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Q&A: Suzanne Giesemann on Crossing the Veil

In this short-form Q&A, Suzanne covers her new Hemi-Sync® album, Mediumship: Making the Connection. In it, she clarifies what a medium actually does, what we truly are as conscious human beings, the types of connections available (including with those who have transitioned), managing expectations, three keys and some coaching tips. Finally, Suzanne shares a recent personal story involving her beloved pet dog, Gretchen.

1:00  Recapping recent projects
2:30  Making the Connection
3:15  Types of experiences
5:10  Three Keys
6:45  Coaching
8:45  What are we?
11:40  Pets

Other titles in the Mediumship series include: Mediumship: The Training GroundMediumship: Building the Powerand Mediumship: Working with Your Guides   

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Deborah Bromley Q&A: the Real Secret to Weight Loss

Deborah Bromley, renowned hypnotherapist and creator of Slimmer and Healthier: Creating a Slim, Healthy Body for Life has over 20 years of working with clients to successfully lose weight. In this podcast she talks about how real, permanent weight loss is more than just calories in vs. calories out. She tackles the key obstacles people encounter, as well as negative influences and self-sabotaging behavior. The key lies in refreshing mental programming, developing willpower and addressing your relationship with food.

Another title by Deborah Bromley is Creating a Positive Future

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The Lies We Buy Into As Kids: How to Heal Our Inner Child

by Dina Strada

There’s a simple mathematical formula for happiness. You ready for it? Grab a pen and write this down.

Be a good person + get married + have kids = lifelong security and happiness. That’s what I was taught growing up anyway.

And I wanted to fit in and be like everyone else. So I did everything I was told to do. I followed the rules. Got good grades. Went to a good college. Got married and had kids. But it didn’t bring the security and happiness I thought was an automatic guarantee.

A close friend and I recently dissected that formula and realized that this particular one, like so many others, was one of the lies we bought into growing up. And because we   believed it to be true, we had spent the past several years believing that because we got    divorced, we were somehow failures – broken and destined for a life of solitude, insecurity and loneliness.

Of course, none of this is true. We all come into this world with beliefs we had as a child. Whether intentional or not, our parents instilled in us stories that shaped who we became and how we learned to navigate life. In order to be loved as children, we often learn to adapt to what our parents want us to be. We don’t fully express ourselves in order to fit in and don’t even know it’s OK to behave or believe in something different than what we’re being taught because doing that might bring about disapproval or a withholding of love.

So we continue these patterns into adulthood. We conform in an effort to be loved and accepted by others. Our ego (the inner child) seeks to be seen, loved and understood. We may find ourselves competing for love and attention, becoming co-dependent to win that love from another person, or living our lives in a way not in alignment with our authentic selves out of fear that our real selves will make people turn away.

So how can we heal and nurture that inner child in all of us? There’s the obvious things like self-love and self-care. And there are also 5 things you need to start saying to yourself to heal those childhood wounds:

  1. “I love you.” As a kid we might have believed that we needed to do something special or accomplish something to be loved. Maybe we had parents who never told us they loved us because they didn’t know how. But we are lovable, no matter what we have or haven’t done, take time at least once a day to give this love to yourself.
  1. “I see you and hear you.” Oftentimes when we feel hurt or sad, we push down our feelings and don’t express them. For a lot of us, this stems from our childhood, when we might have been told to “Stop crying” or “Be strong and get over it.” And when we don’t express ourselves, all those feelings we had back then can affect us in adulthood.

My mother felt abandoned by her own mother as a child but never said anything    because she was taught to be sweet and compliant. It wasn’t until her mother died that she was able to acknowledge those feelings and how her mother leaving her with family members and strangers while she was working or away for long periods of time scared her. Instead of suppressing the voice of your inner child, say, “I hear you. I see you and it’s safe to say how you feel.”

  1. “You didn’t deserve it”. Some of us have gone through horrible things as a child from verbal and physical abuse, to molestation and abandonment. If we didn’t seek therapy or ever confide in anyone about what happened, we can grow up thinking that we somehow deserved to be abused, shamed, or abandoned.

Children are never at fault for the things adults have done to them. They can carry the belief that if they had done something different, it may not have happened to them. Or that the adults in their life didn’t love them but that’s rarely ever true. Hurt people hurt other people. It’s important to tell that inner child, “You didn’t deserve that,” and to seek counseling and support to help you reach a place where you understand that.

  1. “I forgive you.” Think about all the things we do throughout our life that we regret. Maybe we bullied someone in school. Maybe we were horrible to our sibling growing up.  We all make choices we regret or carry shame over.  But holding onto shame keeps us stuck in unhealthy patterns as adults.

All of us are doing the very best we can in the moment with what we know. When we know better, we do better. You’re human. Forgive yourself and move on.

  1. “You’re safe.” As children we don’t often feel safe. Whether that’s being ourselves, expressing our needs or feeling physically safe, we have to depend on other people to give us that feeling of security and safety.

Now as adults, the power is in our hands. We have the ability to give ourselves whatever we need to feel safe. Tell yourself, “I’m safe. I’ve got me.” Then surround yourself with people, things and the support you need to nurture that feeling of safety.

What does your own inner child need to hear today? And can you begin a practice of giving that child whatever he/she needs to make you feel safe, loved and seen?


Dina Strada is a freelance writer and Life Coach whose work has appeared in Huff Post, elephant journal, Medium, Thrive Global, Chopra, Mind Body Green and various other online publications. Read more of her work at


Hemi-Sync® Podcast Episode 22: Tom Campbell – We Live In A Virtual Reality

In this episode, Garrett asks Tom Campbell about his early days in Transcendental Meditation and Monroe Labs, and how it shaped his overall view of reality, giving rise to a Theory of Everything (Tom’s Big TOE). Check out this powerful conversation that traverses physics, metaphysics, science and philosophy. Tom concludes that we live in an information based virtual reality, the purpose and intended rule sets of which are designed to cause conscious beings to evolve their own consciousness towards love. Towards the end, Tom also discusses how he hopes to prove this with his upcoming project, which will offer a new twist on the famous double-slit experiment.


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6 Ways to Manage Your Stress

by Dina Strada

You ever think to yourself, “Can I just go one week without feeling so damn stressed all the time?”

Maybe you do live a stress-free life most of the time and if so, congrats! You’re one of the lucky few who have found a way to manage one of the leading causes of illness and anxiety.

The reality is, we all experience some form of stress at times and often don’t give much thought to what’s actually causing it. I like to say stress is typically caused by thinking something needs to be a certain way when it isn’t.

It’s also created by an imbalance in the body/mind. The mind wants one thing (often to relax) and the body does another (gotta answer another email, make dinner, throw in a load of laundry, shuttle the kids to another sports activity).

Or the body wants to relax and the mind is racing (why didn’t he respond to my text, I’m never going to finish that project by Thursday, my spouse is getting on my nerves, I hate my job and am wasting my life away not doing what I love).

When stress happens, adrenaline, cortisol, and other stress hormones flood your system, raising your heart rate, increasing your blood pressure, damaging your brain’s memory center, and generally wreaking havoc on your body. And we don’t want that! The body is precious and it’s the first place that manifests our stress. When we’re worrying about stuff we create a toxic environment energetically and physically. And the truth is, so much of our stress is simply perception. It’s us choosing to look at a situation or the circumstances in our life from a negative point of view instead of just what is in the moment.

Obviously there are things beyond our control that are stressful. Divorce, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, financial hardship, our kids acting like little terrors. We can’t control those things. But when they do happen, there are 6 great ways to manage the stress when it comes up so the body doesn’t go into that fight or flight mode and cause us to get sick.

1. Move it, Move it

Sweat it out and work it off! One of the best ways to burn off those stress hormones is to get your body moving.  Got out for a run, take a kickboxing or dance class, go for a bike ride or take a yoga class. In fact, Yoga is one of the best ways to relieve stress because it combines movement and breathing, bringing your mind/body back in balance.  Even better, grab a friend and go for a walk if high intensity exercise isn’t your thing.  Talking to someone you trust about what’s stressing you out while moving is the perfect recipe for stress reduction.

2. Journaling

Oh I know, you’re not a writer. Good news, you don’t have to be! All you have to do is own a pen and a notebook and voilà… you have the perfect tool for stress management! Journaling is widely known as one of the best ways for helping people process emotions and release what’s bothering them especially anger and worry. When you’re feeling stressed, I highly recommend writing in a journal for at least 15 minutes a day as a way to vomit up all the emotions you’re carrying.

3. Soak in a Bath or Hot Tub

When we’re stressed, our muscles tense up. A hot bath or jacuzzi is a great way to relieve the tension. If you have a deep soak tub at home, add 2 cups of Epson salts (which contains magnesium, the relaxation mineral) and a few drops of essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus. Crank up the relaxation quota by adding some soothing Hemi-Sync® music in the background to calm your mind and nerves.

4. Change Your Story

When you notice yourself getting stressed, see if you can shift your story around what’s happening. For example, the other day I was stressed about money. My story was, “I don’t make enough money and I’m never going to get paid what I’m worth.”

Whoa! Negative Nelly thinking.

Instead I shifted the thought to, “Do I have what I need?” The answer was yes. And then, “Do I really know for sure I’ll never get paid what I’m worth?” And the answer was, “of course not.” I stopped stressing over it. That’s called future-tripping. We all do it and it’s one of the leading causes of stress for all of us. Stay present. Ask yourself if you’re OK right now in this moment and try a shift in perspective.

5. Take Something Off Your Plate

Most stress is caused by having too many things on our to-do list and not enough hours in the day to do them all. The truth is, most of us are saying yes to more things than we have the bandwidth to do.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, take just one thing off your plate. Maybe that means cancelling social plans you have this weekend. Or stepping down from the PTA board at your kid’s school. Or ordering in one night instead of cooking dinner. It doesn’t make you a bad person to do any of those things. It makes you a person who prioritizes self-care.

6. Get More Rest 

Sleep, sleep and sleep some more. Have you ever noticed how much crankier you are when you’re tired? Or how much better you feel when you get a decent night’s sleep?

Worry and stress can keep us from getting a restful and decent night sleep which causes us to be irritable and less able to handle things the next day. When your mind is tired, so is the body. Find time to nap or sleep in one morning. Sleep makes all the difference in the world when we find ourselves stressed.

Be sure to see Hemi-Sync®’s sale this week (11/18/19-11/24/19). Save 20% on albums designed to help relax and reduce stress.

And for an extra bonus if none of these are working, I highly recommend a good therapist. Sometimes we just need an outside perspective to help us shift our ways of thinking.

Dina Strada is a freelance writer and Life Coach whose work has appeared in Huff Post, elephant journal, Medium, Thrive Global, Chopra, Mind Body Green and various other online publications. Read more of her work at

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Why You Should Begin a Daily Meditation Practice

by Dina Strada

If you’re like most people with crazy, hectic lives, finding time to meditate can seem almost impossible. With a full-time job, a daily two-hour commute and two small children meditation can sometimes feel like one more thing I have to check off my to-do list.  But the truth is, it’s not a “to do” anymore.  It’s become a daily practice that helps me connect to my intuition and talk to my Spirit Guides.

People think that meditating is just sitting quietly chanting “om” with no thoughts going through your head. But it’s actually the opposite. It’s a journey into your own heart. It’s a place to sit in silence and listen to what’s really there. It’s an opportunity to practice stillness and get in touch with our bodies and minds.

Meditation is one of the best ways to connect and get direct guidance from our Spirit Guides. We think all the answers to the questions we have about our lives lay outside of us. We ask friends what we should do. Maybe we seek the guidance of an Intuitive or psychic to ask what we should do. But rarely do we take the time to ask ourselves what to do.

The truth is, all the answers are inside of us when we get still.  This is the purpose of a meditation practice. It enables us to develop a deeper awareness and notice what’s there.  Sometimes after meditating for a few minutes, our minds will wander and we’ll insist “I can’t turn my mind off and stop thinking!”

Well, we’re not supposed to stop thinking. That’s like asking the body to stop breathing. The objective is to be aware of the mind while it’s active. Awareness doesn’t change facts, but it stops us from becoming attached to them.

Notice the level of awareness when you first get up from your bed, mat or cushion after meditating. You’ll notice that you’re more mindful of every move—the feeling in your legs as you stand up, the way your body feels when you walk, how a glass of water feels against your throat. Slowly, this awareness expands into our entire day. We become mindful of our actions, speech, and decisions.

Developing Our Intuition

The mind can often block our inner voice or what I refer to as our intuition, from speaking to us. Our intuition strengthens when the chaotic energy of the mind decreases. Whereas our mind speaks to us through running thoughts and not all of them healthy ones, intuition speaks out of a place of silence, which resides within us.

Meditation can help soften and release the unhealthy patterns of our minds. It doesn’t stop us from ever having those thoughts, but it teaches us to accept our thoughts without judgement. And when we’re less with our thoughts, the voice of our intuition or our inner “knowing” becomes louder.


  • Begin by setting aside 15-30 minutes a day when you’ll be uninterrupted. If you can’t find that much time, you can start with just 5 minutes a day and work up to longer.
  • Create an altar with sacred objects that are special to you. I like to use crystals, sage, essential oils and a deck of oracle cards to sit in front of or lay beside.
  • Set an intention. “Today I want clarity around where I should focus my energy this week.” Or “What do I need to do to move past this emotional pain I’m in?”
  • Get still and focus on your breath. LISTEN to the thoughts that come up. There will be the desire to tell yourself that what you’re hearing is all just your head telling you what you want to hear. Honor the information you’re hearing and trust it. Use binaural beats to help enhance your experience.
  • If you receive any information that’s unclear or doesn’t make sense, ask for clarification. “Spirit, tell me more about that.” Or “I don’t like what I’m hearing. Why are you telling me this?” Spirit only gives us what is important to know.
  • When you feel complete, give yourself a few more minutes to ground and get back into your body before getting up. Then jot down what you received in a notebook or journal so you can refer back to it later.

The benefits of meditation accrue gradually. It’s a fitness regime for our minds, hearts and souls. And just like physical fitness activities, we will feel minimal benefits right off and maximum benefits when it becomes a continual and regular activity.


Dina Strada is a freelance writer and Life Coach whose work has appeared in Huff Post, elephant journal, Medium, Thrive Global, Chopra, Mind Body Green and various other online publications. Read more of her work at

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7) At the bottom of the enrollment page, under “Self enrolment (Student),” enter this enrollment key: 43579

Manifest Like A Boss: 5 Easy Ways to Make Magic Happen

by Dina Strada

Growing up I was one of those super ambitious types. If I set my eyes on something I wanted, you better believe I was going to get it.

I used to think I was just lucky. My friends would tell you I was determined. My parents coined me the “go-getter” child.  The truth is I was a power manifestor before I even knew what the word meant.

As children, we’re innocent so we believe we can do almost anything. We don’t typically hit a roadblock until someone outside of ourselves tells us that we can’t do something. Or labels what we want as “stupid” or a “pipe dream”.

But those kids who grew up in environments like mine, where we were told if you think it you can become it, and that you can have anything you set your mind on having, we were unknowingly being taught the power of manifesting!

Be careful though. That means we can manifest the stuff we don’t want either. Case in point:

We all use our past as an indicator for how the future will unfold. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in relationships. We say we want a certain thing, and then find ourselves attracting the exact opposite.

Why do we do that?  Because we’re putting all of our focus on what we don’t have and what we don’t want.  And wherever our attention goes, energy flows.

When I first got divorced, every belief and thought I had around men was “I can’t trust anyone,” neatly packaged with “I can’t trust myself,” and sure enough, I manifested a bunch of men who couldn’t be trusted. Then I got to be “right” that I can’t trust myself.

But when I believed years earlier I was going to work for Steven Spielberg and announced to my entire office where I was an assistant, “I’m going to work for Steven’s studio one day!” Guess where I landed?  Yep, I got a job working at DreamWorks Studios just 2 years later and built my career there for 20 years.

Manifesting what you want isn’t as hard as you think. It just requires some small shifts in your thoughts and belief systems while adding some creativity and magic to the mix!

These are the 5 most effective and powerful tools to manifesting what you want, whether it be more money, a new job, a relationship or even a vacation you’ve been dying to take:

VISUALIZE. If you can’t see yourself actually having something, it won’t materialize.  That doesn’t mean you won’t occasionally find yourself in situations where you say, “OMG, I could have never imagined this would happen for me!”  It just means there is power in “seeing” what you desire in your mind and the ability to call it forth.

This is why Vision boarding has become so popular. Grab some magazines, cut pictures, words and phrases out that embody what you want to manifest and put it on a poster board or place it where you can see it every day.  I use my refrigerator as my vision board and have managed to call in 95% of what I’ve put up there over the years. (Guess I wasn’t meant to live in that mansion on the beach!)

SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE. We become what we believe about ourselves so choose how you talk about yourself and your circumstances carefully.  For example, when you find yourself in a situation that isn’t ideal rather than saying, “I hate my job,” or “My life never goes the way I want,” switch that to “My job is challenging right now but this is all going to shift to what I want soon,” or “Things haven’t been happening in the time I thought they would, but I KNOW it’s coming.”

GIVE ENERGY TO WHAT YOU WANT. Put thought, time and energy only in what you want, not what you don’t. As I said, energy flows where our attention goes.  When I want to write an article, I close my eyes and imagine exactly what I want that piece to say and for readers to get out of it and then I write.  If you want to lose weight or be healthier, put your energy into meal planning and working out, not looking in the mirror putting yourself down, lamenting you’ll never fit into those skinny jeans again.

GIVE GRATITUDE. Being grateful for what you already have brings more of it in. Focus on the abundance, not the lack.  The Universe doesn’t work in our time, it works in Divine timing.  Give thanks in advance for what you want, knowing you’re going to receive it.

PRAYER & MEDITATION. You don’t have to believe in prayer but meditation is a form of prayer and you don’t have to be religious to do it.  Meditation is a powerful way to call in what you want. During my meditation, I picture what I want to happen as if it has already happened. I see myself having already achieved my goal. I feel the feeling as if I’ve already accomplished what I want.

Remember, if you don’t see things happen right away, it doesn’t mean it’s not working.  Keep at it and trust in the timing. Then watch the magic happen.


Dina Strada is a freelance writer and Life Coach whose work has appeared in Huff Post, elephant journal, Medium, Thrive Global, Chopra, Mind Body Green and various other online publications. Read more of her work at

A still life of the shamanic drum, Tibetan singing bowls and maracas on a background of forest.

The Deep Healing Powers of Shamanic Journeying

by Dina Strada

My first experience with shamanic journeying came after I discovered my husband was having an affair while I was 7 months pregnant with our second child.

I was a corporate career girl up till that point. I didn’t have time or space in my 50-hour work week crowded with trips to the gym, social engagements and caring for a 4 year old to fit in things like meditation or journeying to places outside my 3 dimensional realm.

This might have been why I missed the loud cries of Spirit trying to show me what was going on in my marriage.

But when I found myself, 3 months after giving birth to my beautiful daughter, hysterical on the living room after my husband left me for another woman, the suggestion of going to a shamanic journey and doing plant medicine didn’t seem all that crazy.

Overcoming trauma requires deep healing and I was desperate to heal. Hence began my ongoing relationship working with sacred plants and my commitment to doing shamanic work to expand my consciousness, develop my intuitive gifts and heal everything from my depression to old wounds from the past.

The practice of shamanic journeying is a way to access higher guidance from Spirit and the angelic realms. I like to think of it as a direct line to Spirit who is there to help us navigate our lives with more wisdom and clarity.

For over 10,000 years, shamans around the world have perfected and taught the art of traveling in consciousness to other levels of reality. By doing this we are able to gain access to information that can help protect us from negative situations, clear family issues and past traumas and bring the “whole self” back into balance. This includes both physical health and emotional well-being, giving us the strength to make meaningful changes in our lives while feeling in alignment with who we truly are.

In my own shamanic journey experience, I’ve even visited past lives and been shown my history and past relationships with people I know in this lifetime including my children. This is one of the most profound benefits of shamanic work.  Getting glimpses into past lives allows us to see karmic debts we’re paying off in this lifetime to certain people, especially the ones who drive us crazy and test us at every turn often hurting and mistreating us.


 There are so many benefits and gifts that come from shamanic journeying ranging from curing depression, overcoming addictions and feeling a greater sense of connectedness to oneself and the world.  Some other benefits people experience are:

  • The ability to enter into deep inner states without all the “noise”
  • More joy and fulfillment with the present moment
  • Personal empowerment
  • Feeling in control of one’s destiny
  • Healing from traumatic life events
  • Deep appreciation for life
  • Death of the ego
  • Relief from physical and mental pain
  • Clarity around life direction and important decisions


Just as there are different ways to meditate, there are also many ways to explore shamanic journeying, all of them powerful and transformative to one’s spiritual growth and healing.

Shamanic Drumming ~ Drumming is an ancient art which is used all over the world as a healing technique using energies created via the sound of the drum. As the tempo of the drum slowly increases in intensity, it allows a trance-like state in which to connect to the spiritual realms.

Shamanic CDs/Music ~ The drum is not the only sound method that can be used to achieve the journey. Other sounds such as rattling, Tibetan bowls or singing bowls, and listening to changing tempos and rhythms can all produce the shift required to journey.

When you are journeying with unique music which I have done dozens of times, I recommend that you set an intention and request a particular sound to take you deeper into your journey.

Sacred Ceremonies – Ceremonies using plant medicine like ayahuasca, are a deeper way you can journey and are often done in places like South America with a shaman trained in the plants. If you’re going to go this route, it’s extremely important that you understand the risks, prepare for the experience and work with an experienced shaman who knows how to work with the plants and hold a safe space for your process.

However you choose to journey, it’s a magical experience that will deepen your spiritual process and bring you balance, harmony and powerful healing.


Dina Strada is a freelance writer and Life Coach whose work has appeared in Huff Post, elephant journal, Medium, Thrive Global, Chopra, Mind Body Green and various other online publications. Read more of her work at

Scenic autumn landscape in Pennsylvania

Musings of a Hemi-Sync® Explorer (Oct. 2019)

Dear Explorer,

The autumnal equinox always reminds me of the rich indigenous heritage we have here in North America, as well as around the world. It’s a reminder of our connection to the natural world and how the elements, sun, moon and stars used to dictate so much of everyday life. Much of the deficiency and longing for significance we experience in the modern world can be traced to the loss of this intimacy with our environment and its eternal cycles.

It is for this reason that we have always honored the shamanic tradition at Hemi-Sync® by bringing our users music and practices that are as authentic as possible, while extending the proper respect and attribution to native culture and people.

New Releases

You may have noticed there has been a strong shamanic theme in our new releases of the past few months, as well. Beginning with Andrej Hrvatin’s Hero’s Journey in July (see my last letter for details), to Thomas Mooneagle’s Cords of Light in August, to Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche’s Sacred Sleep in September, and October’s Persistent Visions by Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig.

Thomas Mooneagle is a fourth level Andean priest and shamanic practitioner, as well as a writer, artist, teacher, intuitive reader and healer. Cords of Light is his first Hemi-Sync® album and offers the opportunity to reflect on your relationships and infuse them with the energy of Grace. It’s a reminder that we are all joined together through cords of light, allowing us to give and receive support from one another. These luminous cords connect us with people, places, the earth, our guides in spirit, our personal power, our prosperity, and the ultimate Source of Life.

Sacred Sleep is the third Hemi-Sync® album by renowned Bön Dzogchen teacher and author, Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. This is a two track album where Lama Tenzin guides you through track 1, inviting you to let go of all worries, noises, distractions, and all the stories about yourself as you completely merge into pure spaciousness. This is an experience that is known as “rigpa” in Dzogchen, but please listen to the podcast with Lama Tenzin for a more comprehensive discussion of his teaching, while we also touch on the topics of dream yoga, lucid dreaming, transcendent experience, and his fascinating early life.

While the Bön teaching originates in Tibet, it is not Buddhist in the sense that it emanates from the Buddha Shakyamuni. Lama Tenzin’s lineage dates back much earlier, perhaps to as early as 17,000 years ago, passed down mainly through oral tradition. This history, combined with extensive use of transcendent states of consciousness, makes Bön Dzogchen similar to other indigenous shamanic bodies of wisdom.

Persistent Visions is the second Hemi-Sync® collaboration by Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig, although Byron has several other solo works, highlighted by his acclaimed Shaman’s Heart series. In addition to shamanism, Mark and Byron have similar backgrounds in Stanislav Grof’s holotropic breathwork and transpersonal psychology, so it’s natural for them to team up frequently. 

For those that have not had the first-hand experience, Persistent Visions is a worthy surrogate for shamanic initiation. Take the psycho-acoustic sacrament as the music envelops and holds you for an extended journey culminating in a state of bliss. For more on how we can combine ancient wisdom and modern knowledge to tackle some of the most difficult problems we face, both as individuals and as a species, be sure to check out Mark and Byron’s podcast.

Hemi-Sync® Unlimited

After working on this for more than a year, and getting an earful along the way, I’m pleased to report that the biggest technology project in our history is finally at a point where we can be proud of it. The Hemi-Sync® Unlimited app now enjoys 4-star reviews in both the App Store and GooglePlay. Moreover, you now get four Gateway Experience® exercises with a subscription. Even without a subscription, you will get several free exercises through the DailySync feature.

If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time! If you tried it previously and were disappointed, please try it again! To all the early adopters out there, thanks for hanging in there, and we hope it’s making Hemi-Sync® easier and more affordable to use than ever before.

Rest assured, we aren’t satisfied though! I feel like we have finally just caught up to where we need to be technologically, and we will continue to innovate and make improvements across our technology stack, including with the Hemi-Sync® audio guidance technology itself.


Eckhart Tolle and Other Free Stuff

As you know, we are always trying to provide content at different price points, including free, so that everyone can experience Hemi-Sync®, without having to ask our employees to donate their blood plasma in their free time. Last month, we were thrilled to work with the incomparable Eckhart Tolle on a free meditation that has been released on his YouTube channel and appears to be on its way to a million views. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out.

We’re also continuing to add to our blog content, with three recent articles on the importance of sleepconnecting with our spirit guides, and dealing with heartbreak, (a chakra meditation for beginners). If you would like to submit a blog post for consideration, please email it to

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