Hemi-Sync® Meditation

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Hemi-Sync® Meditation

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Discover and explore higher states of consciousness with this non-verbal track to aid in deeper meditations.

Connect with higher aspects of your Self with this extraordinary meditative tool. The deeply relaxing sound patterns and pink noise will gently lead you into powerful, free-flow explorations and leave you centered, focused and totally refreshed.  (Non-verbal – 45 min.)

Customer Reviews

  1. Meditation

    I go to sleep listening to this CD every night. I have a CD and ear buds in bed with me. If I fail to do that, I don’t sleep properly and also I wake up hysterical. I don’t put it on repeat. I just listen once. This gives me a grounded sense of calmness throughout the next day.

  2. Hemi-Sync® Meditation

    (verified owner)

    I’ve used verbally guided hemi-sync meditations and found them helpful but recently I’ve been able to get into a deeper meditative state and the words bother and distract me. I started using the meditations with the least amount of speaking. When I found this one with just the hemi-sync and no distracting words or music I ordered it right away. I can get into much deeper states now because I’m not constantly distracted by the speaker. This is perfect for me.

  3. Hemi-Sync Meditation

    (verified owner)

    I have been a Vipassana meditator since 1992, and an explorer of consciousness. I find this CD is great. I don’t intently listen to it, I just do my usual nightly meditation with my headphones running Hemi-Sync through my ears. I sleep so much better, and wake up fresh. I am 73. I think the Monroe Institute does very good work.

  4. It takes 10 minutes for me

    (verified owner)

    I honestly can’t listen to this for more then 15 minutes. Like I become SOOOO energized. My mind becomes jumpy and i am just like ” WHOA! I AM ALIVE!” It really works! 🙂

  5. the best

    (verified owner)

    Wonderful for meditation, relaxation, sleep… For everything. It is also ideal as background while reading or working at the computer. Please consider to release more such “non musical” tracks with hemi-sync. They are the best :))

    Thank you

  6. Restful

    (verified owner)

    This is a no-narration media file of white/pink noise with HemiSync. It can be played by itself or used as a basis for your own guided mediation. As a recommendation, I would also like to see the same sort of file only with ocean waves in the background as opposed to just the white noise.

  7. Hemi sync meditation

    (verified owner)

    Perfect, perfect meditation tool…allows for a deeper, greater connection with Self. I find it blocks out all body perception leaving just consciousness looking at consciousness…the best meditation aid I’ve ever tried

  8. james

    (verified owner)

    excellent – really worth giving this a go – wonderful meditation

  9. Hemi-Sync Meditation

    (verified owner)

    This always works for me. I use it during creative writing or writing anything that requires deep focus. It helps me with clear and insightful thinking. I also like Concentration.

  10. Excellent

    (verified owner)

    I’ve had this Meditation audio for over 10 years. It tends to enhance my creative space whenever I’m writing. Thanks.

What is Mind Food®

Mind Food® titles incorporate verbal guidance and/or subtle sound effects along with specially blended Hemi-Sync frequencies and sound patterns designed to help you achieve and sustain synchronized brain wave activity in both hemispheres of your brain. As with Metamusic recordings, Mind Food selections are available for a wide variety of uses ranging from meditations or focused attention to stress management and sleep enhancement, or for other practical everyday applications.

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