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Ubuntu is a word I seem to see cropping up with greater frequency, whether it be in coffee shops, wellness literature or even in technology. Originally it is an African term, which means “I am because you are; you are because I am.” It speaks to our broader shared humanity, and a bond that connects us all.

From a Western perspective, rooted in the individual, Ubuntu can be difficult to understand. We are so conditioned to have positions, beliefs, ideologies, which must be defended, sometimes at any cost…even death. Indeed, the stakes are so high because we perceive our mental content to be intrinsic to who we are…to our very sense of self and worth.

For many of us, we’re not even aware of any sense of “I” beyond our personality, or familiar sense of self. In times of great conflict, this phenomenon becomes accentuated…surely there must be a correct side to be on…a winning team…a just cause. We might settle into our own particular stance immediately, based on emotional response, or after long and careful study or consideration. In either case, rigidity soon sets in, and we don’t want to be moved, as that would require some acknowledgement of being wrong, of surrender, or giving ourselves up. Invariably, we’ll find that the problem instead rests with the people in the opposing camp, the “other.”

In conflicts between countries or cultures, the offenses of the “other” may go back generations and involve enormous debts that can never be repaid, at least not by the living. With interpersonal issues, the wounds might be fresh, or they may be ancestral. In either case though, we can only start with ourselves, and it is in more of us doing that work that the fate of humanity rests. But to truly accomplish this, we need to be able to access a type of consciousness where Ubuntu is possible, and more than just a mental construct. With this in mind, I would like to highlight a couple of our new releases.

New Releases

In September, we were pleased to unveil the second offering from Dr. Lotte Valentin, entitled Ancestral Healing: Healing Ancestral Relationship Wounds. This album of four exercises focuses on key relationships with our parents, children, or partners. You can create not only a deep healing, but a profound spiritual awakening when you realize how delicately we are all intertwined within the world we live. Once we are able to reveal and recognize why we are having certain experiences and how they relate to our ancestral lineage, we can release those inherited wounds and traumas passed down by our ancestors, and create a healing for yourself, your ancestors, and those who may come after you.

Finding closure after a life-challenging event can be difficult if we have been left with unanswered questions, or lack of full understanding of the situation from all perspectives. Moreover, closure is not always found on a straight, clear path, and happens in layers of understanding and healing. Amara Honeck’s debut Hemi-Sync® album, appropriately entitled Finding Closure leads you on an inner journey of transformation through these layers of inner discovery with two guided Hemi-Sync® meditations that can be engaged with again and again.

Amara is a teacher with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and The Monroe Institute. She shares concepts, theories, techniques, and tools for consciousness and shamanic exploration. She is also a certified Spiritual Director and facilitator of SoulCollage, Zentangle, Chakradance, Touch Drawing and Veriditas Labyrinth practices, while also holding certifications as a sound healer, crystal healing practitioner, henna artist and Reiki master. For more on Amara and the creation of Finding Closure, you can check out our podcast with her here

For some time now it’s been pointed out to us that our subscription service, Hemi-Sync® Unlimited, is not truly “unlimited.” We were previously trying to keep the service low cost and excluded some of the higher priced album series, including most of The Gateway Experience®, from the service. To address this, and due to popular demand, we have recently unveiled a premium subscription tier, which literally offers all the Hemi-Sync® we have ever created. This new premium tier will assume the “Hemi-Sync® Unlimited” name, while the introductory tier that previously held that moniker is now “Hemi-Sync® Flow.” Relative to what they offer, we think that both subscription services offer compelling value

It’s been several years since we released a new sleep album, so we were very pleased to introduce Lunar Lullabies with Hemi-Sync® by the inimitable Barry Goldstein, this past July. Sleep is an integral part of your health and wellbeing, and research confirms that music can be of great benefit to get you there. Allow these delicately charming lullabies to ease you into a peaceful sleep journey. The music is composed at a tempo of 60 beats per minute, which targets the heart to synchronize to a more relaxed, coherent sleep state. The album contains two 30-minute tracks, with Hemi-Sync® frequencies to assist you: track 1 is for winding down as you are reading, meditating, or preparing for sleep; track 2 is the sleep track. No matter what age, this will become your new evening ritual for embracing inner peace and achieving restful sleep

Finally, Imaginary Edges with Hemi-Sync® is a Metamusic® piece that invites you to take a journey into your inner self as you explore the boundaries between the real and the imaginary. This Hemi-Sync® debut offering from ambient artist Mike Clay is composed of musical daydreams to explore our deep emotions and feelings while traversing these inner landscapes. The Hemi-Sync® frequencies will easily take you into highly expanded levels of consciousness, allowing you to let go and flow. Imaginary Edges is excellent for meditation and/or facilitating heightened creativity.

Once again, we’re always looking for new talent, whether it be for musical or guided exercises. If you know of someone we should be working with, please send them our way

In Case You Missed It

In addition to the aforementioned podcast with Amara Honeck, be sure to check out Traci Stein’s return visit to the show in episode 39.

See you in Home or along the way,
Garrett H. Stevens
Chairman & President
Interstate Industries, Inc. d/b/a Hemi-Sync®


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