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Hemi-Sync® Podcast Episode 30 – Jim Oliver: The Power of Sound, Music and Color

Jim Oliver is an Emmy Award winning, multi keyboardist musician and composer, as well as a highly regarded pioneer of healing with sound, music and color. In this episode, Jim recounts his mystical journey through music and walks us through both the technical and philosophical aspects of using sound and music as a medium for transformation and healing. His Hemi-Sync® album is called Illuminating Your True Nature.

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World mental health day concept: Silhouette of human standing to worship God in meadow autumn sunset background

Musings of a Hemi-Sync® Explorer – Grace


Dear Explorer,

It’s been a while since I’ve really been sick, what with wearing masks, social distancing, and venturing out less frequently for the past couple years. But this past month I caught (what I assume) was the flu. I was rather sick for seven or eight days…fever, body ache, chills, lethargy, and sore throat.

Illness can be a great teacher because we so often take our physical bodies for granted. When things get difficult, I can usually put on the headphones or sit on the cushion and tap into my inner resources…to find that place of inner quiet and stillness. But when my body isn’t right, I find it much harder to do. I think the reason for this is that our everyday working mind, our familiar sense of self, really wants to survive.

When the body is ill, it goes into overdrive…that’s why fever dreams can often have a hellacious, apocalyptic, anxious quality to them. We just want to survive, and our limited self wants to tell us very strongly that surviving is all that matters…there’s nothing beyond this. However, I learned that I still had an inner voice, or inner guidance, during this period of sickness, and if I tuned into it, listened to it, I had more capacity than I realized. I could be okay while my body was less than okay.

During this time I found our Healing Journeys Support album to be particularly helpful…activating my nonphysical energy centers, working with my emotional, mental and physical bodies. If anyone else is going through a difficult period right now, I invite you to try it. Now that I’m feeling well again, I’m struck by how everything feels like grace. It’s as if assistance is always there for us, no matter how little we might think we deserve it, especially if we are willing to ask for it and move towards it just a little bit.

I continue to practice regularly and subject my body to minor stresses, like exposure to the cold, fasting and rigorous exercise. This again activates our fight or flight survival instinct and teaches us that we can relax into it; that it will be okay. I look at this as a sort of preparation for what Bob Monroe called our Ultimate Journey, when we eventually leave our physical bodies for good, so that we…with a little grace…can relax into that, as well.

New Releases

The Disciple’s Path with Hemi-Sync® marks the return of Mark Seelig, this time in a solo capacity. Here Mark’s ambient-organic music is steeped in Indian ragas to offer a passionate and transformative journey to the frontiers of consciousness. Entrancing rhythms form the backdrop for Mark’s intimate Bansuri flute melodies, which combine with dilruba (Indian cello), electric violin, harmonic chants, soundscapes, percussion and drones to create a memorable composition divided into four tracks: Raga Princess, Ya-Man, The Disciple’s Path and Raga Ayahuasca. We add some Hemi-Sync® to transport you into dimensions of the beyond.

The latest offering from Zero Ohms (aka Richard Roberts) is entitled Artifacts of Perception with Hemi-Sync®. Previously he brought us Gaia, Winds Over the World, Strand with Hemi-Sync® (with Thunderjack) and Land of Spirit (with Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy). Light, darkness, sound, silence, life, death, infinity, and the finite are all artifacts of perception, and when viewed as such these illusions become transparent. This musical experience is designed to create a process of transmigrating those misconceptions to realize the truth beyond. Hemi-Sync® frequencies allow you to easily increase your awareness as your consciousness continues to expand, deepening your experience and allowing you to break free of the illusions. Instruments featured: flute, bass flute, wind-synth, synth, tritonic bass bamboo flute.

David Lear is a newcomer to Hemi-Sync®. At an early age he studied piano at the Conservatory of Music in Geneva, Switzerland. As life unfurled, his interests in meditation, spirituality, transpersonal and entheogenic psychology all worked their alchemical magic in molding his soul soothing, heart-based improvisational keyboard style. In Interstellar Journey, David offers listeners a unique sound experience to journey between the stars. David uses a steady chord infused with single notes spaced to indicate the passing of stars and heavenly bodies. Combined with powerful Hemi-Sync® frequencies, this non-verbal meditative experience allows you to create your own interstellar adventure. Clear your mind and stay open to whatever comes as you relax in a deep state of expanded consciousness, somewhat reminiscent in purpose of our 2003 album Hemi-Sync® Meditation.

Of course, we’re always looking for new talent, like David Lear, for either musical or guided exercises. If you know of someone we should be working with, please send them our way.

Hemi-Sync® Unlimited App

Newly available on our subscription service are You, Beyond Your Story, Enter the Hive, The Disciple’s Path with Hemi-Sync® and Artifacts of Perception with Hemi-Sync®. Please check these out if you haven’t already.

Online Courses

Perhaps it’s because my grandmother grew up on a reservation (or “the Rez” as they would call it), but I’ve always had an affinity for shamanism, and so has Hemi-Sync®. Our latest offering in this category is an online course, Shamanic Journeying with Kenn Day, which lies at the intersection of many things dear to our heart. Many people find shamanism to be too esoteric for anyone who has no interest in becoming a practicing shaman. However, shamanic journeying can offer participants greater connection to ancestors, spirit and nature, as well as a deeper sense of their own self. One definition of happiness is being fully and authentically yourself. Kenn Day, a nationally recognized lecturer on post-tribal shamanism, will support you in your own organic movement toward knowing yourself more fully and developing greater authenticity. Six Hemi-Sync®exercises and practices specific to the workshop will engage with your unique soul and open your inner doorways to parts of yourself that remain untouched in most of us.

Holiday Sale

As part of our year-end thank you to those who make Hemi-Sync® what it is, our patrons, please enjoy 20% off all albums through January 1st.

See you in Home or along the way,

Garrett H. Stevens
Chairman & President
Interstate Industries, Inc. d/b/a Hemi-Sync®
Twitter: @garretthstevens



Musings of a Hemi-Sync® Explorer – Story and Separation

Story and Separation


Dear Explorer,

Recently it came to my attention that my fancy toothbrush has a built-in timer set for two minutes. This may not come as news to many of you, but for me, it explains why my visits to the dental hygienist have elicited more involuntary utterances than is probably necessary. As a side note, I’m apparently very bad at gauging how long two minutes is on my own. When it comes to my teeth, perhaps because I’ve been fortunate to have very few cavities over the years, I seem to view their maintenance as an annoying inconvenience. It’s as if they are a discrete masticatory enterprise whose welfare is somehow separate and apart from my overall health, wellbeing and happiness. “Gingivitis you say? Sucks for those teeth!”

This is obviously absurd, but I bring it up because the illusion of separation is so pervasive, yet we rarely consciously perceive it, let alone give voice to it. While we may be cognizant of our allies and perceived enemies (politically, philosophically, ideologically, competitively), especially if we’re on social media, we’re seldom aware of the subtler divisions that separate us from life, the world at large, and even aspects of ourselves, including our teeth.

We create the illusion of separation by telling stories about ourselves, such as “I’m a spiritual person.” As soon as we do that, there is a gap between needing to be seen for what we perceive we are and what we actually are. We aren’t being completely ourselves. We are not being where we are. We are not simply being. Once we’ve bought into the story, no matter how lofty it may seem, we are trapped. From there, it can be difficult to climb down because we’ve chosen a story that we’re identified with; a hill that must be defended and that we’re willing to die on. We’ve become the story instead of what we actually are.

Indeed, the illusion that we are discrete subjects separate from each other and from the world around us is written into our very language. “We must protect the environment,” as if it’s some other thing that isn’t inextricably linked with our own existence. When we do this with people, or groups of other people, it creates a remove that makes it much easier to simply protect me and mine; to maximize our own security. This distancing effect leads to indifference towards others, exploitation, cruelty and much worse. There is truly a spiritual dimension to the planetary crises we face. The way through this illusion is to first see it; to raise awareness of our own story. Once we do that, we – you and I – are powerful beyond imagining.

New Releases

The latest offering from Suzanne Giesemann, in her Tools for Awakening series, cuts right through the illusion of the separate self by initiating a process of self-inquiry. You, Beyond Your Story, with music by Jim Oliver, invokes a sense of excitement and opens the mind to a greater reality filled with possibilities, allowing a deeply rooted sense of knowing to arise. Principal identity shifts from the narrow mind of you with a story to your true nature. With it comes an expanded state of wholeness. Be sure to check it out, and tell a friend so that awareness can spread far and wide.

Nimetu returned last month with his latest unconventional musical creation, entitled Enter the Hive, which is designed to help you easily enter altered states of consciousness, awareness and perception. Complex rhythms, melodies and other elements were downloaded from the “hyperspace,” blended with the sounds of insects, and interwoven with percussion partially inspired by the polyrhythms of the Baka people. This unique and powerful musical experience, created as a music entheogen and roadmap for meditation, is enhanced by Hemi-Sync® frequencies, allowing you to look beyond the surface and go deeper within.

For those of you who don’t know him, Jim Oliver is an Emmy Award-winning multi-keyboardist who creates transformational healing music infused with Harmonies of Light – a unique lighting system that renders harmonically/mathematically related colors, which shine like an aurora borealis, as Jim plays. Be sure to check out one of his live-streamed shows. We were very excited to hear that he had recently started collaborating with Suzanne and got a taste of what was possible with his background music on Getting to Know Your True Nature. That custom-composed track is now available, in its entirety, on track 1 of Illuminating Your True Nature. Track 2 is entitled Soul Infusion, which was created specifically as a continuation piece, to hold you in that space of true nature and allow for a deepening of the experience.

Suresh Ramaswamy is a transformational teacher and award-winning author of the book, Just Be. His Hemi-Sync® album, Tasting Infinity, provides listeners with the opportunity to experience directly what he has previously only written about it. You’ll be invited to raise your vibration and facilitate quantum shifts in your consciousness to perceive the vast nature of your being. Suresh is the real deal, and he reminds me of some of the most pre-eminent teachers around before they were “discovered” and became mainstream.

Hemi-Sync® Unlimited App

Tasting Infinity is newly available on our subscription service this month. We’ve also added Sleep and Concentration brainwave frequencies to the mixer, so please experiment with combining those and whatever ambient or nature sounds you prefer to create your ideal custom Hemi-Sync®.

Online Courses

Have you ever felt like you were in a toxic relationship, or engaged in negative self-talk, that you just could not find your way out of? Awaken Your Natural Intelligence by Dr. Laura Greenwood will guide you step-by-step through a process that frees you from harmful emotional entanglements in relationships and conflicts. You can overcome relationship failures and remain peaceful when others (or your own inner critic) seem to be blaming, shaming, criticizing, grasping or being indifferent toward you. Through an ancient Buddhist investigative questioning and listening method, you can connect with your own intuitive “knowing.”

I’ve had a number of people ask me about ongoing support for those who have completed introductory to intermediate Hemi-Sync® coursework. As a result, I’ve decided to experiment with offering a regular online two-hour workshop for graduates of our Explorers Wanted® course. If you have not completed the pre-requisite, but think you are prepared and ready, you’re welcome to register and participate. The general idea though is that you are comfortable with the material contained in at least the first two Waves of Gateway Experience®. It’s called Continuing Your Own Journey, and our first gathering will be on Sunday September 19th at 11AM Pacific time. We’ll be returning to F12 to specifically work with the layers of conditioning described in the opening paragraphs of this letter. The format will be similar to some of the Zoom groups we’ve hosted in the past, but we will limit the number of participants to allow for sharing and some individual work.

Free Stuff

Back in March, we released Journey Into Your Heart, an uplifting and healing musical voyage to the center of your soul. This piece was created by Barry Goldstein from the musical score which served as the backdrop for a guided meditation by intuitive guide Lee Harris. Due to scheduling conflicts, Lee, Barry and I weren’t able to sit down and talk about it until recently. It was worth the wait though, so please check out Episode 29 of the Hemi-Sync Podcast: Accessing Heart Space with Lee Harris and Barry Goldstein. For those who don’t know, Lee channels a group called “the Zs”; don’t miss a special message around the 23-minute mark.


See you in Home or along the way,


Garrett H. Stevens

Chairman & President

Interstate Industries, Inc. d/b/a Hemi-Sync®

Twitter: @garretthstevens



Hemi_Sync_Lee Harris and Barry Goldstein_Ep29

Hemi-Sync® Podcast Episode 29: Accessing Heart Space with Lee Harris and Barry Goldstein

Lee Harris discusses his formative years leading up to becoming an Internationally renowned intuitive guide, healer, author and musician. Garrett asks Lee what it’s like to receive information as a channel, and the particular group he communicates with (“the Zs”). Barry Goldstein jumps in to recount how Lee’s work inspired the music underlying Journey Into Your Heart with Hemi-Sync®. A compelling dialogue develops around the importance of accessing heart space, how to do it, and the broader implications for the world vis a vis current events (special message from the Zs around the 23 minute mark). Their Hemi-Sync® album is called Journey Into Your Heart with Hemi-Sync®.

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Job Posting: iOS Developer

Hemi-Sync® is a leading conscious media company and technology company. We use our complex, proprietary, multi-layered audio guidance technology to assist people in relaxation, sleep, concentration, meditation and leading a more fulfilling life. We distribute our guided audio exercises, engineered music and online courses via our website, app, dealer network and third-party platforms.

Our audio guidance process creates unique brain wave forms characteristic of specific states of consciousness. The result is a focused, whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, or Hemi-Sync®, where the left and right hemispheres are working together in a state of coherence. Different Hemi-Sync® signals are used to facilitate deep relaxation, focused attention or other desired states. As an analogy, lasers produce focused, coherent light. Hemi-Sync® produces a focused, coherent mind, which is an optimal condition for improving human performance.

We hope you’ll join our passionate and growing team.

*Currently only accepting applicants within the United States, ideally within the Los Angeles area.


What We’re Looking For:

  • Somebody that shares our passion for delighting our users.
  • Minimum 4 years as an iOS developer.
  • A demonstrated track record of building interfaces that have been used by thousands of people.
  • Someone who is naturally curious; interested in improving their craft and themselves.
  • A technology enthusiast keenly following iOS development trends, technologies, and patterns.
  • A clear and articulate communicator that can contribute to a team looking to solve complex problems.
  • Self-driven work ethic. You need to be a self-starter who loves taking initiative and seeing things through to completion. We have a small team so each member has a lot of responsibility and a lot of involvement in the direction our company takes.
  • Interest in meditation and human potential is a plus.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Build features and enhancements that create value for users
  • Constantly look for ways to optimize the app for speed and user experience.
  • Solve defects and address customer issues in a fast-paced environment.
  • Test solutions across multiple devices and platforms in a local testing environment.
  • Bring new ideas to the team to help our business continue to grow.

Here are Some Important Skills:
Strong knowledge of Swift. Experience with RxSwift, RxCocoa, WebKit, iOS frameworks (Core Data, Core Animation, Realm, etc.) threading & performance tuning, Cryptographic Services, code signing and delivery of iOS applications. Familiarity with RESTful APIs for connection of iOS applications to back-end services. Strong understanding of the full mobile development lifecycle.

These skills aren’t required but are a plus: backend development, and/or Android development. Great English writing skills. You’ll be writing and communicating with other team members primarily in writing. Clear and effective communication is key.

Must reside in the continental United States, ideally in the Los Angeles area. If you plan to work from home, you’ll need a dependable work environment (a reasonably fast workstation and a reliable high speed internet connection).

What we offer:
Working for a fast-growing company is a rare opportunity, one we consider a lifestyle choice rather than a job choice. Our positions are challenging, but also come with amazing advantages and fulfillment to those who earn them. Here’s what we offer

Competitive Pay

  • Flexible Schedule – Work from your home or in our office.
  • This will begin as part-time, consulting work, but could evolve into a larger role (if so desired).
  • We encourage employees to take the time they need for vacation, to stay healthy, and to spend time with friends and family.
  • We happily provide or reimburse software you’ll need as well as books or courses that promote continued learning.
  • We give you the opportunity to solve challenging and meaningful problems that make a difference.
  • Ability to work with a creative and dynamic team.



Suresh Ramaswamy

Hemi-Sync® Podcast Episode 28: Tasting Infinity with Suresh Ramaswamy

Suresh Ramaswamy is the award-winning author of Just Be: Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity. He is a transformational teacher and visionary entrepreneur passionate about igniting and catalyzing the transformation of humanity. In this wide ranging conversation, Suresh recounts his journey of growing up in India, all while sensing there must be more to life than ordinary, material existence. Suresh and Garrett delve into the ultra-high frequencies of the Light of Infinity, which raises our vibration and facilitates quantum shifts in our consciousness. In these states of acute clarity, we may directly perceive the vast nature of our being. This realization has profound implications for our daily living. His Hemi-Sync® album is called Tasting Infinity.

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Musings of a Hemi-Sync® Explorer – Transcendence and Transformation

Transcendence and Transformation


Dear Explorer,

Ok, so I didn’t want to write about COVID again and took some time off, and wouldn’t you know it? We caught a virus. Yes, as many of you may have already heard, Hemi-Sync® has gone viral in the past few months.

I’ll quickly summarize for those who may be new to the story. It all started with a handful of TikTok influencers re-discovering the now famous Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process, a 1983 report by the Department of the Army, which is now available on the CIA’s website. It’s an extraordinary document which details one intelligence officer’s experience using Hemi-Sync® while attending the Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute and his theories of how it might be working, which extends to the underlying nature of all reality. It’s a tour de force of psychology, philosophy, esoterica, physics and quantum physics.

While the report has been circulating for some time among those “in the know,” it’s only truly been in the public domain since 2017 and has just gained widespread recognition recently. The TikTok videos have garnered tens of millions of views and led to feature articles in Vice and The Daily Mail, among others. We’ve linked to them in a previous post, if you’re curious.

We’ve seen a lot of increased interest in The Gateway Experience®, and Hemi-Sync® in general, as a result. I’ve always said that the zeitgeist is like the operating system of human consciousness, so the more we “get it out there,” as Bob Monroe instructed, the more we can participate in and effectuate the evolution of humankind. In particular we’re excited by the influx of young people who have discovered us. These are the ones who will ultimately carry this work forward, just as we all now succeed Bob, and the many others that led the way.

It is often the more sensational accounts of experiences with Hemi-Sync® which draw people to us, especially newcomers. But there will be no transformation of humanity without the transformation of the individual…of you and me. While the transcendent experiences may set us on the path, or greatly accelerate our journey on it, the process of transformation, of bringing about change in our daily lives, is where the rubber meets the road. The former involves transcending our layers of conditioning, the latter relates to working with them. Under my tenure, it has been one of my goals to produce more content that is helpful in this regard.

New Releases

Getting to Know Your True Nature by Suzanne Giesemann, with music by Jim Oliver, is our latest offering in this effort. Awakening need not be a lengthy journey filled with effort. It can happen in an instant, when the layers of conditioning are seen for what they are. Track 1 of this album is a means to de-condition the human thought patterns of separation, replacing these with concepts the soul already knows. We recommend listening to this exercise as often as necessary as the layers of conditioning dissolve. Track 2 is a free flow experience, with brief introduction, which invites you to rest in pure awareness during the extended periods of silence.

Back on the transcendent front, Out of the Blue is a powerful new musical experience from Don Peyote that leads you on a journey through time and space. Beginning with grounding and driving rhythms, you move into softer electronic ambient melodies, morphing into electronic rock, and on to a more period-sounding melody. Next, as if floating in space, the sounds of ocean mixed with dramatic ambient melodies prepare you to enter a more celestial realm of dreamy music and etheric voices. Finally, it brings you back to ground with steady chords and nature elements, ending with a gentle Spanish-flavored guitar piece to complete your experience. As you can probably tell, this is quite a trip. He’s not called Don Peyote for nothing!

Journey into Your Heart Musical Score with Hemi-Sync®, an uplifting and healing musical voyage to the center of your soul, is our latest Metamusic® release from Barry Goldstein. This piece was created from the musical score which served as the backdrop for a guided meditation by intuitive guide Lee Harris. The gentle and tranquil ambient textures, with a skillfully executed woven blend of violin, piano, and other instruments, will help you sustain a profound meditative state for expanding and evolving the spiritual heart – where your true self resides.

Many of you may be familiar with Micah Sadigh; he is the creator of several Hemi-Sync® albums, perhaps most notably, Inner Journey. We were touched to recently receive this message from him:

“…it was right before Christmas when I was paging through a book when I can across Bob’s picture. I took the picture when I did the Gateway Voyage at TMI.  It did not feel like an accident. It was shortly after meeting Bob (Monroe) that I composed Inner Journey. I can’t explain it, but it was as if he was asking me to help the Institute in some way.  The experience inspired me to compose and record the attached piece of music,  A Distant Starit depicts a journey, a Far Journey!”

Micah was kind enough to gift this piece of music to us, so we are now offering A Distant Star as a Flying Man Records® release. All proceeds will go to support scholarships to Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute.

Finally, we’re pleased to follow up last year’s Flying Man Records® release of The Winds of Spirit with a Metamusic® rendition this month. The Winds of Spirit with Hemi-Sync® by Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig offers an opportunity to penetrate deeply into the dimensions of silence and space. Byron’s steady percussive magic, and Mark’s mesmerizing Bansuri flutes conveys a sense of the winds of Spirit gently blowing through the entire sonic landscape – in much the same way it does through our lives. Immerse yourself in the flow of existence with a calm sense of trust that carries you home. Additional musical support from Dashmesh and Paul Casper – along with powerful Hemi-Sync® frequencies – provides heart-centered sonic support for extended meditation practices, massage and body work, entheogenic and empathogenic exploration.

Hemi-Sync® Unlimited App

We just unveiled the biggest refresh of the Hemi-Sync® Unlimited service (monthly and annual) since it was first launched roughly two years ago, so be sure to check it out! For the first time ever, you can now create your own custom Hemi-Sync® with our new Mixer feature. We’ve made this available in response to popular request, so we’ll keep adding to it if you like it.

Free Stuff

Our next free Hemi-Sync® Meditation Group  will be on May 29that 1:00 PM Pacific Time. We’ll be working with Senses Initiated Lucid Dreaming (SILD) by Luigi Sciambarella, as well as Völuspa, the epic Norse creation myth poem—a powerful journey of death, destruction and renewal ever present in the human psyche. As an added bonus, Luigi will be making a special guest appearance to set SILD up for us. Not to be missed!

If you enjoy meeting as a group over Zoom, want to dive deeper, or if you’re one of the millions of people that have recently found us and could benefit from some instruction in how to better use Hemi-Sync®, please consider my upcoming Explorers Wanted® Workshop. It’s the first, and possibly the only time I’ll be offering it this year. Early bird pricing is available now.

See you in Home or along the way,


Garrett H. Stevens
Chairman & President
Interstate Industries, Inc. d/b/a Hemi-Sync®



Vice Article grab

Hemi-Sync® Goes Viral!

In a series of video posts that went viral on TikTok, beginning in mid-January, which recount the famous report entitled “Analysis of the Gateway Process” authored by the Department of the Army, and now hosted on the CIA’s website, Hemi-Sync® has seen a surge of interest. The social media frenzy was further augmented by an article in VICE on February 16th.

Activity seemed to reach a crescendo (at least for now) when it was picked up the Daily Mail on February 17th.

GS headshot

Hemi-Sync® Unlimited – Interview with Garrett Stevens

from App of the Day website –

Did you have any prior development or coding experience?


What was the most challenging aspect of developing mobile app?

Definitely having no previous experience and managing a team of developers that essentially speak a different language.

Name a few of your favorite apps and reason you love them.

Outside of Hemi-Sync® Unlimited, Spotify and Twitter are the apps I use the most. I love Spotify’s Discover Weekly algorithm. I’ve found a lot of great new music there. Twitter is like a fully customized newsfeed.

How long have you been working on this app?

About three years. We released the MVP in 2018 and have pushed several iterative improvements since then.

What need of the user did you have in mind when developing this app?

There were essentially two primary use cases:
1) to provide users with a large array of Hemi-Sync® guided meditations and music at an affordable cost and
2) to automatically sync user purchases from our website ( with their mobile devices.

In what way do you think your app is better than similar apps on the market? Please describe in detail what innovation you think you bring and what you are proud of in your app.

The differentiator is really in Hemi-Sync® itself, the app is just a vehicle for delivering it. We offer a proprietary audio guidance technology combined with meticulously crafted audio products to help people meditate, relax, sleep and concentrate and generally lead a better life.

What are your future plans and expected features of the coming new versions of this app?

Within the next month, we plan to release a new version that includes a mixer, thereby introducing a third use case: custom Hemi-Sync®. Users will be able to combine their desired frequencies with whatever accompanying sound files they like (pink noise, surf sound, rain, etc.) and control the timing of each element.

Assuming new users of your app are reading this page. What do you want to ask them to do (contact you about X, Share the app, etc.)?

Please just check it out. You can get 7 days for only 99 cents. If you like it, we hope you’ll stick around and share it with your friends.



Suzanne_Giesemann (1)

Q&A: Suzanne Giesemann on Getting to Know Your True Self

Evidential psychic medium Suzanne Giesemann takes us into her deepest Hemi-Sync® exercise yet – Getting to Know Your True Nature – as she invites you to explore who you are without your “story.” All phenomena are simply arisings in awareness, while we become aware of awareness itself.

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