Communicating with Animals

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Communicating with Animals

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Learn to communicate with your animal friends in this guided Hemi-Sync® exercise. Patty Summers, author of Talking With the Animals, shares her insights about animal communication and teaches us how to “tune in.” We are all One and the wisdom of the animal kingdom has much to teach us about life, love and death. Track 1 features an informative narrative about inter-species telepathic communication along with some illuminating stories. Track 2 is a guided exercise for developing our innate abilities to communicate with our animal friends with whom we share the planet. A portion of the proceeds from sales of this is donated to the Almost Home Pet Adoption Center, a “no-kill” facility operated by the Nelson County SPCA, Lovingston, VA. Length: 42 minutes

Also available in Japanese

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Patty Summers

Patty Summers

Patty Summers has been communicating with animals since she was a child. She has worked professionally with animals since 1985: in veterinary practices, as a manager of pet supply stores, as an animal control officer, and as assistant manager of a humane society.

Patty has received training in the Tellington T-Touch, is a Reiki Master, and has studied several other healing and behavioral techniques. She also incorporates the use of flower remedies in her work with the animals.

She currently provides communication workshops as well as private consultations for animals and their human companions to resolve conflicts and aid in understanding each other.

Patty is the author of the award winning
Talking With The Animals, and a video, Reawakening to Animal Communication has been produced on her work.

Visit Patty’s website:

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Heart-Sync exercises feature frequencies that focus on opening ourselves to our heart’s intuition and energy. This line of products was developed by Laurie Monroe, who had a wonderful ability to live from her heart and encourage others to do the same. Heart-Sync exercises incorporate verbal guidance and subtle sound effects along with specially blended Hemi-Sync frequencies.