The Way of Hemi-Sync®


The Way of Hemi-Sync®

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In order to help you experience the benefits of using Hemi-Sync’s binaural beat technology, we’re offering The Way of Hemi-Sync for free!

This verbally guided demonstration will introduce you to the extraordinary benefits of the whole-brain states of consciousness made possible by Hemi-Sync®.

You will hear, feel, and understand how Hemi-Sync® works and then enjoy a relaxing and deeply restful experience. 29 minutes. Available only in MP3.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Lisa

    (verified owner)

    I highly enjoyed it!

  2. the way of hei sync


  3. The Way Of HemiSync

    (verified owner)

    Very intriguing technology I had not heard of before. Delighted also to have the chance to explore further the other free audios available under Media Resources heading. Very, very grateful and delighted with all I’ve heard so far! Thank you all for being in physically perceivable existence now!

  4. The Way of Hemi-Sync

    (verified owner)


  5. Only heard waves

    (verified owner)

    I only heard the voice introduction then waves. After that – nothing.

  6. Relaxing

    I use this audio after I meditate and it puts me right to sleep. I find it’s calming effect shuts my mind down. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  7. Journey of the self

    (verified owner)

    After experiencing Hemi-Sync for the first time you begin to realize how the things you have in contact with on a day-to-day basis take you away from the most important questions. Maybe we have answers to those questions and not the outside world, that’s what I’m researching and the first experience with Hemi-Sync provided.

  8. The way of Hemi-Sync

    (verified owner)

    This enhances meditation and deepens your experience. I love it!

  9. The Way of Hem-Sync

    (verified owner)

    The first audio which I have listened to that produces true coordination of the left and right brain resulting in enhanced brain function. I am so grateful thank you!

  10. I won 10,000 dollars

    (verified owner)

    After hearing about hemi sync on Coast to Coast am, I downloaded the free album and listened to it as I fell asleep. 4 days later, on October 1st (My 44th birthday) I was so depressed as I really needed 9400 dollars to get myself out of credit card debt to have a second chance at life. I remember praying to God if I got this second chance, I would cancel all of my credit cards and never let this happen again. At 8PM that same day, I bought a 30 dollar NY lotto scratch off and won 10,000 dollars. I don’t believe in synchronicity, and now I know for a fact God is real as he listened to ny prayers. I have the picture of the scratch off as proof. Thank you God and thank you Hemi sync.

  11. I am truly a believer. HemiSync was the launchpad.

    (verified owner)

    Two years after reading the “Top secret” document with the Redacted sections prior to its release. This world is truly upside down and it is all based in fear. I heard Robbert Monrow speak about this fear a few times in his work. It kept me pushing to find that line, to find the ones who helped him to get back home and the ones that stand off in the distance waiting, waiting for your invitation. I have met 4 people, and they are Brave, just as brave as we are. The answers they bring to me are mine and mine alone, but they are teaching me to ware my Armor as in Ephesians 6. Yes, the way it is to be worn in the Prayer “Armor of God”. I am not one who looks for attention but this is real. HemiSync has helped and mainly Dr. Robert Monrow. I would HIGHLY recommend attention to his series and the many others that fit your life.

  12. Excellent guided meditation

    (verified owner)

    This sound technology is state of the art, best anywhere, thanks..