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Jeffree Clarkson

Jeffree Clarkson

Enchanted Forest


Jeffree Clarkson, New Zealand composer and visionary, has dedicated his life to composing and recording music that naturally turns the attention inward and provides a peaceful atmosphere for the practice of meditation. Using music technology, Jeffree has created the most natural sounding and flowing arrangements you could imagine. In his performances he uses a wind-controlled Keytar—a customized instrument that responds dynamically to his touch and breath.


Jeffree’s catalogue features eleven beautiful relaxing albums including popular titles: Butterfly, Songbird, Infinite Grace, A New Eden, Serenade, Openings, Botanica, Simplicity, Breathing-Space, and Peace & Quiet double CD collection.


Through his extensive experience in the area of meditation and its practice, Jeffree has created a simple meditation approach using his music as a peaceful background. The Onespace Meditation naturally unwinds mind chatter and facilitates the release of stress, bringing a happier, more relaxed perspective to daily life.


For more information, including testimonials, CDs for sale, meditation classes and workshops, visit www.jeffclarkson.com.

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