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David Bergeaud

David Bergeaud

David, born in Paris, France, is a musician, composer, poly instrumentalist and record producer who has crafted musical experiences for theatre, movies, music festivals, kings, and seekers around the world. An avid musicologist, David studies the history and evolution of musical instruments from antiquity to artificial intelligence and beyond.

David records and performs on a variety of exotic instruments from the Middle East, India and across the globe and has a collection of hundreds of rare instruments.

His music is inspired by a lifetime of international travels, his European classical roots, and a lifelong love of jazz. Driven by perpetual musical curiosity, his collaborations have led him to play with musicians from Thailand to Marrakech, and perform in exceptional environments from Timbuktu to Black Rock City.

He currently stewards a 200-acre nature sanctuary in Southern California where he is building a state of the art music studio and a retreat center.

Beyond his passion for music, David is also an avid reader of philosophy, sociology, and cognitive psychology. He grew up in a traveling circus, sailed across the ocean in his teens, traveled the world as an adult, and continuously explores cultures and the human spirit with a joyous openness and mindful curiosity.

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