The Morning Exercise 360 Video

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The Morning Exercise 360 Video

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This 13-minute mp4 video features beautiful nature landscapes, best viewed on a virtual reality headset, with an edited version of the classic Morning Exercise. We are releasing this as a free proof-of-concept in order to solicit feedback, so please leave a review and rating to let us know what you think.

Customer Reviews

  1. a hemi-sync user

    I`ve been using the hemi-sync products for almost 20 years. The technology works. Wonderful invention! Greetings from Bulgaria!

  2. Morning Exercise 360

    (verified owner)

    What an interesting idea! Now I can visualize my Hemi-Sync meditations like never before. Thank you.

  3. Morning Exercise 360

    (verified owner)

    Thank you for this wonderful, calming and inspiring meditation. It totally tunes into good mood and uplifted state of mind. Thank you very much for such a present

  4. The Morning Exercise VR Video

    (verified owner)

    I would like to give this morning exercise 10 stars… if I may.
    I now have it on my desktop and will make this exercise part of my daily routine.
    It is just amazing and I greatly appreciate the gift.
    It’s nice to be part of the Hemi-Sync family.

  5. Excellent

    (verified owner)

    Having this particular meditation on just audio would be amazing, so having the visuals too is just awesome! I don’t have a virtual headset, but I bet it would be incredible that way. I feel everyone could benefit from this… I could feel emotional shifts immediately!

  6. I Felt My State Change Immediately

    (verified owner)

    It seems quite powerful! I don’t have a VR headset, but I am trying this 360 video on a giant desktop computer screen. Even without putting on headphones (as I know is best for Hemi-Sync), I feel my entire body start vibrating and feeling more calm. Not sure if this is a conditioned response from using the other products so much or something that will happen for everyone with this video. I feel peace and openness from just seeing the scenery. Also, the funny thing is I was distracted and not giving it my full attention, but it still worked, lol. Thanks for making this beautiful product for us!

  7. It is like waking up at TMI...

    With or without the visuals, listening to Bob’s voice, delivering these messages… it is like waking up at The Monroe Institute. Something magical!
    I have also bought the Cable Car song, and I put these two audios in my playlist: it is a great way to start the day (easier to do it on weekends, of course).


    (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Hemi-Sync for 10 years. This audio/visual experience (and I don’t have a virtual headset) as a part of my daily routine, has allowed me to feel relaxed and balanced before I start my hectic day, like I’m on vacation and “away from it all” while bringing in a complete state of relaxation and I felt a balanced resonance on my chakras while doing it. Bob Monroe’s soothing voice is a treat throughout the experience.

  9. Morning Exercise VR video

    (verified owner)

    This is a quick and very effective way to start every day. We have been using the Hemi-sync technology. For about 6 months. It works and and keeps me calm, relaxed and focussed throughout the day. I recommend the Gateway series I- VI to learn the focus 10 techniques and go from there.

  10. Pierre Fouché

    (verified owner)

    This meditation exercise will become a staple in my daily routine. Up until now I’ve always done Hemi-Sync meditations (guided and unguided) with my eyes closed, thinking that that was the best way to elicit enhanced brain activity and internal focus.

    This product has changed that! I simply view it on my laptop with headphones and a mouse for interacting with the video. Even with such a set-up, the interactivity allowed with the video I think engages one’s mind much more than normally is the case.

    I can only imagine what possibilities are possible with different interactive artificial and real-world video feeds to enthral the meditator!

    **Note: so far every morning after I’ve done this meditation, I got the inclination to watch some or other song that popped into my awareness during this exercise. Watching/ listening to this ‘intuited’ song right after the exercise (which is wonderfully short and effective), it felt like a whole NEW burst of information and good feelings on top of that already experienced during the meditation.

    Thank you for making this available to test out!

  11. The Morning Exercise 360

    (verified owner)

    It’s such a beautiful exercise and Robert Monroe’s voice is perfect – it’s like coming home. I played it on my PC laptop, so I’m not sure how the virtual reality experience works but I’m going to look into it now (I thought that was part of it – perhaps I’m mistaken). I think we all need to find another reality at the moment and these exercises not only help us deal with the day to day issues, but help us escape to another place (wherever that is). I am so grateful for the opportunity to have this. Love to all.

    • (verified owner)

      Glad you enjoyed it! You need a virtual reality headset to experience the full effect.

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