Garrett Stevens talks with Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest about the Akashic Records. Dr. Vest explains in deeper detail what it is, the various aspects, and how to access it.

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0:00 Introduction to Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest
1:37 What are the akashic records?
4:39 Lower astral realms
5:18 The mental plain & causal plain
7:15 How the Gateway Experience® relates to visiting the akashic records
14:47 How to access the akashic records
20:51 Metatron as a gatekeeper or librarian of the akashic records
23:45 What role does the aura play in visiting the akashic records?
31:40 Spiritual Safety & Fearful Experiences While Out of Body
55:00 Portals
55:45 How to contact Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest

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Hemi-Sync Staff12/27/2023
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