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Inner States: Dawning of Awareness

Garrett Stevens
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In this online course, you will explore methods to activate the power within yourself, achieve inner peace, remain centered and calm in times of uncertainty, and transcend limiting thought patterns. You will also learn to tap into an expanded source of knowledge and guidance for your life, find tools for initiating personal changes and transformational growth, become more aligned with your life’s purpose, develop your intuition, bring more light into your body, and embrace a trusting, loving approach to living. Here is a description of each exercise that will be included in this course.

Exercise 1—Awakening Through Stillness
Learning to relax our bodies, quiet our minds and center our hearts brings countless gifts to us in the forms of deep inner peace, awareness of our true essence and enhanced connections to others and a greater source of love. By regularly taking the time to get quiet and refresh ourselves, we can generate more clarity, energy and centeredness in our lives.

In this exercise you will start by deeply relaxing your body so that your mind can easily follow. You will then be guided to let your mind get quieter, and calmer. Further into the exercise, you will experience two periods of pure silence, progressing in length, so that you become comfortable with longer periods of silence. It is in the stillness and quiet of our centered minds and hearts that we get in touch with our essential self. The essence of our feelings, wisdom and love. It is often a place beyond words, and it is in this place where the potential for higher transformation exists, the place of centered being.

Towards the end you will receive a memory encoding, which are words to say to yourself at a future time that will help you remember your still and centered state of being. You will then be guided to come back to being awake and alert.

Exercise 2—Equilibrium
By entering a centered state of being in our hearts, minds and spirits, we allow ourselves to remain calm and clear in the midst of change or uncertainty. When we operate from a place of ‘being in the center’, we can draw upon inner strength, access wisdom and respond appropriately in any situation. When centered, we become grounded, and aligned with our intentions. We can bend, flow along or stay rooted where we need to be in response to conditions around us, and we know how to move into our next step.

When in a state of uncertainty about our future, so often our habitual mindset will offer us words, images or patterns based on the past; often the negative aspects or perceptions of the past. We tend to project onto the future what we choose to remember, real or imagined, about the past. These thoughts can then influence our feelings and our energy levels in the present, lowering our vibrations and affecting our ability to remain in a positive mindset. But when we choose to create beautiful and positive possibilities in our minds, we move into a sweeter, clearer and stronger energy state that supports us in manifesting positive life situations.

In this exercise you are invited to enter a centered, loving state of being, and to practice sustaining this as you visit a particular event in your life that brings up feelings of uncertainty. You will have an opportunity to discover your feelings about this event, and then shift to a very positive, empowering perspective by using your own imagination and intentions. You will thereby create a new pattern for yourself, and achieve a state of inner equilibrium.

Exercise 3—The Limitless Self
There are times in our lives when we have touched into and fully experienced life from a higher level of love, awareness and understanding. It’s natural and enlightening for us to rise above and move beyond current perspectives, reactions and behavioral patterns that sometimes limit us. This rising above in awareness is known as a “transcendent” state of being. And the more comfortable we become with this state of being, the more we will evolve in alignment with our soul’s higher path.

The purpose of this exercise is to help you easily shift yourself (your mind and feelings) into an elevated, transcendent state of being—a state that will offer you a greater overview of your life, allow you to connect with your deepest and broadest aspects of self, and enable you to cross a bridge from the physical to non‐ physical states of awareness. This exercise will provide a movement through vibrational levels to help you consciously access more of your true essence, and enjoyment of your highly expanded self.

Exercise 4—Life Path Journey
As we bring the activities and interests of our daily lives into alignment with the truth in our heart and wisdom of our soul, we create a way of living that is full of clarity, richness, generosity and fulfillment.

When we look over the path of our lives from a different, elevated perspective, we often find marvelous well‐ orchestrated patterns placed with exquisite, yet sometimes curious, timing. These reveal to us a greater or higher plan unfolding. Periodically, however, we may feel the call to reevaluate or redirect where our lives seem to be going. We may need to reconsider what is or isn’t working for us, and find ways to align our outer actions with our inner wisdom. This is our spirit’s call to a new level of personal transformation (evolution).

In this meditation, from a centered state of being, you will be invited to experience a broader personal overview, which may help you recognize threads or patterns that exist in your larger life path. You will then explore how to align what is at the core of your being, your place of essential wisdom, love and understanding, with the activities and events you are manifesting in your life. Here there is an opportunity to get clearer about your life purpose.

You will also be able to visualize and help bring into reality harmonious choices and directions for your life which will assist you in creating more fulfilling possibilities for everyday living.

About the Guide:
Garrett Stevens is Chairman & President of Interstate Industries, Inc. d/b/a Hemi-Sync®, a conscious media company originally founded by the legendary Robert Monroe. At Hemi-Sync®, he sets strategy and oversees a talented team dedicated to creating tools for optimizing personal growth in the areas of meditation, relaxation, sleep, concentration and wellness. His podcast interviews and musings are available at and other social media outlets. View full bio

Inner States: Dawning of Awareness Online Course

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Our wish is that these practices make a significant difference in your life. Our very best to all of you on your journey.

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