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Sharpen your skills for working with numbers in everyday applications and improve your aptitude for defining and understanding numerical concepts. Use anytime to enhance your speed, accuracy, and ability to remember numbers and gain confidence in your mathematical abilities. (Human Plus – verbally guided – 60 min.)

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  1. Works for my kid

    I am so impressed with this technology and it’s effectiveness that i purchased quite a few other programs for myself and for my kids. One of my young children (aged 11) was struggling with math so i asked her to listen to the “Buy The Numbers” program at bed time. I didn’t tell her what this program would do but i had her listen to it for a week. This is not to say that she wouldn’t know what she was listening to, Mr. Monroe talks about numbers so it’s not obscured.

    After a week i asked her how she was doing at math and not surprisingly (at least to me), she said that somehow it’s much easier now. Of course i don’t think this will make her into a math genius but its made it easier for her to understand and learn, which I am very happy about!

What is Human Plus®

Experience peak brain states and personal development

Human Plus®, or H-Plus®is a means of utilizing the immense power of the subconscious to affect change in your life. Each H-Plus title contains precise combinations of Hemi-Sync®frequencies that gently draw you into an extraordinarily receptive, whole-brain state while establishing the Access Channel—the ultimate communication channel to all levels of awareness—mental, physical, and emotional. By design, the Access Channel is opened during each Function Exercise, allowing you to learn a different Function Command (short, verbal cue) ranging from controlling your appetite to increasing your energy. Once the Function Command has become encoded while the Access Channel is open you can then call upon or "activate” that Function at any time, on demand, in everyday life situations. The H-Plus series offers a different kind of pathway to new levels of freedom—to becoming Human Plus.

Listening Instructions

Human Plus teaches you to reproduce desired effects at will. Use any standard stereo system with headphones, or position yourself between speakers. Keep volume low so you just understand the words, and imagine yourself doing what the words describe. You may or may not fall asleep. There are no subliminal messages – the occasional verbal message at very low volume during a “sleep” period is simply a repetition of previously heard information.

Listen to the PREP track (Track 1) once or twice, then listen to Track 2 once or twice. Start using the Function Command during appropriate daily activities. Continue listening to Track 2 for reinforcement until you feel confident using the Function Command.

When using the Function Command, simply allow it to work. The effect may or may not be immediate. The more you use the Function Command, the more effective it becomes.