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Musings of a Hemi-Sync® Explorer – April 2020

Dear Explorer,

It’s been a couple of months since I last wrote to you. Anything new (besides everything)? As we’re all adjusting to a different way of everyday living necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, several truths have become evident.

First, we all need each other more than ever, social distancing aside. Indeed, the interconnectedness of all humanity is really laid bare by this type of crisis. In a world where we may only be as healthy as our neighbor, we’re compelled to look after their well-being as if it’s our own. Our never-ending search for happiness outside of ourselves has been brought to an abrupt halt as most of us are confined to our homes, often with just ourselves. Yet amid the tragedy of lives lost and others irreparably altered, there will also be opportunities for personal growth and valuable lessons on offer – for those who are ready.

At Hemi-Sync®, we’re mostly working remotely and staggering shifts, where necessary, in consideration of the health of our team and surrounding community, but we’re still here to support you. Last month, we offered our classic wellness title, Journey Through the T-Cells, for free, and were overwhelmed by the response as the website recorded a new monthly record for traffic (thanks for not breaking the site!). So many people were writing to us after the event saying they had missed it, that we’ve decided to put it on our YouTube channel. Please give it a try and give your immune system a boost, while also taking some time to just relax. Moreover, a selection of related wellness titles will remain permanently discounted for the duration of this crisis (https://hemi-sync.com/product-category/on-sale).

Clearly, many people are turning inward, and to Hemi-Sync®, at this time, but not just for wellness…

New Releases

Inner States II: A Return to Light – Patty Ray Avalon is to Hemi-Sync® as Alec Baldwin is to Saturday Night Live – she is simply the most prolific contributor since Bob Monroe himself. Her long-awaited follow-up to 2010’s Inner States: Dawning of Awarenessone of our most popular albums of all-time, does not disappoint.

Many teachers have described consciousness itself as a kind of light, which is not limited to just the visible spectrum we’re able to see here in physical matter reality. In this four-track album, you are invited to explore yourself as a source of light and to find more integration in this world and beyond. Of particular relevance for this time is the third track, The Healing Light Center, which guides you to a locale in a higher dimension for restoration and balancing of all parts of your being.

Online Courses

Two more online courses were recently added to our growing stable: Peter Russell’s Effortless Being and Robert Waggoner’s Lucid Dreaming for Beginners.

You may know Peter from his album, Wisdom in Essencehe is a well-established teacher, author, futurist and keynote speaker. I especially appreciate Peter’s grounding in science and mathematics (he was supervised at Cambridge by Stephen Hawking) and how he blends those disciplines seamlessly with spiritual traditions. In this course, he very simply guides us back to the state of natural mind, allowing us to distinguish between the familiar egoic self and true Self.

Robert Waggoner is one of the world’s foremost experts on lucid dreaming. In his online course, he covers all of the fundamentals, including dream recall, navigating dream space, waking support, interacting with dream figures, induction techniques, useful applications and troubleshooting.

While Hemi-Sync® is based on the premise that you are your own best teacher, in certain areas of specialization there is no substitute for an expert. We hope you will choose to avail yourself of these opportunities.

Hemi-Sync® Unlimited App

New on the streaming service this month is Jonn Serrie’s Celestial Space with Hemi-Sync®. Jonn’s ambient space music is the perfect soundscape for chillaxing at home. Look for the first comprehensive refresh of Unlimited since it was introduced roughly a year ago, hopefully by the next time I write to you. 

Free Stuff

In addition to Journey Through the T-Cells on YouTube, be sure to check-out Dina Strada’s latest blog post, Surviving and Thriving: COVID-19.  In it, she shares some ideas for what to do during this time of “safer at home,” as well as how to be with it.

For more on the aforementioned Peter Russell, have a listen to Episode 24 of the podcast. Peter discusses his own spiritual path, the various anomalies of consciousness, how reality is constructed, where we get into trouble, and how that contributes to our own unhappiness. He also expounds on the coming merger of materialism and consciousness, and some of the implications of the current pandemic.

Finally, I conducted my latest local Hemi-Sync® Meetup group via Zoom and decided to invite 30,000 of my closest friends. If you missed it, we listened to Persistent Visions with Hemi-Sync®, and a track from Inner States II. We will also have that up on YouTube for the next week or so.

Please be well and be kind.

See you in Home or along the way,


Garrett H. Stevens
Chairman & President
Interstate Industries, Inc. d/b/a Hemi-Sync®


Surviving and Thriving: COVID-19

by Dina Strada

When I wake up every morning lately the first thought I have is, “What a gift. The Universe sure knew what it was doing with this whole ‘safer at home’ mandate.”

We are in a brutal and heartbreaking time in the world. This is a global pandemic like none we’ve seen in a very long time.  People are sick and others are dying every day. It’s incredibly scary and is bringing up a lot of anxiety and fear in people.

It’s also a beautiful opportunity for us to re-wire and re-program ourselves. In this small window we’ve been given to stay in and slow down (with the exception of first responders and other essential workers who are serving us in this time of need), we are being given the opportunity to go inward and connect with ourselves in a new way.

Rather than falling apart, it’s an invitation to fall inwards. What in your life wasn’t working that is coming into your awareness now? And what can you do in this time you’ve been given to change it?

I’ve heard a lot of people say the words, “I’m bored.” Especially our children. I get it. When we take all the outside stimulation and busyness away, it can feel uncomfortable. Here are some things you can do to lessen the discomfort:

  • Read more books
  • Take naps
  • Talk to loved ones for longer periods of time
  • Sleep in
  • Binge watch all those shows you’ve been meaning to watch
  • Play board games with your kids
  • Sit with loneliness so you can learn to be alone
  • Get into better shape with virtual workouts
  • Take your dog on an hour walk instead of 15 minutes
  • Start a meditation practice
  • Sign up for an online course
  • Get back to that passion project
  • Journal
  • Try out new recipes
  • Be of service to those who need you

Our world will not go back to normal. What we’re experiencing now is a reset of our planet with the intention of creating a new normal – one where people are being asked to let go of their old ways of being and adopt new ones.

We will have newfound respect and appreciation for our teachers, healthcare workers and grocery store personnel. We will understand the importance of spending real, quality time with our families that go beyond sitting in a room together and watching TV.

Companies will consider allowing people to work remotely to cut down on the cost of office space, decrease traffic on the roads, and improve air quality.

We will know our neighbors better. Some of us will meet people we’ve lived on the same street as for years but never took the time to knock on their door to introduce ourselves.

Connection will become something we can’t live without rather than something we avoid. Deep, meaningful connections in place of obligatory social outings and commitments.

Attending a concert, a sporting event, a music festival or a party will feel more like a privilege than just another Saturday night.

We will realize how alike we all are, as we see that nobody, no matter what their race, socioeconomic background, or religious ideologies makes them immune to getting sick or going through the same experiences.

We have an opportunity to make this time in history one that serves a purpose and has meaning for us if we’re willing to go within and ask the question, “what can I do right now with this glorious time I’ve been given?”

So, what will you do?



Dina Strada is a freelance writer and Life Coach whose work has appeared in Huff Post, elephant journal, Medium, Thrive Global, Chopra, Mind Body Green and various other online publications. Read more of her work at www.dinastrada.com.

Peter Russell head

Hemi-Sync® Podcast Episode 24: Peter Russell on Effortless Being

Peter Russell, Cambridge-educated scientist turned renowned spiritual teacher, shares his thoughts on the coming merger of materialism and consciousness in scientific thinking. He also touches on various anomalies of consciousness, how our reality is constructed and where we get into trouble, thereby contributing to our own unhappiness. Peter also discusses his own spiritual path, the simplicity of meditation, and how he brings these all together in his online course, “Effortless Being.” Garrett and Peter also weigh-in on the COVID-19 pandemic and some of its implications for the evolution of humanity.

Related offerings by Peter Russell include: Effortless Being Online Course, and Wisdom In Essence

If you would like to see more podcasts that aren’t specifically related to our new products, please consider supporting our podcast Patreon page and enjoy discounts on this website as a supporting patron.

Feeling Our Way to Manifestation

The word “manifestation” elicits mixed reactions in people. For some, it’s a way of life. For others, it’s the province of snake oil salesmen and wishful thinkers. I’ll just share a little bit about how I’ve lived my own life, including how I discovered that I was actually fairly good at bringing desired outcomes into the physical, and how I went about modifying certain mindsets that were not helpful. My hope is that this will be relevant for everyone who desires positive change in the areas of money, health, relationships and work. If this doesn’t apply to you, hey, maybe you should be writing a blog. You may have heard many of these ideas before, but there is still value in seeing it all in one place and presented in this way.

Find out for yourself

I never want to encourage anyone to take anything I say, or that anyone else says, purely at face value. It’s essential to find out for yourself. However, the starting point for this essay on manifestation is to recognize that you are more than your physical body. This is a profound truth that can be realized on many different levels. One could even make the case that its full realization leads directly to “enlightenment,” for lack of a better word.

More than your physical body

The story of the great 20th century Indian sage Ramana Maharshi seems to suggest that it was just such a realization that led to his awakening…although in his case it may be more accurate to say that he had previously mistook his physical body for himself, which is a variant of this simple truth. At any rate, if you haven’t first had at least an inkling of this perception, please start by listening to some guided Hemi-Sync® exercises before proceeding further. Even listening to The Way of Hemi-Sync® a few times might be sufficient.
An ancient technology

The next thing we need to talk about is prayer. This may cause conniptions in the more secular-minded, but we’re going to dissect it with a level of specificity that will make it seem more like a technology. Nonetheless, if it’s easier for you to accept, let’s give it an acronym worthy of Bob Monroe. How about cognitive-emotional response, or “CER” for short? Rolls right off the tongue!

For a successful CER, we must first have a thought, or rather the image of the desire in our mind. Next, we need the emotion associated with the desire in our heart. When these two elements unite, we have the coming together of heart and mind to effect change in the conditions of our bodies, our world and beyond. The union itself can best be described as the feeling of the desire fulfilled in our heart, as if it’s already done. It is through the feeling that we are able to match the vibrational frequency of that which we desire. The feeling is the most important piece. Also, notice how I’ve chosen the word “response” for our CER acronym. One may think “request” would be a more appropriate word, but “response” signals a deeper understanding of, and trust in, how the manifestation process works.

Creating a plan

In my own life, these steps came somewhat naturally to me. I was always a dreamer, having little trouble producing new desires and connecting with the feeling of actually fulfilling them. I believe this process was instrumental in building the physical body I wanted, attracting relationships, gaining admission to college, getting hired, and much more. However, later in life I discovered several other actions than can further amplify results.


The first is to simply have a plan. This helps to add a measure of definitiveness to your intention, and communicates to your subconscious that this is important. If dates and numbers are applicable, I recommend including them. Even a written document as simple as a list can be very powerful. While it’s fine to have a long-term goal that is far removed from your current physical matter reality, it is critical to have a number of intermediate steps leading up to that longer-term goal. The immediate object of your desire should be the next logical step along that path. This will increase your rate of success.

Some useful hacks

Next, don’t give up or be dissuaded by lack of immediate success. Make any necessary adjustments in your plan and continue. For instance, I came to Interstate Industries, Inc. (Bob Monroe’s name for the company) in March 2017, and ever since that time, I’ve heard a lot of people ask how that guy wound up running Hemi-Sync®.


So glad you asked! It definitely didn’t happen overnight. I think I initially had the idea for it back in 2010. The seed may have been planted even earlier when I first saw an ad for the Hemi-Sync® technology in a magazine during the 1990s. I didn’t develop a specific desire and plan to acquire Hemi-Sync® until 2015 though. There were several points along the way, as well as after the fact, where it would have been perfectly reasonable for my ordinary, working mind to conclude, “this plan isn’t working.”

Here it is important to talk a bit more about the subconscious. You likely have many fixed ideas about what is actually possible, many of which may be at odds with your object of desire. They are all stored in your subconscious, perhaps only occasionally surfacing in your everyday conscious awareness. Going back to our first principle, these limiting beliefs are also closely associated with the belief that we are our physical bodies. Accordingly, it’s important to re-program our subconscious, and the most effective way of doing this is through affirmations.

I can already hear the collective groan in response to this, as many people seem to hold the view that affirmations are kitschy and ineffective. I only ask that you first try to verify for yourself through direct experience. I’ve personally found them to be a valuable tool. Affirmations also happen to be most effective when they are mixed with feelings. Another way to augment them is through personalization…make them your own.

Our personal history determines our need to re-program our subconscious. One of the biggest, and least appreciated, aspects of privilege is simply the absence of negative conditioning around insufficient resources. If we are accustomed to feeling scarcity, or feeling unwell, it will take more energy to know the feeling of abundance, which is the key to manifestation.

It is much more effective to consciously choose what we want to bring into our lives, as opposed to what we want to eliminate. This is a subtle difference that took me a fairly long time to figure out. Again, what we are doing with prayer (or <ahem> CER) is matching vibration with our object of desire. When we are focused on what we want to eliminate — whether it be an unwanted health condition, lack of money or a bad relationship — we may inadvertently be attracting it by giving it “juice.”

Lastly, the heart can be a very well-defended area, so entering that space isn’t always easy. If we are first able to find gratitude, we can create an opening. It’s impossible to be in a state of fear, scarcity or bitterness when we are experiencing gratitude. If you’re having difficulty connecting with the feeling, go back to the realization that you’re more than your physical body. Simply being alive in a physical body and able to have this understanding is an incredibly fortunate combination of circumstance, so use it!

Over the years it wasn’t always obvious to me what I was doing, but I have been employing the techniques herein, with varying levels of conscious intent, to produce desired outcomes in my physical body, as well as in my personal and professional life, including my current job. I hope they serve you well also.

Sending CERs for your success!

Panorama of Man hiking in mountain, Autumn, Sai Kung

Musing of a Hemi-Sync® Explorer (Feb. 2020)


Dear Explorer,

We’re almost two months into 2020, and only a psychopath would say “Happy New Year!” at this point, but I would have written sooner were we not so busy. Let’s get to it!

New Releases

It’s always a pleasure to begin work on a new Suzanne Giesemann album because we never know when we’ve done the last one with her. As a medium, Suzanne simply creates the scripts for the exercises as she receives them from her team of guides, whom she refers to collectively as “Sanaya.”

Mediumship: Making the Connection is the latest in her series, and I honestly think it’s her strongest work yet. She expertly guides the listener into an expanded state of consciousness beyond the veil while offering several bits of coaching that really help to optimize the experience. In particular, she reminds us that there is a time to be passive in meditation, and also times where it is more appropriate to be active, while providing specific examples and techniques.

The release of this album came at a particularly difficult time for her personally, with the transition of her beloved dachshund, Gretchen. However, it also brought new revelations. Check out our conversation here for the full scoop.

New Frontiers is a new Metamusic® piece that will take you on a journey beyond your boundaries and into unknown territory. This is an atmospheric piece featuring Craig Padilla on synthesizer and Marvin Allen on electric guitar. If you’ve ever wondered how a face-melting guitar solo might be blended with Hemi-Sync®, this is for you!

In all seriousness though, we chose this project because it is substantially different than any other musical piece we’ve worked with before. It helps that Craig is no stranger to Hemi-Sync®, having previously been featured on Awakening ConsciousnessCycles and Land of Spirit. Both Craig and Marvin come to us from the wonderful folks over at Spotted Peccary (everyone’s favorite ambient record label). For more on them, check out episode 6 of the podcast here.

Online Courses

Hemi-Sync® was used in more than 100 countries last year. It’s amazing to sit in my chair and watch the map of the world light up in real-time as a result of our website activity. We’re truly humbled and grateful to serve such a global audience, and we take the responsibility seriously. It’s been clear for a long time that such a geographically dispersed audience could benefit from some basic guidance in using some of our tools for consciousness®. Many of our users live hundreds of miles away from anyone, such as a Monroe trainer or chapter leader, who could offer such training in-person.

Moreover, other Hemi-Sync® explorers might simply require an offering that fits their schedule and budget. For this reason, we launched our first online course last month using the Inner States album, which we have long believed offers an ideal combination of ready accessibility for newcomers and also the possibility of very deep inner journeying.

The second course is based on the Journeys Out of the Body album, which we think will benefit greatly from additional guidance and instruction. Look for more self-guided courses on the site in the future, and also through GlideWing, who has been a great partner in this venture.

Spanish Gateway Experience®

Due to popular demand, and in another nod to our increasingly global audience, we recently released all seven Gateway Experience® Waves in Spanish. In the words of my favorite tennis player…¡Vamos!

Hemi-Sync® Unlimited App

New on the streaming service this month is Tim Freke’s album Deep Connection. I actually think this is the most under-appreciated piece we’ve released in the past few years. Many people come to us because they are looking for the spectacular, incontrovertible, transcendent experience, which can be essential for dissolving our perceived limitations and causing us to reconsider who we are and who we believe ourselves to be. However, who exactly are we going to be in the world?

That’s really where the rubber meets the road, and that work involves the nitty-gritty process of self-inquiry and integration. Without that, we’re just collectors of various peak experiences. Transformation requires seeing, hearing, relating, and living from a place of Being. I hope Unlimited users will give this important album another look. It’s especially powerful if you try it with a partner!

Free Stuff

When you’re a famous, New York Times best-selling author, speaker and teacher like Anita Moorjani, you have a very busy schedule. We were finally able to sit down together and talk about her collaboration with Barry Goldstein on Pieces of Heaven. I hope you will enjoy episode 23 of the podcast.

Towards the end, I was able to ask her one of the burning questions I’d had since reading her book, Dying To Be Me. It relates to her cancer treatment under alternative and Western regimens, as well as the quantum implications of feelings, language and support system in connection to healing.

By the way, if anyone asked me a couple months ago where I thought the Hemi-Sync® podcast ranked in terms of listenership, I would have said “below average.” For those of you that don’t follow me on Twitter @garretthstevens (seemingly all of you) my profile says “wannabe podcaster” for a reason. I was stunned to recently learn that we seem to be in at least the top decile, so thanks so much for listening!

>podcast graph<

Also, feel free to leave comments or ask questions. Special shout-out to the guy on the Tom Campbell episode who thought Tom was being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon. Note to self: wear less product in hair.

See you in Home or along the way,


Garrett H. Stevens
Chairman & President
Interstate Industries, Inc. d/b/a Hemi-Sync®

Goldstein Moorjani

Hemi-Sync® Podcast Episode 23: Anita Moorjani & Barry Goldstein – On Music and Healing

In this episode, New York Times best-selling author, Anita Moorjani, recounts her Near Death Experience (NDE) made famous in her book, “Dying to Be Me,” and her miraculous recovery from cancer. Barry Goldstein discusses his use of music in facilitating expanded states of consciousness conducive to healing, as well as his collaboration with Anita on the Hemi-Sync® album Pieces of Heaven with Hemi-Sync®. Other topics covered include the importance of relaxation, feeling and thoughts in any wellness or recovery regimen.

Related titles by Anita Moorjani and Barry Goldstein include: Pieces of Heaven, and Heaven: An Experiential Journey

If you would like to see more podcasts that aren’t specifically related to our new products, please consider supporting our podcast Patreon page and enjoy discounts on this website as a supporting patron.


Q&A: Suzanne Giesemann on Crossing the Veil

In this short-form Q&A, Suzanne covers her new Hemi-Sync® album, Mediumship: Making the Connection. In it, she clarifies what a medium actually does, what we truly are as conscious human beings, the types of connections available (including with those who have transitioned), managing expectations, three keys and some coaching tips. Finally, Suzanne shares a recent personal story involving her beloved pet dog, Gretchen.

1:00  Recapping recent projects
2:30  Making the Connection
3:15  Types of experiences
5:10  Three Keys
6:45  Coaching
8:45  What are we?
11:40  Pets

Other titles in the Mediumship series include: Mediumship: The Training GroundMediumship: Building the Powerand Mediumship: Working with Your Guides   

If you would like to see more podcasts that aren’t specifically related to our new products, please consider supporting our podcast Patreon page and enjoy discounts on this website as a supporting patron.

Deborah Bromley_small

Deborah Bromley Q&A: the Real Secret to Weight Loss

Deborah Bromley, renowned hypnotherapist and creator of Slimmer and Healthier: Creating a Slim, Healthy Body for Life has over 20 years of working with clients to successfully lose weight. In this podcast she talks about how real, permanent weight loss is more than just calories in vs. calories out. She tackles the key obstacles people encounter, as well as negative influences and self-sabotaging behavior. The key lies in refreshing mental programming, developing willpower and addressing your relationship with food.

Another title by Deborah Bromley is Creating a Positive Future

If you would like to see more podcasts that aren’t specifically related to our new products, please consider supporting our podcast Patreon page and enjoy discounts on this website as a supporting patron.

Hands of mother and daughter

The Lies We Buy Into As Kids: How to Heal Our Inner Child

by Dina Strada

There’s a simple mathematical formula for happiness. You ready for it? Grab a pen and write this down.

Be a good person + get married + have kids = lifelong security and happiness. That’s what I was taught growing up anyway.

And I wanted to fit in and be like everyone else. So I did everything I was told to do. I followed the rules. Got good grades. Went to a good college. Got married and had kids. But it didn’t bring the security and happiness I thought was an automatic guarantee.

A close friend and I recently dissected that formula and realized that this particular one, like so many others, was one of the lies we bought into growing up. And because we   believed it to be true, we had spent the past several years believing that because we got    divorced, we were somehow failures – broken and destined for a life of solitude, insecurity and loneliness.

Of course, none of this is true. We all come into this world with beliefs we had as a child. Whether intentional or not, our parents instilled in us stories that shaped who we became and how we learned to navigate life. In order to be loved as children, we often learn to adapt to what our parents want us to be. We don’t fully express ourselves in order to fit in and don’t even know it’s OK to behave or believe in something different than what we’re being taught because doing that might bring about disapproval or a withholding of love.

So we continue these patterns into adulthood. We conform in an effort to be loved and accepted by others. Our ego (the inner child) seeks to be seen, loved and understood. We may find ourselves competing for love and attention, becoming co-dependent to win that love from another person, or living our lives in a way not in alignment with our authentic selves out of fear that our real selves will make people turn away.

So how can we heal and nurture that inner child in all of us? There’s the obvious things like self-love and self-care. And there are also 5 things you need to start saying to yourself to heal those childhood wounds:

  1. “I love you.” As a kid we might have believed that we needed to do something special or accomplish something to be loved. Maybe we had parents who never told us they loved us because they didn’t know how. But we are lovable, no matter what we have or haven’t done, take time at least once a day to give this love to yourself.
  1. “I see you and hear you.” Oftentimes when we feel hurt or sad, we push down our feelings and don’t express them. For a lot of us, this stems from our childhood, when we might have been told to “Stop crying” or “Be strong and get over it.” And when we don’t express ourselves, all those feelings we had back then can affect us in adulthood.

My mother felt abandoned by her own mother as a child but never said anything    because she was taught to be sweet and compliant. It wasn’t until her mother died that she was able to acknowledge those feelings and how her mother leaving her with family members and strangers while she was working or away for long periods of time scared her. Instead of suppressing the voice of your inner child, say, “I hear you. I see you and it’s safe to say how you feel.”

  1. “You didn’t deserve it”. Some of us have gone through horrible things as a child from verbal and physical abuse, to molestation and abandonment. If we didn’t seek therapy or ever confide in anyone about what happened, we can grow up thinking that we somehow deserved to be abused, shamed, or abandoned.

Children are never at fault for the things adults have done to them. They can carry the belief that if they had done something different, it may not have happened to them. Or that the adults in their life didn’t love them but that’s rarely ever true. Hurt people hurt other people. It’s important to tell that inner child, “You didn’t deserve that,” and to seek counseling and support to help you reach a place where you understand that.

  1. “I forgive you.” Think about all the things we do throughout our life that we regret. Maybe we bullied someone in school. Maybe we were horrible to our sibling growing up.  We all make choices we regret or carry shame over.  But holding onto shame keeps us stuck in unhealthy patterns as adults.

All of us are doing the very best we can in the moment with what we know. When we know better, we do better. You’re human. Forgive yourself and move on.

  1. “You’re safe.” As children we don’t often feel safe. Whether that’s being ourselves, expressing our needs or feeling physically safe, we have to depend on other people to give us that feeling of security and safety.

Now as adults, the power is in our hands. We have the ability to give ourselves whatever we need to feel safe. Tell yourself, “I’m safe. I’ve got me.” Then surround yourself with people, things and the support you need to nurture that feeling of safety.

What does your own inner child need to hear today? And can you begin a practice of giving that child whatever he/she needs to make you feel safe, loved and seen?


Dina Strada is a freelance writer and Life Coach whose work has appeared in Huff Post, elephant journal, Medium, Thrive Global, Chopra, Mind Body Green and various other online publications. Read more of her work at www.dinastrada.com.


Hemi-Sync® Podcast Episode 22: Tom Campbell – We Live In A Virtual Reality

In this episode, Garrett asks Tom Campbell about his early days in Transcendental Meditation and Monroe Labs, and how it shaped his overall view of reality, giving rise to a Theory of Everything (Tom’s Big TOE). Check out this powerful conversation that traverses physics, metaphysics, science and philosophy. Tom concludes that we live in an information based virtual reality, the purpose and intended rule sets of which are designed to cause conscious beings to evolve their own consciousness towards love. Towards the end, Tom also discusses how he hopes to prove this with his upcoming project, which will offer a new twist on the famous double-slit experiment.


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