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It’s been a while since I’ve really been sick, what with wearing masks, social distancing, and venturing out less frequently for the past couple years. But this past month I caught (what I assume) was the flu. I was rather sick for seven or eight days…fever, body ache, chills, lethargy, and sore throat.

Illness can be a great teacher because we so often take our physical bodies for granted. When things get difficult, I can usually put on the headphones or sit on the cushion and tap into my inner resources…to find that place of inner quiet and stillness. But when my body isn’t right, I find it much harder to do. I think the reason for this is that our everyday working mind, our familiar sense of self, really wants to survive.

When the body is ill, it goes into overdrive…that’s why fever dreams can often have a hellacious, apocalyptic, anxious quality to them. We just want to survive, and our limited self wants to tell us very strongly that surviving is all that matters…there’s nothing beyond this. However, I learned that I still had an inner voice, or inner guidance, during this period of sickness, and if I tuned into it, listened to it, I had more capacity than I realized. I could be okay while my body was less than okay.

During this time I found our Healing Journeys Support album to be particularly helpful…activating my nonphysical energy centers, working with my emotional, mental and physical bodies. If anyone else is going through a difficult period right now, I invite you to try it. Now that I’m feeling well again, I’m struck by how everything feels like grace. It’s as if assistance is always there for us, no matter how little we might think we deserve it, especially if we are willing to ask for it and move towards it just a little bit.

I continue to practice regularly and subject my body to minor stresses, like exposure to the cold, fasting and rigorous exercise. This again activates our fight or flight survival instinct and teaches us that we can relax into it; that it will be okay. I look at this as a sort of preparation for what Bob Monroe called our Ultimate Journey, when we eventually leave our physical bodies for good, so that we…with a little grace…can relax into that, as well.

New Releases

The Disciple’s Path with Hemi-Sync® marks the return of Mark Seelig, this time in a solo capacity. Here Mark’s ambient-organic music is steeped in Indian ragas to offer a passionate and transformative journey to the frontiers of consciousness. Entrancing rhythms form the backdrop for Mark’s intimate Bansuri flute melodies, which combine with dilruba (Indian cello), electric violin, harmonic chants, soundscapes, percussion and drones to create a memorable composition divided into four tracks: Raga Princess, Ya-Man, The Disciple’s Path and Raga Ayahuasca. We add some Hemi-Sync® to transport you into dimensions of the beyond.

The latest offering from Zero Ohms (aka Richard Roberts) is entitled Artifacts of Perception with Hemi-Sync®. Previously he brought us Gaia, Winds Over the World, Strand with Hemi-Sync® (with Thunderjack) and Land of Spirit (with Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy). Light, darkness, sound, silence, life, death, infinity, and the finite are all artifacts of perception, and when viewed as such these illusions become transparent. This musical experience is designed to create a process of transmigrating those misconceptions to realize the truth beyond. Hemi-Sync® frequencies allow you to easily increase your awareness as your consciousness continues to expand, deepening your experience and allowing you to break free of the illusions. Instruments featured: flute, bass flute, wind-synth, synth, tritonic bass bamboo flute.

David Lear is a newcomer to Hemi-Sync®. At an early age he studied piano at the Conservatory of Music in Geneva, Switzerland. As life unfurled, his interests in meditation, spirituality, transpersonal and entheogenic psychology all worked their alchemical magic in molding his soul soothing, heart-based improvisational keyboard style. In Interstellar Journey, David offers listeners a unique sound experience to journey between the stars. David uses a steady chord infused with single notes spaced to indicate the passing of stars and heavenly bodies. Combined with powerful Hemi-Sync® frequencies, this non-verbal meditative experience allows you to create your own interstellar adventure. Clear your mind and stay open to whatever comes as you relax in a deep state of expanded consciousness, somewhat reminiscent in purpose of our 2003 album Hemi-Sync® Meditation.

Of course, we’re always looking for new talent, like David Lear, for either musical or guided exercises. If you know of someone we should be working with, please send them our way.

Hemi-Sync® Unlimited App

Newly available on our subscription service are You, Beyond Your Story, Enter the Hive, The Disciple’s Path with Hemi-Sync® and Artifacts of Perception with Hemi-Sync®. Please check these out if you haven’t already.

Online Courses

Perhaps it’s because my grandmother grew up on a reservation (or “the Rez” as they would call it), but I’ve always had an affinity for shamanism, and so has Hemi-Sync®. Our latest offering in this category is an online course, Shamanic Journeying with Kenn Day, which lies at the intersection of many things dear to our heart. Many people find shamanism to be too esoteric for anyone who has no interest in becoming a practicing shaman. However, shamanic journeying can offer participants greater connection to ancestors, spirit and nature, as well as a deeper sense of their own self. One definition of happiness is being fully and authentically yourself. Kenn Day, a nationally recognized lecturer on post-tribal shamanism, will support you in your own organic movement toward knowing yourself more fully and developing greater authenticity. Six Hemi-Sync®exercises and practices specific to the workshop will engage with your unique soul and open your inner doorways to parts of yourself that remain untouched in most of us.

Holiday Sale

As part of our year-end thank you to those who make Hemi-Sync® what it is, our patrons, please enjoy 20% off all albums through January 1st.

See you in Home or along the way,

Garrett H. Stevens
Chairman & President
Interstate Industries, Inc. d/b/a Hemi-Sync®
Twitter: @garretthstevens


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