Lee Harris discusses his formative years leading up to becoming an Internationally renowned intuitive guide, healer, author and musician. Garrett asks Lee what it’s like to receive information as a channel, and the particular group he communicates with (“the Zs”). Barry Goldstein jumps in to recount how Lee’s work inspired the music underlying Journey Into Your Heart with Hemi-Sync®. A compelling dialogue develops around the importance of accessing heart space, how to do it, and the broader implications for the world vis a vis current events (special message from the Zs around the 23 minute mark). Their Hemi-Sync® album is called Journey Into Your Heart with Hemi-Sync®.

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3 years ago

Been a long time follower of Lee Harris. Watching his energy updates and insights on the collective. Barry’s music is uplifting. Great in depth interview. Thanks


2 years ago

Thank you I am meeting you for the first time and I am grateful will be seeing you soon
Love and many blessings