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Going Home® Support

Code GH307

Designed to help family and friends better understand and accept the reality of the death process.

  • GH307DL-7 Going Home Support 4 Mind Awake Body Asleep
  • GH307DL-8 Going Home Support 5 Flying Free
  • GH307DL-9 Going Home Support 6 Remove and Release
  • GH307DL-10 Going Home Support 7 Edge of Here and Now
  • GH307DL-11 Going Home Support 8 Touring the Interstate
  • GH307DL-12 Going Home Support 9 Moment of Revelation
  • GH307DL-1 Going Home Support 10 Messages in 21
  • GH307DL-2 Going Home Support 11 Recharge and Regenerate
  • GH307DL-3 Going Home Support 12 Restorative Sleep
  • GH307DL-4 Going Home Support 1 GoingHomeLeaders Elizabeth Kubler Ross MD
  • GH307DL-5 Going Home Support 2 GoingHomeLeaders Charles Tart PhD
  • GH307DL-6 Going Home Support 3 HemiSync Technology

Going Home Support Group exercises are designed to help family and friends better understand and accept the reality of the death process. Such knowledge can assist the Support Group in administering appropriate care at critical moments for the departing Subject, and greatly reduce the stress of this critical event for both the Subject and the Support Group.

A detailed Guidance Manual, two audio interviews, (one with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD, and one with Charles Tart, PhD), an introduction to the Hemi-Sync®  technology, and the following 9 exercises are included: Mind Awake/Body Sleep, Flying Free, Remove and Release, Edge of Hear/Now, Touring the Interstate, Moment of Revelation, Messages in 21, Recharge and Regenerate, and Restorative Sleep.


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What is Album Series

These titles include multiple CDs/tracks in a series designed for specific applications. All include verbally guided exercises mixed with Hemi-Sync and subtle sound effects or background music.