The Shaman’s Mind with Jonathan Hammond


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The Shaman’s Mind with Jonathan Hammond

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Online course with Jonathan Hammond, presented by GlideWing Productions

August 14 – September 5, 2021

The Shaman’s Mind

“To reach your higher self – imagine who would be at your most satiated and realized, then make it twice as good, and you’ll be in the ballpark.”
— Jonathan Hammond

When a shaman likes what is happening, they know how to make it better, and when they don’t, they know how to change it. And so can you.

Join spiritual teacher and author Jonathan Hammond for a fascinating new three-week Glidewing course “The Shaman’s Mind.” In this dynamic and experiential workshop, you will learn to transform your own mind into one that can see, think, reason, and connect with spirit just as the shamans do.

The workshop features 11 guided meditations and exercises with the Hemi-Sync® audio guidance technology, along with personal support and guidance provided by Jonathan Hammond.

Since ancient times shamanic powers have been thought of as magical. A shaman lives in the world of unseen mysteries and bigger realities, supported by invisible forces imperceptible to most. To become a shaman is to open yourself to a whole spectrum of magical possibilities, to uncover profound truths about the nature of the world and ourselves, and to receive spiritual support and guidance in transcending the limitations of physical reality.

Huna is the esoteric shamanic tradition that comes from the heart of Polynesia and the indigenous spiritual teachings of Hawaii. Once considered a secret knowledge (Huna means “secret” in Hawaiian) and available only to a select group of people, this extraordinary set of practices, principles, ideas and methodologies allow the western psyche to understand and master the way of the great shamans of the past.

Just as shamans have done for millennia, throughout this course you too will explore hidden and invisible realities, learn to work with energy for manifestation, use the power of imagination and visualization for healing, heal the past and attract a better future, and begin to embody and speak the symbolic and paradoxical language of spirit.

This course will also include an expansive examination and detailed instruction on one of the most important shamanic practices on the planet – Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing process; a kind of “map” that demonstrates the magical alchemy of what love can do. Ho’oponopono is largely misunderstood and mis-taught practice, and this course will help you to understand and use it correctly.

Huna can be a solitary spiritual path or serve to empower your existing practices. Regardless of how you choose to use Huna Shamanism, it will lead you toward successful living, the manifestation of your dreams, and an overall increased effectiveness and satisfaction in life.

The course will cover Hawaiian shamanic practices for divination, energy work, spell casting, manifestation techniques and much more. Topics from the course include*:

  • Universal Shamanic Cosmology
  • Working with Spirit Guides
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • The Seven Principles of Huna
  • The Three Aspects of the Self
  • The Four Levels of Reality of Huna
  • Ho’oponopono practice

Each of the six sessions in this course will end with a meditation or technique to help you enhance your journey of consciousness, featuring the Hemi-Sync® audio guidance technology, along with suggested practices intended for you to incorporate the material into your daily life.

With personal guidance and support provided by Jonathan Hammond for the duration of the course.

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