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Code MF005

Develop laser-like focus and concentration with this classic non-verbal Hemi-Sync® recording.

Perfect for any mental task requiring focus and concentration. Use at home, work or school while studying, reading, working on a computer or balancing a checkbook. Pink noise combined with Hemi-Sync® frequencies for focus and concentration can be played in the background or used with headphones to enhance mental capabilities while stimulating creativity and imagination. 58 min. Non-verbal.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great for work

    I use it at work to focus and not getting distracted by external influences. I can highly recommend it.

  2. Focused and relaxed

    (verified owner)

    I always listen to these sounds while working on a complicated task which requires great focus. It somehow magically suppresses my natural reaction to pay attention to distractions. It also helps me enormously with meditation, as I can effortlessly recognize and stop all the thoughts coming into my mind – for the first time after so many failed attempts!

What is Mind Food®

Mind Food® titles incorporate verbal guidance and/or subtle sound effects along with specially blended Hemi-Sync frequencies and sound patterns designed to help you achieve and sustain synchronized brain wave activity in both hemispheres of your brain. As with Metamusic recordings, Mind Food selections are available for a wide variety of uses ranging from meditations or focused attention to stress management and sleep enhancement, or for other practical everyday applications.