I purchased the Gateway Experience on eBay. Is this legit?

Please be aware if you purchase a Hemi-Sync® album from a third party, you may be actually purchasing a bootlegged copy. This is especially true with any Gateway Experience albums. This is also true of virtually all downloads from any other site other than hemi-sync.com.

These tend to be copies of either CDs or pirated downloads, and therefore the potential for degraded audio exists, resulting in little to no efficacy of the Hemi-Sync® technology. In some cases, the recordings may be significantly altered, or even harmful. The only way to insure you are purchasing the authentic Hemi-Sync® album is directly from hemi-sync.com, or CDs from an authorized Hemi-Sync® reseller. If you are unsure, you can always contact our customer service at interstate@hemi-sync.com to verify if the seller is legitimate.