I could on the subject, devouring works by authors such as Itzhak Bentov, Richard Feynman, Michael Talbot and Carlo Rovelli, among others. As I was integrating all of this, we at Hemi-Sync® began to dialogue internally about how hard we should lean-in to the Report itself as it was really starting to spread through the zeitgeist, finding its way into various YouTube videos on a regular basis. Influencers and creators had clearly figured out that this was a way to “go viral,” while many of the people who had been around The Gateway Experience and Hemi-Sync® for years were bemused at best, or, in some cases, rolling their eyes.


Much of the skepticism around this phenomenon, which may extend to my decision to build an online course around this content, stems not only from the relentless re-hashing of The CIA Gateway Report in the seemingly never-ending quest of influencers to “chase clout,” but also from the cottage industry of people spinning conspiracy theories or offering uninformed opinions, advice or even instruction on social media or various online forums. We feel a responsibility to shape the discourse around this subject matter.


Moreover, I have personally found the concept of the Absolute and the direct experience of it to be the crucial link between Gateway being, more or less, a discrete peak experience versus a transformative one that permeates one’s everyday living. Central to this unfoldment is the practice of seated meditation, which builds the capacity to remain with your present experience, as well as the process of guided inquiry to fully surface, explore and integrate that experience, whether it be in expanded or ordinary states of consciousness. Hemi-Sync® and Gateway have not historically been presented in this context and that is a key component addressed in the live sessions of Gateway Experience: Declassified. The first chunk of the course is freely available on our various channels, so we hope you’ll check it out for yourself. If you feel that it does indeed call you to explore new territory within yourself, we hope that you will join us live


New Releases



We kicked the year off with Journey to the Akashic Records  by Hemi-Sync® newcomer Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest. In this hit new release, Jennifer Lisa guides you on an amazing journey to the Hall of Records, where you can find information about yourself and return with this knowledge to your waking consciousness to utilize for the betterment of your life. This two-track offering features a fully guided meditation along with a free flow exercise for more unstructured exploration. You can preview the exercise and find out more about Jennifer Lisa on Episode 41 of the  Hemi-Sync® podcast.


In addition to being a highly skilled Akashic Records reader, Dr. Vest is a medical intuitive born with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and mediumship. She honed these skills through long study and practice under many teachers, spanning herbal and spiritual healing lineages of African American, Native American, Jamaican, Trinidadian and Spiritualist traditions. She is a certified QHHT Past Life Regression Practitioner, a certified Usui Reiki Master and holds a Ph.D in Indigenous Philosophy from U.C. Berkeley, a Master’s degree in History from Howard University, and a B.A. in Physics from Hampshire College. Previously, Dr. Vest was a tenured professor of Philosophy. In 2022, her book entitled The Ethical Psychic was published by North Atlantic Books.



Orbits of Hope debuted in February, but its creative force, Micah Sadigh, has been contributing to Hemi-Sync®and the world of Robert Monroe, both as an artist and researcher, since the 1990s. His first album, Inner Journey, was released in 1990 and is one of my personal, all-time favorite pieces. Micah subsequently composed eight more Hemi-Sync® albums, making him one of the most prolific contributors in our history. Infused with energy, Orbits of Hope offers a delightful, uplifting musical journey where hope unlocks possibilities. Listeners will welcome this more nuanced expression of the soul’s desire to reach out and unite with the Creator. Unlock your creative potential and inspiration as you wander through a world of colors and possibilities in following your dreams.



Oscillations: Crystal Circuit is the latest offering from Hemi-Sync® engineer Justin Cason, and follows up his 2022 debut hit, Oscillations. Just as quartz crystals can alter their shape and vibrate with alternating currents, so too do humans. While holding a crystal to heighten the process, you are guided to focus on your pineal gland, or third eye—which consists of many tiny calcite crystals—as the Hemi-Sync® frequencies create the vibrations of rhythmic activity, carrying important information throughout the body, and possibly producing otherworldy experiences. The three-track audio experience will help you recognize, amplify and stabilize your personal vibratory rate.  





Escape the pressures of life with Stillness with Hemi-Sync®, a musical composition combining rich atmospheric tones, ambient instrumentals and electronic accents. This peaceful composition leads you to a place of deep inner stillness as the Hemi-Sync® frequencies hold you gently in a state of “no time”—the perfect setting for leaving the rigors of the day behind and allowing the tranquility to permeate your mind, body and soul.


Once again, we’re always looking for new talent, whether it be for musical or guided exercises. If you know of someone we should be working with, please send them our way.


See you in Home or along the way,
Garrett H. Stevens
Chairman & President
Interstate Industries, Inc. d/b/a Hemi-Sync®


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