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Sorry, it’s been a few months since we’ve had a chance to talk (guess I can’t call it a monthly letter anymore). I’ve missed you guys! So the other day I had an audio/video guy doing some work around my office when he noticed a Hemi-Sync® CD on my desk.

“Hey, I love Hemi-Sync®! I go to sleep with it every night.”

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Have you ever noticed little synchronicities, such as this, in your daily life? I find they either happen with greater frequency—or I just become more attuned to them—when I’m connected with my inner life (i.e., when I’m regularly meditating and/or using Hemi-Sync®). With our recently introduced Hemi-Sync® Unlimited app, it becomes much easier to establish a daily practice. We are aware that this unveiling has been a bit bumpy, but deploying a tool like this at scale, and fitting it into a pre-existing eco-system, is incredibly complex.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and suggestions. We have incorporated much of that into our latest updates, which were just released last week, and we’ll continue to push new features and fixes on a monthly basis going forward. We hope everyone can remain patient and invest a little time in learning how to use this most powerful tool for unlocking your potential. The tutorial videos we have created are worth a look in this regard.

New Releases

Our new release for May was a musical piece by multi-award winning composer, Barry Goldstein, which was inspired by New York Times bestselling author, speaker and near-death experience expert Anita Moorjani. Continuing our recent trend, Pieces of Heaven was released both as Metamusic® and as a regular music album on our Flying Man RecordsTM label. We are also distributing Heaven: An Experiential Journey, which is a set of short meditations loosely based on the chapters of Anita’s book, If This is Heaven. Listeners will notice that the Heaven exercises are accompanied by the music from Pieces of Heaven. Speaking of synchronicities. I recently learned that Anita lives right down the road from me….small world.

Pieces of Heaven with Hemi-Sync

In June, we released our second collaboration with Jackie Haverty, a clinical, transpersonal and alchemical hypnotherapist, energy healer, intuitive channel and meditation teacher. Embody the Essence of Life is designed to provide access to healing, awakening and transformation as you enhance your experience of love, harmony and divine union with All That Is.

Embody The Essence of Life

The most recent Hemi-Sync® release is from Slovenian musician and sound artist Andrej Hrvatin, also known as Nimetu, which means “I am not here.” For a summary of Andrej’s transcendental and musical influences, check out episode 19 of the podcast. Don’t miss the short film at the 19:56 mark where Andrej goes full “Ice Man” (watch and you’ll understand). This particular musical piece, which is released as Metamusic® under the title Hero’s Journey, and slightly re-composed as simply music under the name Locus Solus, has deep shamanic influences. This is not surprising, as Andrej was introduced to us by our good friend Byron Metcalf. More specifically, the song reminds me of an icaro played by curanderos during an ayahuasca ceremony (or so I’m told!). Nimetu’s music, especially on Hemi-Sync®, is a magical trip for sure, but don’t take our word for it:
Hero's Journey Review

Hero's Journey

If you’re into free stuff (and who isn’t), you owe it to yourself to check out our YouTube channel. We have been uploading more and more short video clips, which make for nice breaks in the day, featuring extended Metamusic® mixes and deep conversations from our podcast series. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.
That’s all for now and sorry again for the hiatus. My wife and I recently had our own new release (both mom and baby are doing well), so I’ve been a little busy.

See you in Home or along the way,


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