Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync® DVD

Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync® DVD

Code LS004D

Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync® breathes light and life into mystical, sacred symbols of the Far East. Hypnotic animation and vibrantly brilliant color merged with the heart-opening Indigo for Quantum Focus Hemi-Sync® soundtrack truly will inspire you to unparalleled new peaks of creative inspiration.

From the creators of the classic LightSOURCE, Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync® DVD presents twelve mandalas from the Taoist, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions that manage at once to be both ancient and contemporary. Mandalas include: Tao Yin Yang, The Blossoming Lotus, Dorje Sceptre, Endless Knot & Wheel of Life, Kanji Yin Yang, Lhasa Lotus, The Mahakala, Lotus Buddha, Om Devanagari, Mahamudra Buddha, Om Mane Padme Hum, and The Sri Yantra.

Use Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync® for powerfully focused meditation, daily stress reduction and serene ambience, as joyful upliftment at ceremonies and gatherings, and even for profoundly deep new experiences when giving or receiving massage.

Indigo for Quantum Focus is an extraordinary, nurturing Metamusic® composition featuring designer mixes of Hemi-Sync frequencies for super learning and concentration that provide a roadmap to expanded awareness.

DVD—Widescreen and fullscreen versions. Many on-disc extras included.

Running time: 74 minutes.

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What is Sacred Geometry by LightSOURCE Arts

Experience personal development and enhanced well-being.

Sacred Geometry by LightSOURCE Arts with Hemi-Sync® products are visual aids (DVDs, software, and iOS device videos) of sacred geometry and other sacred symbols combined with a Metamusic® soundtrack. These products may be used daily to manage stress and improve health and well-being. With appropriate intent, this vibrant mix of ancient wisdom and new technology may be used as an extraordinary tool for transformation. Regardless of how you choose to use it, you will always benefit from its calming, centering and rejuvenating effects.

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things, allowing us to discover the balance and harmony in all manifest reality. The ancients believed the experience of Sacred Geometry was essential to the education of the soul. They knew these patterns and codes were symbolic of our own inner realm and the subtle structure of awareness. To them, the "sacred” had particular significance involving consciousness and the profound mystery of awareness—the ultimate sacred wonder.

Sacred Geometry by LightSOURCE Arts with Hemi-Sync products allow you to experience higher aspects of Self within the design of pure Source energy. As the blueprints literally come to life before your eyes, you are propelled into ecstatic play with the magic of the universe—the very heart of Creation. When you enter the world of Sacred Geometry, you will recognize as never before, the wonderfully patterned beauty of the natural world.

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