Bill Buhlman

Bill Buhlman

Q: How did you become interested in out-of-body experiences?

A: In 1972 a friend of mine had a spontaneous out-of-body experience and it was a life changing event for him. I was so impressed by the transformational nature of the experience I witnessed in my friend’s life I decided to learn about and pursue a self-initiated OBE myself. After about three weeks of dedicated practice of an OBE method I had my first experience and immediately realized it is a life changing and mind expanding event. For over 40 years my personal passion for OBEs and the vast knowledge we gain from the experience has continued.


Q: Why have you chosen to share your experiences?

A: During my initial two decades of out-of-body experiences I realized that there was a great need for clear information, insight and guidance to assist the many people that were exploring this important subject. I learned from extensive trial and error how to self-initiate out-of-body experiences and how to navigate nonphysical environments. Through the years I realized that this knowledge would be extremely helpful to other spiritual explorers and I decided to share my insights with others in my first book, Adventures Beyond the Body.

Q: What prompted you to create this project, and at this particular time?

A: In 2011 I was diagnosed with stage four-cancer. When confronted with the possibility of my own death, I created a personal plan to enhance my transition, a personal audio CD of affirmations. I knew from 40 years of out-of-body adventures that the focus of my awareness would be critical. We are multi-dimensional beings and our directed commands can greatly influence the destination of the non-physical environment that we will experience. I listened to these affirmations frequently to enhance my own awareness. During the months that followed, I noticed that there was little spiritual guidance in an audio format for the individual that is seriously ill or dying. I realized that there is a tremendous need for those that are close to, or are in transition to have a form of verbal spiritual guidance available to assist them.

Q: How do you think it can benefit others?

A: The new Destination: Higher Self! audio program will provide a powerful method of exploring consciousness for anyone seeking to reduce the fear of death and focus on their ultimate spiritual goal. Although written to assist those in transition, anyone can benefit from the meditations. There is also direction to release attachments to the physical, as you are guided to focus on your highest spiritual goals. The recording is designed to be played on auto repeat by the bedside to support the ultimate spiritual goal or intention of the listener.


Hemi-Sync Staff03/30/2015
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