Gateway Experience® Wave VII – Voyager

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Gateway Experience® Wave VII – Voyager

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A Journey to Focus™ 27

Learn to be of service to self and others. Journey to Focus 21 and on to states of awareness associated with the afterlife state, Focus 23 through Focus 27. From these levels contact is made with individuals who have died physically but remain “static” — unable to detach completely from the earth energy systems. One objective is to guide these individuals beyond the earth experience to a “reception center” where they can rest, review their life experiences, and consider their next evolutionary steps. You will also have the opportunity to connect with loved ones, and send/receive messages. Three CDs, six verbally guided exercises. Guidance manual included.  (This album is based on the Monroe Institute’s Lifeline® program.)
Voiced by A.J. Honeycutt. Executive producer Garrett Stevens. Engineered and mastered by Kevin Cowan.

Explore Total Self – gain a better understanding of your total self
Intro to Focus 23 – you are guided to the transitional reality of those who have just completed a physical life
Intro to Focus 25 – you will be guided to the belief system territories
Intro to Focus 27 – you are introduced to the reception center between physical lives
Retrieval – you will learn how to assist those in Focus 23
Messages From Beyond – as you return to Focus 27, opportunities exist to send and receive messages

Please note:  Each album is progressive in nature, building on the tools and techniques from the previous albums. Therefore, the albums must be used sequentially.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Needs work

    (verified owner)

    I was not impressed with wave 7.
    Needs a Lot of editing to smooth everything out and it just feels rushed for time…

  2. Co creator

    (verified owner)

    I love my experience and exploration with wave VII. It allows me to practice my skills of connecting to different levels of consciousness. Each level visits a different perspective/awareness which helps shape our experiences. I’m hooked. Thank you.

  3. Low quality

    (verified owner)

    There are many issues with Wave VII. There is no consistency between tracks for the introductorty part. The voiceover interferes too much during the audio instead of setting the scene at the start. I found the narrator’s voice lacking compassion, he is ‘just reading’ a script, not being immersed in it, or imparting an experience.

What is Album Series

These titles include multiple CDs/tracks in a series designed for specific applications. All include verbally guided exercises mixed with Hemi-Sync and subtle sound effects or background music.

What is Gateway Experience®

Mind Awakening program to help you achieve expanded awareness, and much more.

The Gateway Experience® In-Home Training Series is dedicated to developing, exploring and applying expanded states of awareness. Beginning with Discovery, there are eight "albums” called "Waves of Change.” Each Wave contains special Hemi-Sync® exercises designed to gently lead the listener into profound states of expanded awareness. While in such states, one has available a broader range of perceptions with which to solve problems, develop creativity or obtain guidance.

Each album is progressive in nature, building on the tools and techniques from the previous albums. Therefore, the albums must be used sequentially. The Gateway Experience Guidance Manuals, included with each Wave, prepare you for these exercises which help you to know and better understand your total self so you might enjoy a more fulfilling life.

What can you expect from the Gateway Experience?
"As much or as little as you put into it. Some discover themselves and thus live more completely, more constructively. Others reach levels of awareness so profound that one such experience is enough for a lifetime. Still others become seekers-after-truth and add an on-going adventure to their daily activity."
-- Robert A. Monroe