Metamusic® combines delightful musical selections with Hemi-Sync® binaural beats
sound technologies to entertain and benefit the listener. Metamusic® is more than music!.

Hemi-Sync Metamusic

Many titles feature special blends of Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies to slow excess mental activity in
order to facilitate meditation or support deeper, more profound relaxation. Other selections feature
a predominance of Beta frequencies for focus and concentration, or Delta frequencies for sleep enhancement.
Metamusic titles are experiential and may be used to facilitate a given application or simply for musical enjoyment (but NOT while driving or using heavy machinery).

How does it works?

Whatch video or find out more on our How it works page

Sample Audio


Listen to 1-2 minute samples of all our Metamusic titles and decide
whether you want to soar with the clouds, meditate for wisdom, or drift
gently off to sleep.

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