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Matthew Sigmon & Julie Anderson

Matthew Sigmon & Julie Anderson
Beyond the Golden Light with Hemi-Sync®, Into the Deep, Sleeping Through the Rain

Julie B. Anderson

Recording Artists Matthew Sigmon and Julie B. Anderson share a creative partnership that goes back nearly 30 years. After meeting in high school in 1980, they began making music and appeared on MTV in 1985 as members of local rock band, The Basics (Danville, IL).

That same year, the unexpected death of Matthew’s older brother, Timothy, lead them to examine the spiritual and metaphysical secrets that life holds. "Since music was a natural means of expression for us, it became the vehicle through which we explored those profound issues,” Matthew says. It was during that period that the two came into contact with the work of Robert Monroe.

Sigmon and Anderson formed the band, Rain People (Atlanta, GA) in 1986 along with another member, signing with Epic/CBS and publishers Warner Brothers Music/Made Up Music two years later. Rain People recorded their self-titled debut album (1989) in Santa Monica, CA with producer/engineer Bill Drescher. Rain People’s material was heavily influenced by Sigmon and Anderson’s expanding spiritual interest and experience. The work received critical acclaim as CD Review's "Editor's Choice - Year's 25 Best" and gained international attention.

In the early 1990's Matthew and Julie began experimenting in the studio with ambient compositions. "We had discovered the works of Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Steve Roach, and other innovative artists of the time, and started working on different methods of producing rich sonic atmospheres,” says Matthew. "By incorporating elements and processes that induced varying degrees of unpredictability in the sound, we stumbled onto some textures that were quite unique for the time. I felt they would be useful for meditation and contemplation, so I contacted the Monroe Institute. We worked on the composition concepts with then chief engineer, Mark Certo. The result was their highly regarded 30-minute piece called Sleeping Through The Rain, followed by Into the Deep a few years later.

In 2006, Sigmon and Anderson organized their Georgia-based independent record label, publishing and graphics company, Made-Up-Media LLC, in preparation for the release of One Opens Up, Sigmon's debut solo CD in September of that year. "Without intending it, this group of songs became a roadmap of my life’s path so far. They reflect the many stages of growth and development that people tend to go through, as well as the recognition one eventually comes to that what you’ve been looking for is not something separate from what you are, and never has been.” The opening track, Leaving Day, spent a number of weeks in the top track rotation of the popular internet radio station, Radio Paradise.

Julie Anderson is currently a graphic designer for Mohawk Industries, previously freelancing for clients such as Coca-Cola, Home Depot, HMS Host, Travel Traders, WHSmith and others.

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