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Deborah Bromley

Deborah Bromley

Deborah Bromley is a UK-based clinical hypnotherapist and Meridian Energy practitioner who believes we should all have more pleasure and enjoyment from life, while letting go of the negative ways of thinking and feeling that hold us back.

She qualified in 1999 with the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and later joined the faculty, teaching master classes in her specialist subjects which included her methodology for helping people to lose unwanted weight. This innovative approach has also been published as a series of articles in the Hypnotherapy Journal, the professional journal of the UK-based National Council for Hypnotherapy.

Her professional practice focuses primarily on therapeutic interventions for women's issues using hypnosis, NLP and the energy therapies. She has specialized in helping clients to lose their unwanted weight for more than 20 years, developing and refining the process over time. Her 12 track album, Slimmer and Healthier: Creating a Slim, Healthy Body for Life is the culmination of her work.

She enjoys writing original hypnotherapy scripts and developing innovative treatment plans to help clients achieve their goals. She is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Deborah is also skilled in past life regression and trained in 2004 with Dr. Michael Newton (Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls), to become a certified Life-Between-Lives practitioner. This unique journey in trance is designed to uncover your deepest memories of your life as a soul, in between incarnations. She served on the board of the Newton Institute as Director of Development and also contributed to the best-selling Memories of the Afterlife, edited by Dr. Newton. She counts herself very fortunate to have known and worked with Dr. Newton, who passed away in 2016, and to continue to help further his work through the Newton Institute. She is currently serving as co-editor for the online journal, Stories of the Afterlife.

Visit Deborah's website at https://biddenhamhypnosis.co.uk

Visit http://www.slimmerandhealthierforlife.com for ongoing support, information and regular updates about creating your slim, healthy body for life.

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