Morning Exercise

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Morning Exercise

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Plan a productive and highly successful outcome for the day’s activities.

Pursue life to the fullest. Begin your day with Morning Exercise and plan a productive and highly successful outcome for the day’s activities. By using this popular Hemi-Sync® exercise, you can access your total self as you program your day for achievement. Positive images and messages are embedded deeply into your consciousness so that you might be your very best. Listen to Morning Exercise regularly to enhance your confidence and optimize your performance. A Hemi-Sync® classic, voiced by Robert Monroe. 19 min.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Morning Exercise

    I had a very busy day ahead of me. I did this exercise before I got out of bed. I was able to achieve all my goals without getting tired or losing my patience with anyone. Even by the evening I still had energy to get more of what I wanted accomplished. This will now be a major part of my mornings.

  2. By far, out of 9 purchases, this IS IT!

    (verified owner)

    About myself: I have had a hard time focusing on what I know needs to get done but creatively procrastinate due to low-self esteem, and a habit of expecting failure, that I feel very tired, and low energy throughout the day. Upon using it the first day (noon time), I felt different. Today is the 2nd day, and upon waking up, I immediately used it and feel very very energized for the day. For those of you who use Bach flower essence remedies, this may relate to the “Hornbeam” and “Larch” and “Gentian” essences if you have issues of low self-esteem. Get this audio, I have the mp3 version of it and I really feel different upon using it. Normally, I would take 3-4 hour naps each day (after resting for 6-9 hours) also I would find myself ‘sleepy after eating’ which is probably a subconscious reaction to creatively find an excuse to go back to sleep. There were times when I would sleep 17 hours straight.

    After using this CD today, I have not felt sleepy or any inclination to go back to bed and take naps. It truly sets you up for the day. As people have said, the morning and your morning ritual sets you up for success throughout the day. Believe me, get this if you find yourself in a similar situation or if you simply want an amazing day full of energy.

    This is a true classic and I wish there were more like this in this area. The other 9 hemi-syncs I have includes ‘Eight Great’, ‘Do this now’ for this purpose but I have not felt this profound of an emotional change upon using this “Morning Exercise” IMMEDIATELY upon waking up. It is only 19 minutes. Use it before you get out of bed and do anything else (drink water in bed from a water bottle).

  3. Spring in my step

    (verified owner)

    And why not? Meditating in the morning provides me with a very sharp mind for the coming day and, capped off with sitting for an hour before bed, deep, restful, undisturbed sleep. I have realised that mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness (if not more so) , and a meditation like this is a good start for getting into that very healthy routine.

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