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Hemi-Sync Staff

Study Demonstrates Efficacy of Hemi-Sync® for Military Postdeployment Stress

James D. Lane, Stefan J. Kasian, Justine E. Owens, Gail R. Marsh

Binaural Auditory Beats Affect Vigilance Performance & Mood

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Why do we Sleep?

Scientists know we spend a third of our lives sleeping—on average, a total of 25-26 years. But after decades of study, they still have no definitive answer as to WHY we sleep. All living creatures sleep. The ways various species sleep is as unique …

The Lies We Buy Into As Kids: How to Heal Our Inner Child

by Dina Strada There’s a simple mathematical formula for happiness. You ready for it? Grab a pen and write this down. Be a good person + get married + have kids = lifelong security and happiness. That’s what I was taught growing up anyw…

Sacred Geometry

“It could be said of Sacred Geometry that it provides one of the most, if not the most, important keys to unlocking the great Mysteries of the Ages.” —Randall Carlson*  Most of us have at least a dim memory of geometry; all those dry, mundane…

Maria Monroe Whitehead

Gliding Adventures: Growing Up with Bob Monroe, Part 2

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