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SleepPhones® Classic are traditional headphones (with cord) made bed-friendly! Unwind with these ultra-slim, patented soft and comfortable “headphones in a headband” that make listening to audio in bed a dream. Surround yourself in an ultimate sound experience– without disturbing, or being disturbed by the person next to you. SleepPhones® were designed by a family doctor and provide wearable comfort that’s literally music to your ears. Ideal for sleep, travel, yoga and leisure time.

Available in Black, Lavender, Gray, or Blue

• Fall asleep faster, stay asleep better and wake up refreshed
• Reduce ambient noise, conversations, traffic sounds and snoring
• No painful ear buds or awkward headphones
• Get a good night’s sleep naturally, without medications
• Relieve stress and block out noise by listening to your favorite tunes, soothing meditation sounds, radio, sleep-enhancing rhythms, audiobooks or any other preferred music.

This model is available in two types of fabric for optimum comfort.
SleepPhones® Classic Fleece features the innovative SheepCloud™ fabric and are woven from a luxurious, smooth fleece material for the most comfortable fit during each and every use. 95% polyester, 5% spandex.

SleepPhones® Classic Breeze features the innovative SheepCloud™ Breeze fabric. The fabric is cool, soft, lightweight stretchy material that is geared toward hot sleepers. These SleepPhones® are perfect for those who find the fleece fabric too heavy or live in warmer climates. 88% polyester, 12% spandex.

Sleep Better
Plug SleepPhones into your CD player, smartphone, iPod or MP3 player to listen to your favorite Hemi-Sync® titles for a comfortable, restful sleep, or for general listening of your favorite music, audiobooks, or anything you like.

• Superior sound quality with eco-friendly, lead free electronics
• Compatible with any device that incorporates a standard 1/8th inch (3.5 mm) audio jack *(see below)
• Flexible 4-foot (48 inch) stereo audio cord
• Removable speakers in a hypoallergenic, machine washable fabric headband
• Pre-shrunk and non-pilling
• Satisfaction guaranteed

*Most wired headphones have 3.5mm plugs. SleepPhones® Classic headphones also have a 3.5mm plug. If your device has a standard round port, you should be able to use any headphones without an adapter. A select group of manufacturers began eliminating the round 3.5mm port from their devices a few years ago. Anyone with those devices needs an adapter to use any headphones that have a 3.5mm plug. Please check with the manufacturer  of your device to determine what type of adapter you need. 

Sizing Chart

Size Hat Size (U.S.) Hat Size (U.K.) in. cm Example
Extra Small up to 6¾ up to 6⅜ 20-21⅜ 51-54 petite women with short hair
One Size Fits Most 6⅞-7⅜ 6¾-7¼ 21½-23⅜ 55-59 nearly everyone
Extra Large 7½ and up 7⅜ and up 23½-25 60-63 large and tall men with hair

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