Hemi-Sync Podcast Episode 19: Andrej Hrvatin (Nimetu) on Shamanic Music

Andrej Hrvatin is a musician and sound artist focused on deeper connections between music, philosophy and transcendental states. His Hemi-Sync®...

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Tim Freke, Author & Spirituality Expert

Hemi-Sync Podcast Episode 18: Tim Freke on Being Deep Awake

T!M FREKE is a leading-edge thinker who shares original ideas with clarity and humour. He is the author of 35...

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Hemi-Sync Podcast Episode 17: Glenn Harrold on a Higher Perspective

Garrett and Glenn Harrold discuss his life, from sleeping on park benches, to budding rock star to internationally known hypnotherapist...

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Mediumship: Working with Your Guides, a Q&A with Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann goes into the mailbag and answers questions regarding her new Hemi-Sync® release, "Mediumship: Working With Your Guides. Check...

Carol Moore

Hemi-Sync Podcast Episode 16: Mark Gober on An End To Upside Down Thinking

Mark Gober discusses his book, "An End to Upside Down Thinking," which compiles the ground-breaking scientific evidence dispelling the myth...

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