Hemi-Sync® research has been ongoing for over four decades, and today is concentrated in three distinct areas:

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Clinical application

by members of The Monroe Institute’s Professional Division. This might involve, for example, studying Metamusic® as an aid for reducing anxiety in a dentist’s waiting room.

Independent clinical research

by universities or other institutions on the mechanisms underlying the effectiveness of the Hemi-Sync® process.

Applied research

In The Monroe Institute laboratory to improve and expand Hemi-Sync® applications. The Institute uses conventional scientific procedures whenever feasible but does not limit itself to such processes.

Latest research

Peak and Other Exceptional Experiences During the Gateway Voyage

by Todd J. Masluk, MA, Ed.M. Background A revolution is occurring in consciousness expansion, the development of altered states, and psychospiritual growth (Walsh & Vaughan, 1993). At t…

The Sound Medicine of Brian Dailey, M.D.

The Sound Medicine of Dr. Brian Dailey The Sound Medicine of Brian Dailey, M.D., F.A.C.E.P. (Alternative & Complementary Therapies) Dr. Brian Dailey treats patients with innovative Hemi-…

The Effect of Hemispheric Synchronization on Intraoperative Analgesia

Abstract In this double-blinded randomized study, we sought to confirm that patients undergoing general anesthesia who were exposed to a hemispheric synchronization (Hemi-Sync) musical recor…

A Controlled Medical Study Using Hemi-Sync®Audio Tapes During Surgery

Over the years we have received scores of anecdotal reports identifying various benefits received by individuals using the Hemi-Sync tapes in our Surgical Support Series. Reported benefits h…

The Hemi-Sync Process

by F. Holmes Atwater(June 1999) Research Division, The Monroe Institute   Introduction Robert Monroe developed and patented1 a binaural-beat technology called the Hemi-Sync auditory-gu…
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