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Study Demonstrates Efficacy of Hemi-Sync® for Military Postdeployment Stress

James D. Lane, Stefan J. Kasian, Justine E. Owens, Gail R. Marsh

Binaural Auditory Beats Affect Vigilance Performance & Mood

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Gliding Adventures – Growing up with Bob Part 2

by Maria Monroe Whitehead Wurtsboro, New York Among his many interests, gliding was a beloved pastime for Bob Monroe. He was an accredited pilot, and would often escape to Wurtsboro Airport with my sister and me for an afternoon of sailing through th…

Musings of a Hemi-Sync® Explorer – Transcendence and Transformation

Transcendence and Transformation   Dear Explorer, Ok, so I didn’t want to write about COVID again and took some time off, and wouldn’t you know it? We caught a virus. Yes, as many of you may have already heard, Hemi-Sync® has gone viral in …

Hemi-Sync® Podcast Episode 30 – Jim Oliver: The Power of Sound, Music and Color

Jim Oliver is an Emmy Award winning, multi keyboardist musician and composer, as well as a highly regarded pioneer of healing with sound, music and color. In this episode, Jim recounts his mystical journey through music and walks us through both the …

Maria Monroe Whitehead

Gliding Adventures: Growing Up with Bob Monroe, Part 2

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