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Alan Tower

Alan Tower

Organic world acoustic music

In 2001 Tower launched Green Music Network and it’s Cave Concert Series, (a 501c3), leading the team’s focus on the intersection of music and ecology for seven years. After a few decades of concerts and a dozen albums, he was called to bridge what felt like an inherent gap between musician's and audience.

He began by developing the Architecture of Tonality and used that work to inform the redesign and invention of new instruments and sonic environments. This led to forming Sound For Life and the LA Sound Portal for exploring Awe and hidden reality through sound. The approach relies more on sound as a physical presence in delivering an experience, than on specific melody or rhythm. People may experience new ways of hearing, and a gentle disruption of thinking patterns. What can also occur in this process is the altering of a listener’s sense of self, time, and silence. He conducts these sessions by invitation for individuals and small groups in his studio in South Pasadena, California.

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