“The only journey is the journey within.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

The world seems to be full of advice on how to manage and reduce stress. Dozens of websites, cable and network programs, and news and leisure magazines are chock-full of tips for alleviating stress, with recommendations ranging from performing a few simple stretches to engaging in “desk yoga,” from decluttering your home or office to abandoning your inhibitions in the primitive art of fingerpainting.

Close observation reveals that the vast majority of these “solutions” have something in common. From the simplest to the most complicated, they all require that we slow down. Pay attention. Focus on the moment. Remember (and express gratitude for) what is important. Go within. Take a moment to find our selves amid the chaos.

Stress is serious, and can indeed be life-threatening. Anyone whose health is threatened by stress should actively seek help from professionals trained to treat patients with stress. But for the millions of us who struggle with minor-but-unrelenting-stress on a day to day basis, routinely and mindfully taking a journey within can make a huge difference in our ability to manage, and even transcend, the effects of stress.

Some say stress is the result of a life out of balance. And it’s true that the demands of modern life can have a negative impact on even the most serene among us, sending us teetering out of a carefully cultivated state of mindfulness. But whether it’s called soul-searching, meditation, reflection, contemplation, introspection…whatever we call it, it’s the going withinjourneying within – that can bring us back to a state of balance.

We may all take that journey in different ways. Some of us only need to close our eyes, tuning into ourselves and shutting out the world, listening to the gentle rhythm of our breath. Others need to be out-of-doors engaging in strenuous physical activity, getting a professional massage, or taking a long-awaited break from our daily routine. All that really matters is that we take that journey, inside ourselves, as often as we need, to improve our quality of life and to allow us to continue making our way along our respective paths.

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We wish you the best on your journey within!

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Hemi-Sync Staff12/09/2012
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