“When we engage our creative spirits, we draw up more power and wisdom to craft our lives and our world with elegance, depth, richness and enjoyment. Exploring and expressing our creativity is one of the most rewarding processes we can do to gain more self awareness and accelerate higher development of our minds, spirits, and even our bodies.” — Introduction to The Creative Way with Hemi-Sync®

We are all creative. This is the first and most important aspect we need to embrace to foster our creativity. The difference between those who are creative versus those who are not is the belief that they are, indeed, creative. (Psychology Today , 12/2011, Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking.)

Creativity comes in all forms and is not limited to the arts. However, you will have to work at thinking creatively, utilizing your enthusiasm and persistence to stick with your ideas. As you undergo this process of creative thinking, you stimulate your brain by activating the neurons, which will help you to become more creative as you continue this process.

All ideas have possibilities; it is up to you to keep an open mind as you determine which ones to choose, and have trust in your intuition. If you allow yourself to be discouraged, either through your own negative self-talk or listening to opinions of others, you will kill your creativity very quickly. If you do not succeed, that does not mean you failed. It simply means you found out what doesn’t work.

Consider other perspectives, not just your own. Ask others for their input, and be willing to look at something from all angles. Creativity requires us to consider all things, even if they are not related. This is how some of the greatest ideas are born.

Are you ready to begin exploring and expressing your creativity? If so, Monroe Products has a number of titles that can help you in that respect. Who knows what creative genius is anxiously awaiting you to open that door, to come forth and express itself in a way that is uniquely you?

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Hemi-Sync Staff06/01/2012
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