Peter Jack Rainbird

Artist, It Dreams in Me

Monroe Products: It Dreams in Me is from your original album, Unravel. What influenced you to create your unique sound? You started out playing rock, and have worked with a number of popular musicians. How did you gravitate to the music you now compose?

Peter Jack: Gravitate is a good word, and just like gravity it was very much an elemental, fundamental and encompassing experience. It has become as essential as gravity to my life—invisible, yet I see the effects of it in everything I do.

I will always love rock music; there’s something vital, immediate and expressive. Rock music can’t wait. Unravel in part came from my relationship with nature, the West Coast, or more specifically my relationship with the Pacific Ocean, and the way the character of the Pacific informs the cultures that live with it. This is a Pacific album, and although it belongs to those cultures, it is a gift to all.

Monroe Products: What reactions do you see and hear from people listening to your music?

Peter Jack: Children are always a transparent barometer. They stare, they dance, and people share the most extraordinary stories of their life. Many people confess it’s the last thing they listen to every night. Students tell me they have it on repeatedly when they study; soccer mums put it on to calm their children, yoga teachers turn to it as an essential playlist. So I feel blessed that Unravel/It Dreams in Me seems to not fall into a genre or demographic, but continues to resonate with people wherever they are in their lives.

Monroe Products: You currently live in British Columbia, Canada. Do you ever perform in the United States or abroad?

Peter Jack: Yes, I will be in New York in December 2014 and Los Angeles in January 2015. I travel constantly. The music compels me to bring it to as many people as possible. And the live show is a moment when we are all genuinely present, not caught up in the future or the past. Right there, right now. That’s where magic reveals itself, and in that space a magic as unique as every individual is experienced.

Monroe Products: What would you most like people to know about your music?

Peter Jack: That the music was made for them. That the gift is only complete when fully received. So I invite people to listen to what dreams in them, for this is what dreams in me.

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Hemi-Sync Staff10/27/2014
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