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Opening Your Heart After Heartbreak: A Beginner’s Chakra Meditation

by Dina Strada

Nowhere have I seen more closed off or shut down hearts than in my Reiki practice.

It is there in my office that people lie on the table, both vulnerable and apprehensive as they share their personal stories of a relationship gone sour, a devastating betrayal by someone they loved or their long history of being unable to trust anyone after a bitter divorce or breakup.

When our heart has been hurt one of the primary places we feel it most is in the imbalance of our chakra system. We know something feels off in our bodies but we can’t quite put our finger on exactly what that is.

Think of your 7 chakras as a fluid connection flowing seamlessly between mind, body and spirit. When all channels are open and clear our energy flows and we’re in balance. Things feel effortless in our lives, our mind is clear and we don’t experience feelings of fear, uncertainty, jealousy or insecurity.

When any of them are blocked, especially the heart, it manifests in us being unable to love or be loved. A blocked heart chakra sometimes shows itself as anger, bitterness, defensiveness and a general feeling of being closed off and unapproachable.

And if we’re unapproachable, how can we possibly attract in love again? Not just from another person but from ourselves?

How do you know if your heart chakra might be blocked? These are some of the tell-tale signs that your heart might be in need of opening:

1) You lack self-love and often feel insecure;

2) You struggle with compassion for yourself and others;

3) People often tell you you’re cold or emotionless;

4) The thought of being vulnerable terrifies you;

5) You identify love with pain;

6) You often feel emotionally numb.

There are many ways to unblock the heart chakra and begin to open it again. You don’t need to be a Reiki Master or call in a professional to do this for you.

To begin a chakra meditation practice, keep it short, simple and consistent:

  • Sit down cross-legged, or lie down if it’s more comfortable.
  • Breathe slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth until you feel your body and mind become still and present.
  • Visualize your breath traveling to your chest as you picture the color green.
  • Take five deep, cleansing breaths that you send to your heart chakra. As you breathe, picture your breath clearing out your chakra. Imagine a spinning disc of green energy, glowing brighter with each inhale of the breath.
  • Visualize your heart as a great big green ball and then see it unfolding—opening up to love. Let the feelings that flow from it radiate throughout your body.
  • Repeat the mantra as you breathe in and out. “I am open to receiving love. I am open.”

There are wonderful guided Hemi-Sync® meditations and Metamusic® you can listen to geared specifically towards opening your heart which can help you relax and become truly present as you do this simple meditation practice.

Remember to keep it simple and be gentle with yourself as you go through this process. Opening our hearts is a vulnerable act and one that takes courage and trust. We can’t protect ourselves from ever being hurt again, but we can work to heal ourselves from these setbacks and losses in our lives, so that we can enjoy the joy and bliss of feeling love again.


Dina Strada is a freelance writer and Life Coach whose work has appeared in Huff Post, elephant journal, Medium, Thrive Global, Chopra, Mind Body Green and various other online publications. Read more of her work at

Metcalf Seelig

Hemi-Sync® Podcast Episode 21: Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig on Modern Shamanic Practice

Byron and Mark discuss their backgrounds in holotropic breathwork, transpersonal psychology and shamanism in how it shapes their music and holds the potential to transform lives, as well as the modern world we all inhabit. Topics covered include working with experience in altered states, psychoactive sacraments (synthetic and plant-based), the creative process, and how we can apply ancient wisdom combined with modern knowledge to tackle some of the difficult challenges we face, both as individuals and as a species. Towards the end of the conversation, they get in to their newest Hemi-Sync® album, Persistent Visions.

Another title by Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig:
Deep Time Dreaming

And these titles by Byron Metcalf:
The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync®
The Shaman’s Heart II with Hemi-Sync®
The Shaman’s Heart Program: The Path of Authentic Power, Purpose and Presence
Medicine Work
Spirit Gathering

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Young attractive boy exercising,asian man practicing meditation indoors, Yoga and Healthy lifestyle concept.

5 Ways We Can Connect to Our Spirit Guides

by Dina Strada

The first time I heard one of my Spirit guides talk to me was when I was 12 years old and I liked a boy.

I was sitting next to said cute boy in the woods after a softball game and he was holding my hand. When I looked up at him I heard this small voice say to me, “He’s waiting for you to tell him it’s okay to kiss you. It’s safe to let him do that.”

Well even at 12, I knew that wasn’t my good girl Catholic voice chatting me up so I assumed it was coming from somewhere else. I relaxed enough to whisper that it was okay to kiss me.  He smiled shyly and said, “I was waiting for you to say that!” And alas, I had my first kiss.

Since then I have had a consistent practice of communicating with my Spirit guides. Guides, angels, and ascended masters are light beings that are here solely for our soul’s growth and have a lot of wisdom, experience and knowledge to guide us on our spiritual path. Most of them have lived many lifetimes on this earth and have chosen to be a guide in this iteration to help us.  What most people don’t realize is that they don’t interfere in our lives unless we ask for their help.

There are many ways to connect with your guides. The single best way to talk to them is through meditation.  If you’re new to this practice, here are five ways to connect with your guides and trust the information you hear:

  1. Create a Sacred Space – As with anything sacred, calling in your guides requires the right environment and mindset. You’re calling in pure Divine energy and your physical environment should be prepped to support this energy. Create an altar with crystals, candles and other items that are special and significant to you. Then dim the lights, burn some sage or palo Santo to clear the energy and begin the ritual of calling in your guides.
  1. Writing – Intuitive or automatic writing is a fantastic way to connect with guides and receive answers to your questions. After a short prayer of your choice and meditation, write at the top of the page: “I’m inviting my guides to communicate with me and bring forth only truth and information that’s for my highest good.” Then let your pen flow. Let whatever needs to come through, come through – ideas, inspiration, visions, answers to questions you have. Don’t think when you’re writing. Just let whatever comes fall onto the page.
  1. Ask for signs – Another way to validate information you receive from your guides is to ask for a sign. Choose a sign and say, “If I’m on the right track or this is the right choice for me, show me…” Don’t overthink it: the sign can be something as simple as a butterfly or a particular song coming on the radio. Then sit back and see what shows up. For me, my sign of choice is one of those yellow “Wide Load” signs that you see on the back of trailer trucks. Sure enough whenever I ask for a sign from my guides, one of them inevitably drives past me on the freeway.
  1. Oracle Cards – Using an Oracle deck like the ones from spiritual medium and Oracle expert Colette Baron Reid is an excellent way to speak with your guides. You can even use one of Colette’s online Oracle apps to ask questions that way although I prefer a good old fashion deck of cards. After a brief meditation, ask your guides a question such as, “What do I need to know about this situation that can help me,” and select three cards. Make sure you are asking from a neutral place and don’t attach to an outcome or certain answer. I have never had information come through the Oracle cards that has been wrong. Trust what you receive.
  1. Sleep – Our guides often will come to us while we sleep because they can’t get our attention during the busy day. Before you go to bed ask your guides to come to you while you’re asleep. Listen to a guided meditation before bed to help call in your guides. When you wake up in the morning, take 10-15 minutes to write any messages you got or visions you remember while you slept. They may make no sense at all while you’re writing them down but trust that later they might mean something.

Lastly and probably the most important, give thanks to your guides often. We all like to be appreciated, and our guides and angels are no different! Gratitude is our way of opening to more blessings and is a beautiful acknowledgment of those wishes and intentions we’ve asked for that have already been granted.


Dina Strada is a freelance writer and Life Coach whose work has appeared in Huff Post, elephant journal, Medium, Thrive Global, Chopra, Mind Body Green and various other online publications. Read more of her work at


Tenzin _small_Photo by Janine Guldener_August 2015

Hemi-Sync® Podcast Episode 20: Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche on Dream and Sleep Yoga

Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche is a Tibetan Dzogchen master in the Bön tradition. In this episode he discusses the ancient origins of his lineage, as well as his latest collaboration with Hemi-Sync®, entitled Sacred Sleep.

Other topics covered include sutra, tantra, concentration vs. concept-less meditation, duality vs. non-duality, kunzhi, rigpa, as well as transforming the pain and suffering of the human condition.

Check out other albums by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche:


SACRED SPACE: The Practice of Inner Stillness

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How Lack of Sleep Affects Us

Insomnia effects us in many ways.

by Dina Strada

Sleep is a lot like sex. You don’t realize how much you need it until you’re not getting any.

Then after days, weeks and even months of being deprived of those precious z’s we realize how cranky and out of sorts we are. We can’t focus. We catch a cold. We find ourselves screaming obscenities at the car in front of us just for making a right hand turn when they had the gall to not even put their blinker on!

Soon after noticing that our loved ones are starting to back away when we walk into a room, we start fantasizing about how we can get a little more of what we crave… real, restful, uninterrupted sleep.

Sound familiar?

Just as the food we put into our bodies, the vitamins we take and the activities we do that bring us joy are important to staying healthy, so is a good night’s sleep. Instead we prioritize checking something off our never ending to-do list or scroll our Instagram feed as we lay awake till 2am.

Trust me, I know the benefits of a consistent and reliable sleep routine. When I don’t follow one, everything in my life that usually works starts to fall apart. I start to put off everyday tasks like cooking a healthy meal for my family because it feels too overwhelming. I have less patience at work and can’t get anything done. And just yesterday I forgot to pick up one of my kids from the soccer field because I was too exhausted to write it in my calendar.

Our brains and emotions aren’t the only things that suffer when we don’t get a good night’s rest. Here are 6 additional ways lack of sleep effects us:


Experimental Brain Research published a study showing that a lack of sleep contributed to poor decision-making, diminished reasoning and problem-solving skills and slower reaction times when faced with specific tasks. We also simply can’t focus for longer than a few minutes which is why you can’t make it through that episode of Shark Tank without rewinding it for the 3rd time to catch something you missed.


Studies show that our immune systems get compromised when we don’t get enough sleep. Our bodies simply can’t fight off illness when we aren’t well rested and we find ourselves exhausted and catching every bug going around town.


Remember when you were in college, you studied all night for a final and found yourself ordering a large pizza with a side of greasy fries at 3am?  That’s what lack of sleep does.  The body thinks it’s hungry and it’s not usually craving a veggie burger with a side of fruit!

“Your levels of ghrelin, a hormone responsible for letting your brain know you’re hungry, goes up when you’ve had insufficient sleep,” says Dianne Augelli, M.D., a sleep expert at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City.  What’s worse is that levels of ghrelin’s complementary hormone, leptin—which signals to the brain that you’re full—drops without solid rest. So not only are you having signals sent to your brain to keep on eating, but there are also no signals going to your brain that you’re full. Meaning you’ll just keep on eating.


The exception to this rule is if you’re getting up early to put in a good workout. If you are, mazel tov! If you’re not studies have found that people who get less than 5 hours of sleep a night gain weight and are at a higher risk of becoming obese. Our body’s metabolism starts to slow down as a result of losing sleep and we start storing fat rather than burning it off.

“Your body’s ability to store the glucose is impaired, which over time could lead to diabetes,” Dr. Augelli adds. “This is why it’s so important to get enough sleep as a part of a healthy weight-loss routine”—or to maintain your current, healthy weight.


In a 2013 study funded by skincare giant Estee Lauder at the University Hospital of Cleveland, the results found that there’s a correlation between sleep deprivation and the aging of our skin. And it’s not just more wrinkles and bags under our eyes. Lack of sleep can aggravate some skin disorders that you already have like dermatitis and psoriasis. This is why a good night’s sleep is important before things like a family photo shoot, an important social engagement or just because you want to look and feel your best.


We don’t make good decisions when we’re tired. We also don’t have the patience or reason to determine what’s a big deal and what isn’t.  This is why you have a complete meltdown when your partner fails to do something like put the cap back on the toothpaste after a couple days of too little sleep.  Decreased sleep also leads to things like depression and anxiety long-term, which is why it’s so important to make it a daily practice to get the sleep you need.

The great news is our bodies are so resilient and just a few nights of better sleep can completely change our mood, disposition and mindset. So whatever you can do before bed to make sure that happens….having your last meal 2 hours before bedtime, turning off all electronics at least an hour before you plan to go to sleep or listening to a Hemi-Sync® meditation or sleep playlist should be the only things you add to your to list today.


Musings of a Hemi-Sync® Explorer (July 2019)

New Releases

Dear Explorer,

Sorry, it’s been a few months since we’ve had a chance to talk (guess I can’t call it a monthly letter anymore). I’ve missed you guys! So the other day I had an audio/video guy doing some work around my office when he noticed a Hemi-Sync® CD on my desk.

“Hey, I love Hemi-Sync®! I go to sleep with it every night.”

Get The Latest App

Have you ever noticed little synchronicities, such as this, in your daily life? I find they either happen with greater frequency—or I just become more attuned to them—when I’m connected with my inner life (i.e., when I’m regularly meditating and/or using Hemi-Sync®). With our recently introduced Hemi-Sync® Unlimited app, it becomes much easier to establish a daily practice. We are aware that this unveiling has been a bit bumpy, but deploying a tool like this at scale, and fitting it into a pre-existing eco-system, is incredibly complex.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and suggestions. We have incorporated much of that into our latest updates, which were just released last week, and we’ll continue to push new features and fixes on a monthly basis going forward. We hope everyone can remain patient and invest a little time in learning how to use this most powerful tool for unlocking your potential. The tutorial videos we have created are worth a look in this regard.

New Releases

Our new release for May was a musical piece by multi-award winning composer, Barry Goldstein, which was inspired by New York Times bestselling author, speaker and near-death experience expert Anita Moorjani. Continuing our recent trend, Pieces of Heaven was released both as Metamusic® and as a regular music album on our Flying Man RecordsTM label. We are also distributing Heaven: An Experiential Journey, which is a set of short meditations loosely based on the chapters of Anita’s book, If This is Heaven. Listeners will notice that the Heaven exercises are accompanied by the music from Pieces of Heaven. Speaking of synchronicities. I recently learned that Anita lives right down the road from me….small world.

Pieces of Heaven with Hemi-Sync

In June, we released our second collaboration with Jackie Haverty, a clinical, transpersonal and alchemical hypnotherapist, energy healer, intuitive channel and meditation teacher. Embody the Essence of Life is designed to provide access to healing, awakening and transformation as you enhance your experience of love, harmony and divine union with All That Is.

Embody The Essence of Life

The most recent Hemi-Sync® release is from Slovenian musician and sound artist Andrej Hrvatin, also known as Nimetu, which means “I am not here.” For a summary of Andrej’s transcendental and musical influences, check out episode 19 of the podcast. Don’t miss the short film at the 19:56 mark where Andrej goes full “Ice Man” (watch and you’ll understand). This particular musical piece, which is released as Metamusic® under the title Hero’s Journey, and slightly re-composed as simply music under the name Locus Solus, has deep shamanic influences. This is not surprising, as Andrej was introduced to us by our good friend Byron Metcalf. More specifically, the song reminds me of an icaro played by curanderos during an ayahuasca ceremony (or so I’m told!). Nimetu’s music, especially on Hemi-Sync®, is a magical trip for sure, but don’t take our word for it:
Hero's Journey Review

Hero's Journey

If you’re into free stuff (and who isn’t), you owe it to yourself to check out our YouTube channel. We have been uploading more and more short video clips, which make for nice breaks in the day, featuring extended Metamusic® mixes and deep conversations from our podcast series. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.
That’s all for now and sorry again for the hiatus. My wife and I recently had our own new release (both mom and baby are doing well), so I’ve been a little busy.

See you in Home or along the way,


Andrej Hrvatin_cropped

Hemi-Sync Podcast Episode 19: Andrej Hrvatin (Nimetu) on Shamanic Music

Andrej Hrvatin is a musician and sound artist focused on deeper connections between music, philosophy and transcendental states. His Hemi-Sync® album is called “Hero’s Journey” and is constructed as a voyage through different stages. In this conversation, Andrej discusses his early near death experiences, as well as his musical and philosophical influences. Topics covered include: shamanism, Carlos Castaneda, cryotherapy, Wim Hof and transcendent states.

Here is a brief table of contents:
19:56 Andrej’s very cool short film
29:45 Andrej discusses his current work and how it influenced his Hemi-Sync® piece.

Check out the related albums here:

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Musings of a Hemi-Sync® Explorer – Get Ready for Lift-Off!

Get Ready for Lift-Off!

Dear Explorer,

I was thinking of you when I was back in Virginia last month, when a friend asked me, “Hey, when are you guys gonna come out with a new Jonn Serrie album?” While I should be accustomed to these little everyday synchronicities by now, I nonetheless paused in some disbelief before responding, “Next month!”

New Release

Yes, it’s true…Jonn Serrie’s Celestial Space, the somewhat belated follow-up to his 2015 best-selling Celestial Meditation, is this month’s new release. For those of you unfamiliar with Jonn’s work, he is one of the progenitors of the space music genre. His work has been featured in countless planetariums, including New York’s Hayden Planetarium, large format films, television episodes and other films, including 2004’s What the Bleep Do we Know?  His complete biography is here. Jonn is a master in creating electronic music suggestive of galactic vistas and open spaces, providing a perfect audio environment for exploring other realities. When you combine that with powerful Hemi-Sync® frequencies, prepare to lift off!

Celestial Space Meditation from Hemi-Sync
Flying Man

But what if you’re a gearhead like Jonn, and you’re driving your cherry ’68 Mercury Cougar down the interstate, just listening to Celestial Space, when your friendly neighborhood state trooper pulls you over and you blow a Focus 10 (that’s a mind awake-body asleep state for the noobs)? Well, you just can’t do it…this stuff is way too powerful. That’s why we have created Flying Man Records®. These are the same great Metamusic® compositions, but without any Hemi-Sync® on the recording.  In other words….it’s just music. The Flying Man version of Celestial Space is our debut offering in this regard. Going forward, Flying Man will be the platform for releasing other content that doesn’t contain any embedded audio guidance technology, so look for it in the months to come.

The Flying Man Records Logo

Hemi-Sync® Unlimited

In other big news, we have just released our new app, Hemi-Sync® Unlimited, on GooglePlay, and iTunes should be close behind. You can now access more than 80% of the Hemi-Sync® library (premium content such as new releases and some of the album series are excluded) for a reasonable monthly subscription rate. With the app, you can not only stream your favorite tracks, but you can also assemble them into playlists, share them with your friends and follow specific artists. Moreover, it will automatically sync anything you have ever bought, or ever will buy, from our new website to the app. This eliminates the need to download a digital file (or rip a CD), import it into player software, and then sync it with your mobile device. Just be sure to login with the same email and password that you use for the site. We have prepared a brief video tutorial for your convenience.

New App: Hemi-Sync Unlimited -- Interface Preview


Free VR Exercise

In case you missed it, we released a FREE Hemi-Sync® virtual reality exercise this month, based on Robert Monroe’s classic Morning Exercise. This was really just a proof-of-concept, so please let us know what you think about our potentially moving more in this direction. As always, we’re building a community here, and we want everyone to have a voice. Special shout-out to Skip Atwater for putting the VR exercise together.

Woman in VR Exercise -- She's enjoying herself.

Learning & Memory

Looking forward to next month, we will have our Learning & Memory titles on sale in honor of final exams (sorry kids). For students who may be interested in some useful tips for studying, there are several free articles and research papers on the Concentration section of our website. There is also an informative video  by Barbara Bullard embedded on the Remembrance album page. The upshot is you generally want to have one Learning & Memory oriented Hemi-Sync® piece per subject area, as that is what seems to maximize recall. If you want to affordably access a wide array of suitable Metamusic® titles, this may be an especially good time to try Hemi-Sync® Unlimited. You can get a seven-day trial for only $0.99 and use the entire LEK (Learning Enhancement Kit), which is dope (this was a cool word when I was in college). I suppose you could even cancel your subscription when exams are over…but why would you ever want to do that?!

A woman taking extensive notes


I’ll look forward to speaking with you again next month, though I’m sure I’ll be thinking of you before then. 😉

See you in Home or along the way,


Musings of a Hemi-Sync® Explorer – Something New, Something Different

Something New, Something Different

Dear Hemi-Sync® User,

…hmmm, that sounds a little bit boring and impersonal. Moreover, it understates what we’re doing here, right? After all, we’re building a community of people who are willing to reconsider who they are and who they take themselves to be. This involves being willing to set aside limiting beliefs, directly facing fears and becoming comfortable with the unknown. That takes courage (and not a little bit, at that). I guess you could liken it to the early explorers who were sailing to unknown lands (without the genocide, of course). You guys good with “Explorers”? Cool, let’s go with that.

Dear Explorers,

There’s a lot going on at Hemi-Sync® this month. On the 13th, we released Deep Connection: A Meditation for Two with the brilliant, Tim Freke. This is the first partner meditation we have produced in a long time and continues our recent effort to provide users with exercises that are directly applicable to their daily lives. This album mirrors what Tim does in his workshops (highly recommended btw). First, users are introduced to the Deep Awake state, which is a state of being marked by a sense of deep knowing, of quiet, calm confidence and joy, unmediated by concepts. Various wisdom traditions have different names for this condition, such as “Spirit,” “Atman” or “Buddha-Nature.”

An underappreciated aspect of this experience is that it can be both individual, as well as shared. After all, we are both individuals and All-One. The second part of the exercise invites the listeners to establish a connection with each other through eye gazing. While this may be uncomfortable at first (perhaps intensely so depending on whom you’re doing it with) before long you begin to see the other person as they really are (and vice versa). The result is to experience yourself as Being itself, and to see Being looking back at you. From this place, we are able to relate authentically, without the veils of the ego personality, and realize how rare this experience typically is in our lives, even with those whom we many consider to be close.


On a related note, Tim and I also recorded a podcast. This is my longest one yet, so we created a helpful table of contents. The bit about the Hemi-Sync® exercise ends around the 40 minute mark. To understand why no Bible Belt locations were included on Tim’s recent US stand-up philosophy tour, skip to the 1:10:00 mark. As a natural introvert, I was exhausted after the 90 minutes were complete and promptly isolated myself for several days.​

Other News

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Remote Viewing I program with Joe McMoneagle at The Monroe Institute last week. For me, it re-affirmed the understanding of consciousness not being limited by space or time. Some of you may also enjoy watching the new documentary film, Third Eye Spies. However, I’m told that 80% of the remote viewing research took place after 1982 (the film primarily handles subject matter up to that date).

In other news, we are working on curating and producing more blog content. If you would like to contribute a post, or know someone who would, please let us know. It generally needs to relate to one of our main application areas of meditation, relaxation, sleep, concentration, manifestation and wellness. For example, here is a recent article about sound & meditation.

Lastly, we are currently QC’ing the subscription version of our app, Hemi-Sync® Unlimited, which I hope to be writing more about in next month’s letter.

Getting It Out There

For a long while, I feel like we’ve been hanging out alongside Route 29 in Lovington, VA, toiling away in relative anonymity as one of the world’s best kept secrets. Only those “in the know” were aware of us. While it’s kind of cool to have our own little club, it’s also time to start letting everyone know we’re here. Today, many of the world’s problems seem intractable or unsolvable, and they very well may be from a conventional perspective. It is only from expanded states of consciousness that the solutions may come into view, that we may come to see that we aren’t just separate “meat bags” pitted against each other in senseless, endless competition for material resources and ideological supremacy. I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if more people we’re using Hemi-Sync®. Let’s start making it happen. If you found this email to be useful, or even entertaining, please forward it to a friend.

Let’s Keep Meeting Like This?

Well, I guess that’s probably enough for this first letter. I’ll try to start doing this more often (at least once per month). Unless, of course, this triggers a massive number of unsubscribes, in which case I will have more time for my hobbies. Speaking of which, the Chairman is weary now, and in need of a cocktail.

See you in Home or along the way,


Tim Freke

Hemi-Sync Podcast Episode 18: Tim Freke on Being Deep Awake

T!M FREKE is a leading-edge thinker who shares original ideas with clarity and humour. He is the author of 35 books, translated into 15 languages, including a top 10 international bestseller and UK Daily Telegraph ‘Book of the Year’. He presents events internationally, including in the UK, Europe, Japan, South America, Canada and the USA.

This is a long one, so here is a table of contents:
Part I (Philosophy & Hemi-Sync®)
1:14 Philosophy, personal background and awakening
21:10 Gnosis and the Deep Awake practice
26:30 Lucid living
32:12 Partner meditation and eye gazing
Part II Esoterica
43:20 Nature of reality
57:00 Gnostics vs. Literalists
1:01:30 Hermetica & alchemy
1:10:00 The Jesus mystery
1:19:00 Dark Ages, Gnosticism in Arab world, Renaissance
1:22:45 Conclusions for the Modern World

Check out the related exercise here:

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