Cultivating Intuition: Developing Clairvoyance

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Cultivating Intuition: Developing Clairvoyance

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Embrace and fine tune your natural ability to perceive clairvoyant information.

This second offering from Dr. Traci Stein’s Cultivating Intuition series is designed to help you embrace and fine tune your natural ability to perceive clairvoyant information. These meditations will help you rediscover and develop your own gift of “psychic seeing.” With practice you will be able to sharpen your abilities to recognize and access intuitive information. Hemi-Sync® frequencies have been carefully selected to assist you in reaching expanded states of awareness, becoming more receptive to the information.
Includes four tracks: Introduction to Developing Clairvoyance; Reconnecting to Your Clairvoyance; Enhancing Clairvoyance; and Psychic Dreaming. Information booklet included.

Music by Justin Cason. Producer Garrett Stevens. Engineered and mastered by Justin Cason.

Other titles by Dr. Traci Stein in the Cultivation Intuition series are: The Foundation, and Developing Clairaudience      


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  1. Exactly what I was looking for.

    (verified owner)

    I’m quite pleased with this album especially since I have been working with the previous one on intuition (The Foundation). I’ve now worked through all the meditations at least once and I’m going back and enjoying them again. Traci’s voice is calm, soothing, and hipnotic. Her meditations are effective and easy to engage with. I now have several of her albums and none have disappointed. Thank you, Traci, for sharing these gifts with us.


Traci Stein, PhD MPH

Traci Stein, PhD MPH

Traci Stein, PhD, MPH, is a Columbia University-trained psychologist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and award-winning author. She is also the creator of a series of popular guided imagery, self-hypnosis, and meditation audio programs on topics such as freedom from procrastination, achieving a healthy weight, self-compassion, mindfulness meditation, intuition development, manifesting a desired future, and enjoying deep, restorative sleep. These audio meditations enlist the power of the mind to help listeners break free from unhealthy patterns and tap into their highest potential in body, mind and spirit.

Traci has formally trained in intuitive development for over two decades, and this thread of intuition has been woven throughout her work and life. As an educator, she integrates science and spirit in her work at the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Traci has been featured or quoted in O – The Oprah Magazine, Health,, Women’s Health, and other publications, and she has been interviewed on numerous radio programs and podcasts. Traci’s own podcast, “Unpacking Possibility with Dr. Traci Stein,” highlights the journeys of people who have tapped into their intuition, overcome challenges, reached meaningful goals, and who share their strategies for profound personal transformation.

For more information about Traci Stein, her courses, and podcasts, visit her website, or follow her on Facebook ( and Instagram (@DrTraciStein).

What is Mind Food®

Mind Food® titles incorporate verbal guidance and/or subtle sound effects along with specially blended Hemi-Sync frequencies and sound patterns designed to help you achieve and sustain synchronized brain wave activity in both hemispheres of your brain. As with Metamusic recordings, Mind Food selections are available for a wide variety of uses ranging from meditations or focused attention to stress management and sleep enhancement, or for other practical everyday applications.

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