Lucid Dreaming Series

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Lucid Dreaming Series

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This four-exercise series is designed to teach you how to program and consciously participate in your own personal dreamscape.

Lucid Dreaming provides a unique opportunity to benefit from states of expanded awareness during times we are not normally conscious. This four-exercise series (on DVD* or digital download) is designed to teach you how to program and consciously participate in your own personal dreamscape. Clinical research suggests that focusing on the dream you wish to experience while remembering that you can consciously participate in your dream state can dramatically increase your chance of success. The Lucid Dreaming Series provides a substantial advantage for those interested in lucid dreaming by incorporating the Hemi-Sync® sound technologies.

These exercises were designed to facilitate the brain-wave states found in naturally occurring sleep cycles. Accordingly, each of the first three exercises are 90 minutes in length. With the expanded capacity of DVD, Exercise Four is designed for a full eight-hour sleep period to support your lucid dreaming practice. Voiced by Mark Certo.

*Requires a DVD player

Also available in Italian

Customer Reviews

  1. Relaxing and Inspiring

    (verified owner)

    I’ve been an avid Hemi-Sync user for roughly 30 years. One of the first recordings that I purchased was Wave 1 of The Gateway Program, which was only available on cassette.

    All that to say that I currently own roughly 50 separate releases, and this Lucid Dreaming Series album makes an excellent addition to my library. It has a soothing musical track, calm guided vocals and relaxing Hemi-Sync background music. So if this topic interests you, then I think you’d enjoy its contents.

What is Album Series

These titles include multiple CDs/tracks in a series designed for specific applications. All include verbally guided exercises mixed with Hemi-Sync and subtle sound effects or background music.

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