In a series of video posts that went viral on TikTok, beginning in mid-January, which recount the famous report entitled “Analysis of the Gateway Process” authored by the Department of the Army, and now hosted on the CIA’s website, Hemi-Sync® has seen a surge of interest. The social media frenzy was further augmented by an article in VICE on February 16th.

Activity seemed to reach a crescendo (at least for now) when it was picked up the Daily Mail on February 17th.

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3 months ago

I find, when I start a conversation about the lessons learned from Robert Monroe’s work, people really want to know more. It is as if the key to pandoras box had just been found and after all this time We must open it and explore “Immediately” I have been staying pretty close to the vest with all this but can honestly say with the Web Telescope sending photos of destinations now, my range has expanded and has opened doors I could only guess were there.

Hemi-Sync Staff02/19/2021
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