“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

~ Maya Angelou

There are many ways that we can express friendship, compassion, appreciation and love to those we care about. Gift-giving can be an important way to demonstrate our feelings for another: despite commercialism, consumerism and financial considerations, a simple gift from one to another, given in an open-hearted spirit, can nurture relationships and improve our overall quality of life.

Ancient civilizations engaged in gift-giving of their own devising; offerings of handmade items or natural treasures were given to tribal leaders to show loyalty, and perhaps gain favor. In modern times leaders around the world demonstrate their countries’ goodwill by offering unique items of their respective cultures to each other. While these types of exchanges may occur centuries apart, they are the same in that they serve to form and strengthen allegiances and foster good will.

On a personal level, researchers maintain that gift-giving can be important to one’s social existence. Some psychologists maintain that the act of gift-giving—or rather, the contemplating and choosing of a gift—prompts us to consider what we know of a recipient, and how well we know them, to decide what they may like to receive. And during this process, perhaps without conscious thought, we are evaluating the recipient’s role in our life. In this way we are reviewing our personal circle of human interaction, and considering the value of each individual in our lives, even as we may be unaware of it.

The old saying “It’s better to give than to receive” may be true in more ways than one. A recent study from Harvard University (revelife.com) concluded that when you give a gift your brain releases dopamine, a natural “feel-good” substance associated with pleasure and feelings of happiness.

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Hemi-Sync Staff12/09/2011
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