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by Bayard Stockton

An illuminating biography of Robert Monroe, the iconoclast and pioneer who sparked a sub-industry in mind expansion. You are treated to his physical and nonphysical worlds, from the beginning of his out-of-body experiences to his subsequent galactic explorations.

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  1. Catapult is essential reading

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    Catapult is critical to anyone seeking a soulful connection to Robert Monroe’s spirit and contribution to reaching the transpersonal dimension of the human psyche. However, one must be prepared for one major physical challenge in reading this book…eye strain! The font is tiny, most likely the publisher’s choice to conserve paper, but you truly must be committed to suffer through the small print. If you can surmount this obstacle you are treated to a truly magical book. Bayard Stockton was an accomplished journalist who’s writing, research and interviewing skills thoroughly provide a gateway into knowing Bob Monroe’s spirit and evolutionary journey in this life. It’s the perfect complement to Ron Russell’s biography of Bob entitled The Journey of Robert Monroe. Each book is different in approach, but Stockton’s is more detailed around Bob’s earlier life and is deeply supported by primary source interviews, which answer many unanswered questions. Bob was alive when he wrote it and he quite freely writes about and challenges Bob on personal issues that were not censored from the book. The lives of my wife and I were so profoundly effected during a Gateway program in 2018 that we abruptly moved to New Land. Catapult has served as a wonderful resource in our search for why we are here.

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