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Alpha Wave Movement (aka Gregory Kyryluk)

Alpha Wave Movement (aka Gregory Kyryluk)

Serene Sleep


Alpha Wave Movement is the musical alias for Connecticut-born composer/synthesist Gregory Kyryluk, established formally in 1992.


The basis of the project nomenclature is the alpha wave, a type of brainwave pattern that the body created during a relaxed state—when eyes are fully closed, but the body is not fully in a sleep cycle.


Early influences as a youth were Kitaro, Jean Michel Jarre, Synergy, Genesis, John Williams, Mark Isham, Steve Roach—and, of course, the Moog synthesizer, which opened the door to the world of personal music recording.


Aside from the music influences, nature and natural landscapes are a continuous source of inspiration for compositions. Alpha Wave Movement has released music on the Dutch label Groove Unlimited, Silent Records (USA), Waveform Records (USA), Spiralight (USA), Periphery (USA), and on his own private label, Harmonic Resonance Recordings. Other projects include Thought Guild; Open Canvas, a solo project; and his latest project Within Reason.


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